Stephen Curry Looks Promising

Scotty KaneContributor IOctober 30, 2009

Yes I know, it's only one game, but despite the opening night loss to the Rockets, Golden State Warriors guard Stephen Curry played well last night.

All the talk about Monta Ellis and Steph Curry not being able to play at the same time (mainly from Monta) doesn't look to be the case. Both played well last night. Not only did Curry's shot look good, but he played the point guard position very well and had his teammates showed confidence in him.

Curry didn't make many mistakes, either. Sure, there were a couple, but for the most part he took care of the ball.

It looks like Don Nelson finally has some trust in a rookie player and I'm glad to see that.

There will be times when Curry will make mistakes like any rookie in his first year, but I don't get the feeling it will happen often with Curry. He looks like a poised player that wants to make a name for himself.

After all, before the season started he stated his goal was to become the Rookie of the Year.

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As a fan of the Warriors, last night's loss was tough, but encouraging in some ways—to see a healthy Monta Ellis, a rookie point guard that played well, and Anthony Morrow who can shoot lights out was nice.

I didn't understand why Curry and Morrow didn't see more touches, but I'm sure they will as we get deeper into the season.

All in all, Curry looks like a great young player in the future and I'm hoping the Curry/Ellis tandem will make some noise in the NBA for years to come.