WWE Hell in a Cell 2017: Match Card, Potential Spoilers, Predictions and More

Ryan Dilbert@@ryandilbertWWE Lead WriterOctober 6, 2017

Credit: WWE.com

Malice is poised to find its proper home at WWE Hell in a Cell 2017.

On Sunday's pay-per-view, rivalries of the most intense varieties will move into a steel enclosure designed to house animosity's apex. The bad blood between Kevin Owens and Shane McMahon is about to overflow inside The Devil's Playground. Heated rivals The New Day and The Usos will collide in that cage, too.

This cohesion between gimmick and storyline hatred hasn't always linked up this well.

Hell in a Cell has often forced stories to head to that dangerous location thanks to how the calendar lined up. Not in Detroit. Not on Sunday.

The PPV's two top matches absolutely belong in the Hell in a Cell. And each promises to be moving and unsettling, thrilling and vicious. 

Elsewhere on the card, Jinder Mahal will defend the WWE Championship against Shinsuke Nakamura, Natalya will defend her recently won crown and Bobby Roode will make his SmackDown PPV debut.

Who will come out on top? What does the latest news reveal about what may happen?

Read on for a full preview of the Hell in a Cell preview complete with picks and potential spoilers.


Potential Spoilers

It's going to be hard to bet against Mahal on Sunday.

WWE is headed to his home country, and The Modern-Day Maharaja is front and center on the promotional material. WWE.com announced that Mahal will be appearing in India mid-October before the country hosts two live events in December. 

That's not great news for those fans pulling for Nakamura. 

Mahal's trip will have more impact if he's still carrying around the WWE Championship. It doesn't appear that WWE is going to give up on him as the top titleholder just yet.

While Natalya and Charlotte Flair should both keep their eyes open for Carmella and the Money in the Bank briefcase she has in her possession, they should also be on the lookout for another rival. Paige could be back at any moment. 

PWInsider.com's Mike Johnson wrote"All signs are that former WWE Divas champion Paige has been cleared to return to the ring." Johnson also noted that she may be heading to SmackDown despite being drafted by Raw last summer.

The Colons could return soon, as well.

Primo Colon is healthy again after recovering from a knee injury. As seen on CageMatch.net, The Colons have been working house shows and dark matches.

Breezango is set to bring back their Fashion Files segment at Hell in a Cell. Perhaps they'll get a visit from Primo and Epico.


Match Card

  • Chad Gable and Shelton Benjamin vs. The Hype Bros
  • Dolph Ziggler vs. Bobby Roode
  • AJ Styles vs. Baron Corbin (United States Championship)
  • Natalya vs. Charlotte Flair (SmackDown Women's Championship)
  • Jinder Mahal vs. Shinsuke Nakamura (WWE Championship)
  • The New Day vs. The Usos (Hell in a Cell, SmackDown Tag Team Championship)
  • Kevin Owens vs. Shane McMahon (Falls Count Anywhere, Hell in a Cell)



  • Gable and Benjamin over The Hype Bros.
  • Roode over Ziggler.
  • Styles over Corbin.
  • Flair over Natalya.
  • Mahal over Nakamura.
  • The New Day over The Usos.
  • Owens over McMahon.


Flair vs. Natalya

The Queen looks to become only the second wrestler to win both the Raw and SmackDown Women's Championships. She'll have to get past a familiar foe to do so.

Flair and Natalya battled at the inaugural NXT TakeOver in 2014. They have collided several times since.

This time around, Natalya enters as the champ after beating Naomi at SummerSlam. Flair, meanwhile, earned her title opportunity by winning a Fatal 4-Way match in September. 

There has been little time to build to that bout since, but Natalya and Flair have always had good chemistry with each other. Chances are, this will be a quality match.


Mahal vs. Nakamura

In the least creative feud on SmackDown, Mahal has spent much of his time mocking Nakamura. His jokes have often been cringeworthy. And they have delved into racially charged territory at times.

The King of Strong Style is simply looking for a fair fight. When they met at SummerSlam, The Singh Brothers got in the challenger's way.

That's been the go-to method of retaining for Mahal.

The Modern-Day Maharaja has been the subject of criticism for subpar matches and a reign that has dragged. He'll get another chance to prove his detractors wrong against a top-level performer.


The New Day vs. The Usos

The SmackDown tag team division has been on fire thanks to these two squads.

Over the past few months, The New Day and The Usos have traded victories, won and lost the tag team titles and torn down the house just about every time. Now they get a chance to top it all with a trip inside Hell in a Cell.

A rare tag team match in The Devil's Playground will feature two red-hot teams with palpable animosity for each other. One of 2017's best feuds is now set to climax. 

History says this will be a thriller. And while the champs are the favorites, it's hard to be sure The New Day will walk out with the gold. There have already been three SmackDown Tag Team Championship title changes during this rivalry.


Owens vs. McMahon

This is the kind of rivalry that the Hell in a Cell was created for.

Things have become so personal between Owens and the SmackDown commissioner that only a trip to Hell will be enough to resolve it. KO feels that McMahon has cheated him out of title opportunities. Shane-O-Mac has had to witness Owens maul his father and wish death upon him.

McMahon's history of leaping from the highest of places plus the Falls Count Anywhere stipulation suggests something wild is going to happen in this match.

Owens has been stellar as an unfeeling predator seeing red. He will look to continue his role at Hell in a Cell in one of the biggest bouts of his career.

From an emotional standpoint, this is poised to be one of 2017's absolute best. A career moment may well be on the way for KO. And the dangerous surroundings for this clash combined with McMahon's daredevil nature are sure to create an image we won't soon forget.


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