Sammy Watkins Sides with Kyrie Irving, Supports Flat-Earth Theory

Maurice Moton@@MoeMotonFeatured ColumnistSeptember 20, 2017
Lindsey Thiry @LindseyThiry

Rams receiver Sammy Watkins is among those who believe the earth is flat.

Los Angeles Rams wide receiver Sammy Watkins took an unpopular stance when he agreed with Boston Celtics guard Kyrie Irving on the flat-Earth theory, per Los Angeles Times reporter Lindsey Thiry.

The idea seems so ridiculous to those who've been taught about a sphere-shaped Earth that one Twitter user wanted further verification on Watkins' thoughts:

Cory Leu @coryleu

@LindseyThiry Source?

Lindsey Thiry @LindseyThiry

@coryleu Sammy Watkins.

The four-time NBA All-Star Irving may have opened the door for others to further explain their theories about a flat Earth.

Watkins won't have much time to go into specifics about his astronomical knowledge. The Rams are preparing for a Thursday Night Football game against the San Francisco 49ers.


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