Bernie Blase About Toyota Departure

Negative CamberCorrespondent INovember 5, 2009

Formula 1 chief Bernie Ecclestone has been pretty quiet in the past few days, despite the news that both Bridgestone, and Toyota are leaving the series.

One has to look to the bottom of this Telegraph story to get some lukewarm statements from him about Toyota, for instance. And even when you get there—well, it just isn’t much:

Ecclestone would not be drawn on legal action against Toyota and said: “We’re looking into it.”

He added that he was not concerned for the future of Formula One in the light of the Japanese company’s withdrawal. “When you look at the history since Formula One started, I think there have been 73 teams coming and going, so this is what happens,” Ecclestone said.

“The only people that have been with us for ever, since Day 1, are Ferrari. Car companies make decisions based on nothing really to do with Formula One racing.”

Best I can figure is that Bernie and his partners have decided that a muted response to this week’s news is the way to go. Although we also know that Bernie is always super calculated, and he isn’t going to show any concern, as that would demonstrate weakness and panic.

But his statement that “this is what happens” certainly does not suggest F1 is going to do anything about the rash of exits. We’ll have to see if that is the right strategy.

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