B/R x 4/20: A Letter from the Editor

Joe YanarellaCorrespondent IApril 20, 2018


Marijuana usage and the push for legalization has intensified across the U.S. and throughout the world.

Nine states and Washington, D.C., have legalized broad usage for people aged 21 and over, while another 29 states have legalized some form of medical marijuana use.

Attitudes toward cannabis are rapidly changing, as focus has shifted away from pure recreational usage to potential medical or scientific benefits. Despite this shifting public landscape, cannabis is still banned in most of the major sports leagues. (Marijuana usage is illegal under federal law.)

With that in mind, Bleacher Report decided to provide a platform for former pro athletes to discuss marijuana, to allow closet smokers the opportunity to state their case—why they use cannabis, what they believe the benefits are and how their conversation mirrors those taking place at the state level.

It is incredibly important that Bleacher Report reflects the issues that matter to both athletes and our audience, and the future of cannabis is one of them. To mark 4/20—an unofficial marijuana holiday—B/R will be releasing content throughout the day that features an array of athletes discussing their experiences with cannabis. This is B/R x 4/20:

As part of this project, players share their stories and smoke cannabis on camera in California, where consumption is legal. (Note: No B/R employees associated with the production participated in on-site consumption.)

This is not an endorsement or indictment of cannabis usage but rather a platform for discussion—to allow the athletes voices to be heard and to share their stories. 

To be able to facilitate that conversation is an incredible responsibility—and one that B/R takes seriously. I was blown away by the thoughtful nature of the discussions and the real-world implications the players referenced, ranging from pain management to stress relief.

As retired NFL offensive lineman John Moffitt said during one of two roundtable discussions hosted in California: “I think things like this is what’s important, because it’s breaking the stigma.”

Today marks the start of that conversation at B/R. I'm hopeful you'll spend some time at 420.BleacherReport.com to watch these athletes’ stories—from Al Harrington on his grandmother to Kenyon Martin on his bad knees—and use the hashtag #BRx420 to keep the conversation going. 


Thanks for watching,

Joe Yanarella

Senior VP, Content

Bleacher Report