NFC Team By Team Notes: Position Breakdown

FantasyDCCorrespondent IOctober 22, 2009

Note: Everything you see here is pretty straightforward with one exception: The percentages in parentheses after the name of each RB/WR/TE. For WR and TE, the number is the percent of the team’s targets that went to that player so far this season. For RB, the first number is the percent of the team’s carries that the player has received and the second number, like with WR and TE, is the percent of the team’s targets that went to that player.


QB1: Tony Romo – Averaging 14 yards-per-completion, which is second best in the NFL behind only Philip Rivers. 6:4 TD:INT ratio needs improvement.
RB1: Marion Barber (43%, 3%) – Still the starter, but Choice and Jones will continue to share a big chunk of the workload.
RB2: Tashard Choice (32%, 10%) – Expected to see a bigger chunk of the carries going forward.
RB3: Felix Jones (15%, 1%) – 10.1 yards-per-carry is the best mark in the NFL.

WR1: Roy Williams (15%) – Hasn’t produced and is injury plagued, but is still the team’s WR1.
WR2: Miles Austin (17%) – Austin will replace Crayton as a starter this week after his explosive week five performance. He leads NFL WRs (min. 25 targets) with a 22.1 yards per reception mark.
WR3: Patrick Crayton (20%) – Lost his starting job to Austin, but should still contribute with a few catches a game.
WR4: Sam Hurd (6%) –

TE1: Jason Witten (20%) –Witten is averaging just 9.3 yards per completion and has just one TD. That is especially scary considering he is catching an NFC best 85 percent of passes thrown to him.
TE2: Martellus Bennett (7%) – Has caught an NFL worst 36 percent of passes thrown his way.

New York

QB1: Eli Manning – 13.8 yards-per-completion ranks him third in the NFL, while his 10.9 percent touchdown/completion mark is third best in the league. 11:3 TD:INT ratio is outstanding.
RB1: Brandon Jacobs (54%, 5%) – 3.6 yards per carry is killing his value, but don’t overlook that he is 11th in the league in looks. 0.9 percent of his carries have resulted in a touchdown, which is one of the league’s worst marks.
RB2: Ahmad Bradshaw (34%, 4%) – 6.2 yards per carry is fourth best in the NFL, but he won’t be passing Jacobs out on the depth chart any time soon.
RB3: Gartrell Johnson (6%, 1%) –

WR1: Steve Smith (29%) – 54 targets rank him third in the league.
WR2: Mario Manningham (24%) – 16.7 percent of his receptions have been touchdowns, which is one of the league’s best marks.
WR3: Hakeem Nicks (11%) – 25 percent of his receptions have been for a TD, which is the highest mark in the league for a WR with 20+ targets. He leads the team in targets the last two weeks.
WR4: Domenik Hixon (7%) – Was targeted seven times in the team’s week six game, but his value is limited as the WR4.

TE1: Kevin Boss (9%) – Not seeing a ton of looks, but is averaging 14.6 yards per reception, which is third in the NFL among TEs.
TE2: Travis Beckum (3%) –
TE3: Darcy Johnson (3%) –


QB1: Donovan McNabb – Coming off a rough week, but his 12.8 yards-per-completion is 5th best in the NFL and his 10.4 percent of his completions have been touchdowns, which is 4th best in the NFL.
QB2: Michael Vick – Only one touch in week six.

RB1: Brian Westbrook (33%, 12%) – Has missed a lot of action so far, but he is still 14th in the league in targets with 22.
RB2: LeSean McCoy (39%, 8%) – Basically splitting the carries with Westbrook right down the middle.

WR1: DeSean Jackson (22%) – 48 rushing yards are the most for a NFC WR.
WR2: Jeremy Maclin (12%) – As long as Curtis is out, Maclin is a solid play. Had just one catch in week 6, but was targeted six times.
WR3: Kevin Curtis (7%) – Still battling injuries, but if he’s healthy and in the starting lineup, he has some value.
WR4: Jason Avant (9%) –
WR5: Reggie Brown (1%) – Brandon Gibson was traded this week, which means Reggie Brown is the unquestioned WR5.

TE1: Brent Celek (21%) – 378 receiving yards are 3rd most in the NFL for a TE.
TE2: Alex Smith (1%) –


QB1: Jason Campbell – Campbell is struggling with a 6:6 TD:INT ratio and is certainly on the hot seat, but will start this Sunday vs. Philadelphia.
QB2: Todd Collins – Saw some action in week six, but completed less than half of his 14 passes.

RB1: Clinton Portis (72%, 7%) – Isn’t having the year he had in 2008, but will continue to contribute as long as he is top 10 in the NFL in looks. 0.9 percent of his carries have resulted in a touchdown, which is one of the league’s worst marks.
RB2: Ladell Betts (7%, 8%) – Averaging just 1.9 yards per carry, but on only 11 carries.
RB3: Rock Cartwright (0%, 2%) – Marcus Mason was the team’s third RB option, but he was cut earlier this week, moving Cartwright back to the RB3 slot.

WR1: Santana Moss (22%) – Has consistently been targeted 5-6 times a game, but can only go as far as the Redskins’ pass game lets him.
WR2: Antwaan Randle El (15%) – Lost the starting job to Kelly prior to the season, but he’s been the team’s second best WR option.
WR3: Malcolm Kelly (9%) – Has caught only 44 percent of the passes thrown his way.
WR4: Devin Thomas (6%) – 6.5 yards per reception mark is worst in the NFC for WRs with 10+ looks. Has caught only 40 percent of the passes thrown his way.

TE1: Chris Cooley (23%) – Might be the team’s second best receiver and has seen more passes thrown his way than anyone else on the team.
TE2: Fred Davis (4%) –


QB1: Jay Cutler – 4.1percent of his passes have resulted in an interception, which is 6th worst in the NFL. 10 TDs are nice, however.

RB1: Matt Forte (72%, 13%) – Getting a larger chunk of his team’s rushing load than all but 4 NFL running backs. 3.4 yards per carry and 1.2 percent TD/Carry rate needs improvement.
RB2: Garrett Wolfe (12%, 1%) – Will have solid value if Forte were to go down.
RB3: Adrian Peterson (4%, 1%) –

WR1: Devin Hester (16%) – Leads the receivers in catches with 20 and yards with 272.
WR2: Johnny Knox (18%) – 17.6% of his catches have been touchdowns, which is one of the league’s best marks.
WR3: Earl Bennett (15%) – Continues to see about the same workload as Hester and Knox.
WR4: Rashied Davis (1%) –

TE1: Greg Olsen (21%) – Has caught just 43 percent of passes thrown his way, which is third worst in the league among TEs.
TE2: Desmond Clark (6%) – Good for about four looks a game, which is more than can be said about some starting TEs.


QB1: Matt Stafford – Only 3.8 percent of his completions have been touchdowns, which is one of the NFL’s worst marks. His 4.3 percent interception/attempt mark is fifth worst in the NFL. Right now he is out with an injury and could be out for a few more weeks.
QB2: Daunte Culpepper – 2:1 TD:INT ratio in limited action so far. Not getting the yardage Stafford was, but has also been playing without Calvin Johnson.

RB1: Kevin Smith (69%, 12%) – Has had some injury issues, but is still 5th in the league in looks. 3.2 YPC is too low.
RB2: Maurice Morris (8%, 2%) – Hasn’t made much of an impact as Smith’s backup.
RB3: Aaron Brown (8%, 2%) – Sharing time with Morris as the backup RB and actually has the exact same amount of looks.
RB4: Jerome Fulton (5%, 4%) – One of the few fullbacks you’ll see here, but he’s seeing enough action to warrant some attention

WR1: Calvin Johnson (19%) – Only one TD so far despite 40 targets. He’s missed almost all of the last 2 games with an injury, but could be back in week seven.
WR2: Bryant Johnson (18%) – Averaging about six looks a game.
WR3: Dennis Northcutt (13%) – Was brought in to run the slot and he’s done exactly that.
WR4: Derrick Williams (3%) –

TE1: Brandon Pettigrew (14%) – No NFL TE has failed to score a touchdown and been targeted more than Pettigrew. He seems to only contribute when Stafford is behind center.
TE2: Will Heller (8%) –

Green Bay

QB1: Aaron Rodgers – Racking up 13.7 yards-per-completion, which is fourth best in the NFL. Only 1.2 percent of his passes have been intercepted, which is the sixth best mark in the league. 8:2 is his TD:INT rate.
RB1: Ryan Grant (73%, 9%) – 73 percent mark is the third highest in the league and he’s also been targeted about 3 times a game.
RB2: Brandon Jackson (2%, 1%) – Finally healthy, he will need to step right in and replace injured Wynn as the RB2.
RB3: Ahman Green (0%, 0%) – Signed on Wednesday to replace DeShawn Wynn as the RB3 after he was placed on IR.

WR1: Greg Jennings (19%) – It’s been an up and down season for Jennings, but he is still Rodgers’ go-to WR.
WR2: Donald Driver (23%) – Driver has actually seen seven more targets than Jennings and has eight more catches, 91 more yards, and one more TD.
WR3: James Jones (7%) – Jones and Nelson have split the WR3 production right down the middle.
WR4: Jordy Nelson (7%) – Is expected to miss a few weeks with an injury, which will allow to Jones to further supplant him as the WR3.

TE1: Jermichael Finley (12%) – Appears to now be the top option at tight end. His 15.3 yards per reception mark is the highest in the NFC for TEs with 10+ looks.
TE2: Donald Lee (14%) –


QB1: Brett Favre – No one would’ve guessed it, but Favre has actually been one of the quarterbacks least prone to the interception this season with a Int/Att rate of 1.1 percent, which is 4th best in the league. His 12:2 TD:INT ratio is one of the best in football.
RB1: Adrian Peterson (70%, 9%) – Leads the NFL rushing thanks to a 5.2 YPC carry mark, is fourth in the NFL in looks, and third in total yards. He has caught 88 percent of the passes thrown his way, which is the NFC’s best mark for RBs with 10+ targets
RB2: Chester Taylor (21%, 15%) – Despite playing a backup role, Taylor still can make a solid contribution in PPR leagues thanks to his 27 targets, which is the eighth most among running backs.

WR1: Bernard Berrian (21%) – Was shut out in week one, but has done well since, leading the team in targets.
WR2: Sidney Rice (19%) – Rice has come on very strong with Favre behind center. His 23 catches and 409 yards lead the team.
WR3: Percy Harvin (16%) – Harvin will continue to make plays, but he’s third behind Rice and Berrian in targets the last three weeks.

TE1: Visanthe Shiancoe (12%) – A red zone machine, Shiancoe has scored on just under 30% of his receptions and leads all TEs with five scores.
TE2: Jim Kleinsasser (3%) –


QB1: Matt Ryan – 9:4 TD:INT ratio isn’t bad, but this team will continue to run more than most teams, which as expected, limits his fantasy value.
RB1: Michael Turner (69%, 3%) – Turner has turned 6 percent of his carries in to a TD, which is the league’s 8th best mark. His 3.5 yards per carry mark is disappointing.
RB2: Jerious Norwood (13%, 6%) – Has had injury issues all season, but is extremely valuable if Turner is out. He is expected to miss a few more weeks.
RB3: Jason Snelling (8%, 8%) – Filling in for Norwood as the RB2 while he is out.

WR1: Roddy White (27%) – Ryan is using his top WR a ton and it’s paid off for White with 4 scores.
WR2: Michael Jenkins (18%) – No TDs yet for Jenkins, but he’s been solid as the WR2.
WR3: Brian Finneran (5%) –
WR4: Marty Booker (6%) –

TE1: Tony Gonzalez (24%) – Hasn’t exactly dominated, but does have three TDs.
TE2: Justin Peelle (2%) –


QB1: Jake Delhomme – 7.5 percent interception/attempt mark is the worst in the NFL. The team appears to be returning to its run heavy style, which bodes well for the team, but not for Delhomme’s already dim fantasy value.
RB1: DeAngelo Williams (59%, 12%) – Williams was a slow starter in 2008 and the same can be said about 2009 (at least until his big week six performance). He will continue to share the workload with Stewart, but is still one of the most valuable/consistent RBs in the league.
RB2: Jonathan Stewart (33%, 6%) – Racking up 1/3 of the carries on the season, but saw over half in the team’s week six win.

WR1: Steve Smith (31%) – No NFL receiver has been targeted by his team at a higher rate than Smith. He also has the most targets in the league for a player with no touchdowns.
WR2: Muhsin Muhammad (27%) – Muhammad’s 27 percent rate is fifth highest in the NFL.
WR3: Kenny Moore (3%) – One of the few WR3’s who are a complete non factor.
WR4: Dwayne Jarrett (1%) –

TE1: Dante Rosario (10%) – One of the most prolific TD scoring TE duos, Rosario and King have combined for four touchdowns on just 17 catches (24 percent). By themselves, they ranked second and third in the NFL in TD/Rec percentage.
TE2: Jeff King (7%) – See Rosario

New Orleans

QB1: Drew Brees – An NFL best 11.8 percent of his completions have gone for a touchdown. 13:2 TD:INT ratio is one of the NFL’s best.
RB1: Pierre Thomas (28%, 3%) – 5.9 yards per carry mark is seventh best in the league, while his 6.3 percent TD/carry mark is 6th best. Great back, but is stuck in a platoon.
RB2: Mike Bell (35%, 1%) – Bell is back from injury and it appears he and Thomas will split their share of the workload right down the middle.
RB3: Reggie Bush (24%, 16%) – 12th among running backs with 25 targets. He will continue to play the pass receiving role with Bell and Thomas carrying more of the traditional RB work.

WR1: Marques Colston (22%) – Colston will continue to thrive as the top WR on arguably the best pass offense in the league.
WR2: Devery Henderson (16%) – Seeing a handful of looks a game and always has at least some value in this offense.
WR3: Robert Meachem (7%) – 25.2 yards per reception mark leads the NFC (min. 10 looks)
WR4: Lance Moore (7%) – Has caught 82 percent of the passes thrown to him, which is tied for the highest mark in the NFC for a WR with 10+ looks.

TE1: Jeremy Shockey (18%) – 9.0 yards per completion is one of the lowest marks for a TE.
TE2: David Thomas (3%) –

Tampa Bay

QB1: Josh Johnson – The NFL’s top rushing QB has racked up 141 yards already, which is a solid 14 fantasy points in most formats. On the flip side, his 5.1 percent  interception/attempt mark is the fourth worst in the NFL.
RB1: Cadillac Williams (47%, 9%) – Appears to be the undisputed RB1 and is doing a nice job, averaging 4.3 yards per carry and catching 15 of the 18 balls thrown his way.
RB2: Derrick Ward (24%, 4%) – Ward was expected to play a large role in the team’s run offense, but has taken a back seat to Williams and had just two looks in week six.
RB3: Earnest Graham (6%, 2%) –

WR1: Antonio Bryant (14%) – Having an up and down season, but he’s still the teams top WR.
WR2: Michael Clayton (16%) – Has caught just 33 percent of the passes thrown his way, which is the lowest mark in the NFC among WRs with 10+ looks.
WR3: Sam Stroughter (12%) – Has quietly been a consistent contributor to the offense
WR4: Maurice Stovall (4%) –

TE1: Kellen Winslow II (22%) – No NFL tight end has more looks than Winslow, who has 47.
TE2: Jerramy Stevens (10%) – Hasn’t seen as many looks with Johnson behind center.


QB1: Kurt Warner – Has thrown more passes than anyone in the NFC, but his 201 attempts place him just seventh overall in the NFL. 8:5 TD:INT needs improvement.
RB1: Tim Hightower (52%, 16%) – Still the third most targeted running back in the league thanks to that huge week one performance, but his 3.1 yards per carry mark is the worst in the NFC for a starting RB.
RB2: Chris Wells (35%, 0%) – Has just one target to go with his 35 carries, which is the worst ratio in the NFL for backs with 20+ touches. He continues to take the back seat to Hightower.
RB3: LaRod Stephens-Howling (1%, 3%) –

WR1: Larry Fitzgerald (24%) – 50 targets rank him 9th in the NFL and he is the only WR in the league with more than four receiving touchdowns (five).
WR2: Anquan Boldin (21%) – Boldin, as usual, cannot stay healthy and it is costing his fantasy owners. Despite the injuries, he does have 44 targets, which is only six behind Fitzgerald.
WR3: Steve Breaston (14%) – Breaston missed some time with injury, but has racked up almost eight targets game since his return.
WR4: Jerheme Urban (11%) – Most teams do not have a WR4 who contributes as much as Urban, who will continue to see a few targets a game in this pass heavy offense.

TE1: Ben Patrick (1%) – Patrick was suspended for the team’s first four games, but returned in week six. He should take over as the team’s top receiving TE, although that isn’t saying much as the Cardinals barely look to the TE.
TE2: Stephen Spach (3%) –
TE3: Anthony Becht (3%) –


QB1: Matt Hasselbeck – 11.1 percent of his completions are touchdown passes, which is the NFL’s best mark behind only Drew Brees. His 7:3 TD:INT ratio benefited from a big 4:0 week five, but he has a good group of WRs and should be a solid play all season.
RB1: Julius Jones (48%, 6%) – Jones, as expected, has fallen off after a big start to the year, but will continue to see a majority of the carries.
RB2: Edgerrin James (26%, 1%) – 2.7 yards per carry is sixth worst in the league.
RB3: Justin Forsett (12%, 6%) – Stuck in the RB3 role, but his 5.7 yards per carry mark is eighth in the league for RBs with 20 plus touches

WR1: TJ Houshmandzadeh (24%) – 53 targets rank him fifth in the league. He continues as one of the best PRR WRs of the decade.
WR2: Nate Burleson (24%) – 54 targets rank him third in the NFL. Burleson has had nine TD seasons twice already in his career so don’t overlook his productive start.
WR3: Deion Branch (9%) – Managing just 7.8 yards per reception, but has seen 17 targets over the last 3 weeks.
WR4: Deon Butler (4%) –

TE1: John Carlson (18%) – Hasn’t done much the last few weeks, but is still seeing a nice amount of looks for a tight end. If you’re desperate at TE, he’s a good buy low.
TE2: John Owens (2%) –

San Francisco

QB1: Shaun Hill – Not throwing for a ton of yards or touchdowns, but is avoiding interceptions with a 1.4% Int/Att mark.
RB1: Frank Gore (31%, 8%) – Fifth in the league with a 6.2 yards per carry mark and is expected to be back from his injury this week. Seven point seven percent of his carries have been touchdowns, which is the 2nd highest mark in the league.
RB2: Glen Coffee (56%, 11%) – Was forced to start with Gore out, but struggled to a yard per carry mark of just 2.6, which is fourth worst in the NFL.
RB3: Moran Norris (5%, 4%) –

WR1: Isaac Bruce (21%) – Everyone felt Bruce was the odd man out of the starting lineup when the team drafted Crabtree. But Bruce stepped up as the most targeted WR and will now keep his job despite Crabtree’s activation this week.
WR2: Michael Crabtree (0%) – Crabtree finally signed as is expected to make his pro debut in week 7. As is always the case with rookie WRs, expectations should be limited.
WR3: Josh Morgan (16%) – Morgan lost his job to Crabtree, but could re-take it if the rookie struggles. He has not met expectations in five games of work this season.
WR4: Arnaz Battle (4%) –

TE1: Vernon Davis (28%) – No tight end has been targeted by their team at a higher rate than Davis has been by the 49ers.
TE2: Delanie Walker (6%) –

St. Louis

QB1: Marc Bulger – 10.0 yards-per-completion is one of the league’s worst marks, but his 0.9% interception/attempt mark is third best in the NFL. This offense is a mess, but they run smoother when Bulger is behind center. His TD:INT ratio sits at 3:1.
RB1: Steven Jackson (81%, 16%) – Leads the NFL in looks (151) and touches (140), but has yet to score a touchdown. Only three runningbacks have been targeted more than Jackson and he is 4th in the league in total yards.
RB2: Kenneth Darby (5%, 2%) – Is getting more work than Gado, but it’s hard to see much playing time when you’re stuck behind Jackson.
RB3: Samkon Gado (3%, 1%) –

WR1: Donnie Avery (18%) – Struggling with injuries this season, but has come on strong the last few weeks. He could be out with another injury in week seven.
WR2: Keenan Burton (17%) – Not going to do much in this offense, but is starting and had 15 targets the last 2 games.
WR3: Danny Amendola (6%) – Has caught 82 percent of the passes thrown to him, which is tied for the highest mark in the NFC for a WR with 10+ looks.
WR4: Brandon Gibson (0%) – Acquired from Philadelphia this week and should make an impact almost immediately due to the team’s lack of depth.

TE1: Randy McMichael (15%) – No NFL TE has failed to score a touchdown and been targeted more than McMichael
TE2: Daniel Fells (8%) –


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