10 Things We Learned About the NFL In October

Marco Scola@@Marco_ScolaContributor IIIOctober 29, 2009

10 Things We Learned About the NFL In October

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No. 10: Tennessee (for sure) Won't Make the Playoffs

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No. 9: The Chicago Bears are becoming a huge disappointment

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No. 8: The Bucs and Rams may go winless this season

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No. 7: Albert Haynesworth really was better as a Titan

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No. 6: Dallas may be looking at the playoffs

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No. 5: Pittsburgh muscled their way back into the playoff hunt

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No. 4: Denver and Cincinnati are legit contenders

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No. 3: New Orleans, not New York is the team to beat in the NFC

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No. 2: Alex Smith finally showed up to the NFL party

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No. 1: Baltimore slipped right out of the NFL playoff picture

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