NFL Draft 2017: Reviewing Every Team's Trade Prospects, Ammunition

Ryan McCrystal@@ryan_mccrystalFeatured ColumnistApril 19, 2017

NFL Draft 2017: Reviewing Every Team's Trade Prospects, Ammunition

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    We're just over a week away from the 2017 NFL draft, which means teams are starting to put the finishing touches on their draft boards and make preparations for April 27-29. 

    Part of this preparation process is for general managers to make some early calls to other teams to feel out other GMs for potential draft-day trades. The trades we eventually see on draft day are often discussed, at least in preliminary stages, in the days leading up to the draft. 

    To get a feel for what GMs are talking about this week and what types of trades we could see on draft weekend, here's a look at what each team has to offer on the trade market.

    Each team's draft picks are listed along with any key veterans on the roster who could potentially be made available over the course of draft weekend. Most of these players won't get moved, but all of them should be considered available, to some degree, and will likely be a part of trade conversations over the next week. 

Arizona Cardinals

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    2017 draft picks: 8 picks (13, 45, 77, 119, 157, 179, 197, 231)

    Potential trade chip: QB Drew Stanton

    The Arizona Cardinals' depth has taken a hit in recent years, limiting their ammunition to use current players as trade pieces. The one veteran who could become expendable is backup quarterback Drew Stanton. 

    The Cardinals are widely believed to be interested in adding a quarterback in this year's draft. And if they add someone such as Patrick Mahomes or Deshaun Watson in the early rounds, the team could move Stanton to another team in need of a well-regarded backup quarterback.

    Of course, Stanton wouldn't fetch much on the trade market, so at best the Cardinals would be looking to add an extra late-round selection. 

    With eight picks in the draft, the Cardinals do have a little extra ammo to use if they wish to trade up at some point. If they don't take a quarterback at No. 13, they could use No. 45 and other late-round selections to move up for a quarterback at the back end of the first round. Both Mahomes and Watson could be targets for them in that range. 

Atlanta Falcons

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    2017 draft picks: 6 picks (31, 63, 95, 136, 174, 249)

    Potential trade chip: RB Tevin Coleman

    The Atlanta Falcons traded their sixth-round pick to the Tennessee Titans for Andy Levitre last offseason, leaving them with limited draft resources in 2017. 

    The Falcons also don't have much to work with on the roster, unless they want to part with some young players who still have value in Atlanta. 

    If GM Thomas Dimitroff does want to get creative, backup running back Tevin Coleman could be an interesting trade chip. The former third-round pick has two years left on his rookie deal, so the Falcons certainly don't feel pressure to move him. But his cheap contract and impressive production behind Devonta Freeman could entice a running back-needy team to give Atlanta a nice package in return. 

    Since Coleman clearly factors into Atlanta's plans in 2017, it's unlikely he ultimately gets moved. But as a backup with starter potential, he's worth mentioning as a chip Dimitroff has in his back pocket. 

Baltimore Ravens

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    2017 draft picks: 7 picks (16, 47, 74, 78, 122, 159, 186)

    Potential trade chips: none

    The Baltimore Ravens have been aggressive in free agency, adding veterans such as Danny Woodhead, Ben Watson and Tony Jefferson. Given their approach, it's unlikely that they're willing to sell off anyone from the current roster who could help the team win in 2017. 

    However, with four draft picks in the top 100, the Ravens could continue their aggressive offseason plans on draft day. 

    While those four picks give Baltimore the ability to improve their depth, they could also package some picks to move up for a specific target. Since GM Ozzie Newsome appears to be building this roster to contend in 2017, it would make sense to have the same approach to the draft. 

    Wide receiver and cornerback are two specific needs that the Ravens could try to address early in the draft by trading up to grab a specific target at one of those positions. 

Buffalo Bills

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    2017 draft picks: 6 picks (10, 44, 75, 156, 171, 195)

    Potential trade chip: QB Tyrod Taylor

    Despite owning just six picks, the Buffalo Bills are a candidate to trade up in the first round from their slot at No. 10. 

    The Bills have shown very little interest in keeping Tyrod Taylor around as their quarterback of the future, despite picking up his option for the 2017 season. So if GM Doug Whaley and his staff fall in love with one of the top prospects, they could be aggressive and make a trade up to land him. 

    Whaley has shown this tendency in the past, when he sent a package of picks to the Cleveland Browns to trade up for Sammy Watkins. 

    For the Bills to pull off a trade up from No. 10, it would likely cost them high draft picks in 2018 as well as this year. 

    If the Bills do land a quarterback in the first round, there is a slight chance they would then put Taylor on the trade block. It will be difficult to find another team interested in making a move for Taylor, given his relatively expensive contract.

    However, if a desperate franchise misses out on landing a quarterback early in the draft, there's a chance Buffalo could find a suitor. The Browns, Houston Texans and Denver Broncos could potentially be trade partners. 

Carolina Panthers

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    2017 draft picks: 8 picks (8, 40, 64, 98, 115, 152, 192, 233)

    Potential trade chip: DT Star Lotulelei

    The Carolina Panthers have already been linked to an intriguing trade rumor this offseason. Matt Barrows of the Sacramento Bee reported that Carolina has discussed a trade with the San Francisco 49ers for the No. 2 overall pick. 

    Presumably the Panthers would be trading up for running back Leonard Fournette, although cornerback Marshon Lattimore or defensive end Solomon Thomas could also be targets. 

    To pull off this deal the Panthers would likely part with a package of draft picks, of which they have plenty. With four picks in the top 100, Carolina has the ammunition to make this trade work. 

    Another long-shot possibility would be the inclusion of defensive tackle Star Lotulelei, who is in the last year of his contract. The Panthers recently agreed to a long-term contract with Kawann Short and drafted Vernon Butler in the first round last year. As a result, the Panthers have a crowded depth chart at defensive tackle and may not have plans for Lotulelei beyond the 2017 season. 

    Since the Panthers are hoping to make another Super Bowl run this season, they likely aren't actively shopping Lotulelei, as he will be a key piece of the defensive line this year. But it's worth noting that they have that trade chip if they choose to use it.  

Chicago Bears

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    2017 draft picks: 7 picks (3, 36, 67, 111, 117, 147, 221)

    Potential trade chips: RB Jeremy Langford, RB Ka'Deem Carey

    If the Chicago Bears make a move early in the NFL draft, it will likely be to move down from No. 3. 

    After parting with veteran quarterback Jay Cutler, the Bears entered full rebuilding mode. As a result, they likely see more value in accumulating draft picks than landing one impact player with the third overall selection. 

    Later in the draft, the Bears could also look to sell off one of their backup running backs for a late-round selection. 

    Jordan Howard locked down the starting job at running back last year, making either Jeremy Langford or Ka'Deem Carey expendable. Neither will attract much attention on the trade market, but the Bears could pick up an extra Day 3 pick. 

Cincinnati Bengals

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    2017 draft picks: 11 picks (9, 41, 73, 116, 138, 153, 176, 193, 217, 227, 251)

    Potential trade chips: QB AJ McCarron

    The Cincinnati Bengals will be one of the most active teams in the 2017 NFL draft and will likely make multiple trades. With a slew of picks and a young quarterback to dangle as trade bait, the Bengals have the most trade capital of any team entering the 2017 draft. 

    The Bengals own 11 draft picks but don't have nearly enough space on the roster to bring in 11 rookies. As a result, they will likely be aggressive in targeting specific players and moving up to acquire their targets in the early and middle rounds of the draft. 

    In addition to their picks, the Bengals also have quarterback AJ McCarron to offer in trades. 

    McCarron has shown some promise in limited action filling in for Andy Dalton in Cincinnati. It's unlikely that any team would make the Bengals a blockbuster trade offer for McCarron, but it's conceivable that a team such as the Browns or Jets could pursue him in hopes of testing McCarron out in 2017 before he's in need of a new contract. 

Cleveland Browns

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    Browns GM Sashi Brown
    Browns GM Sashi BrownJoe Robbins/Getty Images

    2017 draft picks: 11 picks (1, 12, 33, 52, 65, 108, 145, 175, 181, 185, 188)

    Potential trade chips: QB Brock Osweiler, CB Joe Haden

    The Browns are another team guaranteed to be active on the trade market during the NFL draft. 

    With 11 picks, including five within the top 100, the Browns have the ability to move up at any point in the draft to acquire a specific target. But since the Browns are still in rebuilding mode, they could also move down at any point to acquire more picks, especially if teams are willing to offer high picks in the 2018 draft. 

    Realistically, we will likely see Cleveland make trades to move both up and down on draft weekend. 

    The Browns will also be shopping quarterback Brock Osweiler around on draft day, despite just recently acquiring him from the Houston Texans. 

    Osweiler is owed $16 million this season, so the Browns will need to agree to pay a significant portion of that contract in order to move him.

    Another wild card for the Browns is veteran cornerback Joe Haden, who could be moved for the right price. According to Spotrac, Haden is under contract through the 2019 season but is guaranteed just $3.2 million after 2017, making him a low-risk trade target for teams in search of a starting cornerback. 

Dallas Cowboys

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    2017 draft picks: 7 picks (28, 60, 92, 133, 211, 228, 246)

    Potential trade chips: none

    The Dallas Cowboys enter 2017 as serious contenders in the NFC, which puts them on the short list of teams potentially willing to trade draft picks for veterans. 

    While the Cowboys haven't been linked in any serious trade rumors yet, it's safe to assume they will at least entertain the possibility of parting with some early picks to acquire a proven veteran along the defensive line or potentially in the secondary. 

    Unfortunately for the Cowboys, they lack much trade capital to offer up on draft day. The Cowboys still own most of their original draft picks, which puts them toward the end of each round. To compensate for this, they may also have to part with 2018 draft picks if they wish to pull off a substantial draft-day trade for a proven vet. 

Denver Broncos

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    2017 draft picks: 10 picks (20, 51, 82, 101, 126, 177, 203, 238, 252, 253)

    Potential trade chip: CB Aqib Talib

    The Denver Broncos have some flexibility on draft day thanks to their 10 picks, including four in the top 101. 

    This draft capital could potentially be used to trade up on Day 1 in an effort to land a starting offensive tackle, potentially Utah's Garett Bolles or Wisconsin's Ryan Ramczyk. 

    In addition to their draft picks, the Broncos also have cornerback Aqib Talib to offer up in trades. 

    While it's not a guarantee that Talib is on the trade block, he has been rumored to be available before.'s Dianna Russini reported last season that Talib was available for the right price. 

Detroit Lions

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    2017 draft picks: 8 picks (21, 53, 85, 127, 165, 205, 215, 250)

    Potential trade chips: OG Laken Tomlinson, TE Eric Ebron

    The Detroit Lions don't have a ton of flexibility in terms of their draft picks, but they do have some expendable players they could package with picks if they wish to move up on draft day. 

    The most obvious player to shop around is 2015 first-round pick Laken Tomlinson, who lost his starting job last year and will struggle to earn it back due to the addition of free agent T.J. Lang. 

    Tomlinson has two years left on his rookie deal, plus another team option year, so he may still draw some interest on the market if the Lions are ready to throw in the towel on his development. 

    The other intriguing trade chip is tight end Eric Ebron. While Ebron has been productive during this first three years in Detroit, there has been widespread speculation that the Lions are interested in spending another high draft pick on a tight end. 

    Detroit may want to hang on to Ebron to create mismatches in two tight-end sets, but if they do add a tight end early in the draft, they will definitely receive some phone calls about Ebron's availability. 

Green Bay Packers

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    2017 draft picks: 8 picks (29, 61, 93, 134, 172, 182, 212, 247)

    Potential trade chips: none

    Under GM Ted Thompson, the Green Bay Packers have been notoriously absent from early-round trade discussions. In fact, since taking over in 2005, Thompson has traded up in the first round just once—in 2009, he maneuvered to land Clay Matthews. 

    With the Packers lacking depth along the offensive line and in the secondary, Green Bay is more likely to trade back and accumulate more picks than move up for a targeted prospect. 

    The No. 29 pick could potentially be a trade chip offered up to a team looking to jump back into the late first round. 

Houston Texans

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    2017 draft picks: 7 picks (25, 57, 89, 130, 142, 169, 243)

    Potential trade chip: LB Brian Cushing

    Everyone in the league is well aware of the Houston Texans' need for a starting quarterback. Tom Savage is the incumbent, but head coach Bill O'Brien is almost certainly hoping to come out of this draft with another young quarterback to develop. 

    If O'Brien has his heart set on a specific prospect, the Texans can't sit at No. 25 and expect their guy to fall. 

    Depending on how high up they need to move, Houston could move up simply with a package of 2017 and 2018 draft picks. However, it may also need to throw in a viable NFL player to make it work. 

    If Houston does have to include a current player to make a trade work, Brian Cushing would be an obvious choice. According to Spotrac, Cushing has three years left on his contract but is guaranteed only $1.2 million after the 2017 season, making it a very team-friendly contract for another franchise to take on. 

Indianapolis Colts

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    2017 draft picks: 7 picks (15, 46, 80, 121, 137, 144, 158)

    Potential trade chip: WR Phillip Dorsett

    The Indianapolis Colts don't have much to work with in trades, and they probably won't be major players on the trade market. 

    New Colts GM Chris Ballard has dramatically improved the team's depth this offseason, adding a slew of second- and third-tier free agents to positions of need. As a result, there isn't as much of a need to acquire picks and rebuild the depth chart as it initially appeared earlier this offseason. 

    If the Colts do want to make a blockbuster trade, 2015 first-round pick Phillip Dorsett could be offered up as bait. 

    Dorsett is clearly behind T.Y. Hilton and Donte Moncrief on the depth chart and likely behind recent addition Kamar Aiken as well. With Dorsett buried on the depth chart, he may now have more value to the Colts as a trade chip than as a fourth receiver. 

Jacksonville Jaguars

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    2017 draft picks: 7 picks (4, 35, 68, 110, 148, 187, 222)

    Potential trade chip: QB Blake Bortles

    The Jacksonville Jaguars have already been extremely active this offseason, bringing in multiple big-name free agents and pulling off a few trades as well. As a result, the draft could be relatively quiet for the Jaguars.

    Jacksonville should be able to get an impact player at No. 4—potentially Leonard Fournette or Jonathan Allen—and they likely won't be interested in moving down from that spot. 

    While the Jaguars draft plans appear relatively basic, a wrench could be thrown into the situation if they decide to give up on Blake Bortles. Eric Galko of Sporting News recently reported that some teams believe the Jaguars may be interested in drafting an early quarterback, such as Mitchell Trubisky.

    Obviously Bortles won't be happy having to compete for his job with a young rookie, so the team could look to simply dump Bortles on someone else. This is an unlikely scenario, but not one that can completely be ruled out. 

Kansas City Chiefs

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    Joe Robbins/Getty Images

    2017 draft picks: 10 picks (27, 59, 91, 104, 132, 170, 180, 216, 218, 245)

    Potential trade chips: none

    The Kansas City Chiefs are one of the teams with a late first-round pick that could be interested in trading up to land their quarterback of the future. If that's the case, the Chiefs have plenty of extra draft picks to make their move up the board. 

    With 10 picks this year, Kansas City GM John Dorsey clearly has the capital saved up to be active, but he also owns a pick at the end of the first round that many teams covet. 

    There is often of flurry of trades at the end of Round 1 as teams try to jump back up into the first round from the early second—first-round picks have an extra fifth-year team option, making pick No. 29 substantially more valuable than pick No. 35, for example. 

    So if Dorsey doesn't have a specific target, the Chiefs are also a candidate to move back and add more picks on Day 2. 

Los Angeles Chargers

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    Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images

    2017 draft picks: 7 picks (7, 38, 71, 113, 151, 190, 225)

    Potential trade chip: LB Melvin Ingram

    The Los Angeles Chargers remain in an awkward stage between contending and rebuilding—a position they've been in for the majority of the Philip Rivers era. 

    As a result, it's tough to predict the direction the Chargers will go on draft day. Do they want to trade down and accumulate more picks to facilitate a rebuild? Or do they think they're close enough to target specific players to help them get over the hump?

    If the Chargers want to pull off a blockbuster deal on draft day, they definitely have the ammunition to make it happen.

    Melvin Ingram has yet to sign his franchise tag, which the team placed on him earlier this offseason. And while he is expected to stay in Los Angeles, other teams will definitely call Chargers GM Tom Telesco to ask about his availability. 

    Ultimately, the Chargers will likely keep Ingram and remain inactive on the trade market. They're well positioned to add a few key players at positions of need and add to their overall depth without needing to maneuver around too much. 

Los Angeles Rams

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    2017 draft picks: 8 picks (37, 69, 112, 141, 149, 189, 206, 234)

    Potential trade chips: CB Trumaine Johnson, OL Greg Robinson

    The Los Angeles Rams sent their first-round pick to the Tennessee Titans last offseason in exchange for the No. 1 overall pick in 2016, which they spent on quarterback Jared Goff. As a result, the Rams are left without much to work with in 2017. 

    Fortunately for Los Angeles, they have one of the biggest trade chips around in cornerback Trumaine Johnson. 

    Johnson is entering his second year playing under the franchise tag, which will cost the Rams just over $16 million in 2017, according to Spotrac. Since the team has been unable to work out a long-term contract with Johnson, they will likely listen to offers for him on draft day. 

    If the Rams wanted to climb back into the first round, they could probably pull it off by packaging Johnson and other picks. Or they could try to accumulate more picks by dumping Johnson in exchange for a few mid-draft selections. 

    The Rams could also shop former No. 2 overall pick Greg Robinson, who is entering the last year of his rookie deal. He won't have much value on the trade market, but another franchise might be interested in getting a look at him to see if a change of scenery helps him revive his career. 

Miami Dolphins

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    2017 draft picks: 8 picks (22, 54, 97, 166, 178, 184, 223, 240)

    Potential trade chips: none

    The Miami Dolphins are a team on the verge of contention, which means they might consider trading up to fill a hole with an instant-impact player. Unfortunately, they don't have much draft capital with which to work. 

    This will be the first draft run by new GM Chris Grier, so it's difficult to guess what direction he might take the franchise. 

    With relatively few picks early in the draft and not much to offer up from the current roster, the Dolphins are unlikely to be active on the trade market on draft day. 

Minnesota Vikings

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    Dylan Buell/Getty Images

    2017 draft picks: 8 picks (48, 79, 86, 120, 128, 160, 199, 232)

    Potential trade chips: none

    After losing Teddy Bridgewater to injury last summer, the Minnesota Vikings traded their 2017 first-round selection to the Eagles for Sam Bradford. It was a gamble that failed to pay off, and now the Vikings are in a difficult position in this year's draft. 

    The Vikings don't own a pick until No. 48 and have very little to offer up on the trade market in terms of current players on the roster. 

    Without much to offer, it's unlikely the Vikings will be involved in any significant trades on draft weekend. 

New England Patriots

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    Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

    2017 draft picks: 7 picks (72, 96, 131, 163, 183, 200, 239)

    Potential trade chips: QB Jimmy Garoppolo, CB Malcolm Butler

    The New England Patriots don't own a draft pick until the late third round, but they still have the potential to be major players in the 2017 NFL draft. 

    With both Jimmy Garoppolo and Malcolm Butler available on the trade market, the Patriots could quickly acquire the assets to get involved in the early rounds of the draft.

    Then again, the unpredictable Bill Belichick may simply want to hang on to his assets to ensure his team has the depth to make another Super Bowl run in 2017.

    Regardless of whether or not the Patriots pull the trigger on any trades, speculation surrounding Garoppolo and Butler will definitely be a major storyline on draft day.  

New Orleans Saints

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    Jason O. Watson/Getty Images

    2017 draft picks: 7 picks (11, 32, 42, 76, 103, 196, 229)

    Potential trade chips: none

    The New Orleans Saints already pulled off a blockbuster deal this offseason, shipping wide receiver Brandin Cooks to the Patriots in a deal that netted the Saints an extra first-round pick. 

    With three picks inside the top 50, the Saints are in position to simply stay put on draft day and come away with a nice haul of young prospects. 

    However, the Saints may not be done dealing, as they have been linked to Patriots cornerback Malcolm Butler throughout the offseason. 

    Even if the Saints don't end up trading for Butler, they may be active on the trade market. Including this year, Saints GM Mickey Loomis has made trades involving first-round picks in three of the last four drafts. 

New York Giants

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    Rob Carr/Getty Images

    2017 draft picks: 7 picks (23, 55, 87, 140, 167, 207, 241)

    Potential trade chip: CB Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie

    The New York Giants roster appears to be more or less set for 2017, making them unlikely to be active on the trade market during the draft. However, they do have some options if they want to get creative. 

    Veteran cornerback Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie is coming off an exceptional season, but he's 31 years old and relatively expensive. Earlier this offseason, James Kratch of explored the possibility of the Giants trading Rodgers-Cromartie and suggested it was a possibility. 

    The cornerback depth in this year's draft class is what makes a trade possible, and if the Giants add a cornerback early, it could make him expendable. 

    Odds are the Giants keep Rodgers-Cromartie and have a relatively quiet draft weekend, but this is an under-the-radar trade possibility to look out for on draft day. 

New York Jets

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    George Gojkovich/Getty Images

    2017 draft picks: 7 picks (6, 39, 70, 107, 150, 191, 224)

    Potential trade chip: DL Sheldon Richardson

    The biggest trade of draft weekend could involve the New York Jets parting ways with defensive lineman Sheldon Richardson. 

    Off-field issues and inconsistent production have made Richardson expendable, especially since he is set to become a free agent after the 2017 season. However, those same issues could also make it difficult for the Jets to find a trade partner. 

    Other than Richardson, the Jets don't have much to offer up on the trade market. Due to the fact that they're in rebuilding mode, the Jets are more likely to trade back during the draft and accumulate picks than make any moves up on draft day. 

Oakland Raiders

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    Dustin Bradford/Getty Images

    2017 draft picks: 8 picks (24, 56, 88, 129, 168, 208, 242, 244)

    Potential trade chips: none

    The Oakland Raiders' depth took a hit due to some departed free agents, and they are left with very little to offer up on the trade market as a result. 

    If the Raiders make a trade on draft weekend, it will likely be to acquire Marshawn Lynch from the Seattle Seahawks. The Raiders have been in negotiations with Lynch, who sat out the 2016 season in retirement, and according to's Kevin Patra, the draft could be the deadline to work something out. 

    Since Seattle owns the rights to Lynch, the Raiders need to plan on parting with one of their late-round picks to acquire his rights. 

    If the Lynch trade doesn't go down, the Raiders will likely have a relatively quiet draft weekend. They have a few holes to fill but should be able to fill their needs with their own picks. 

Philadelphia Eagles

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    Evan Habeeb/Getty Images

    2017 draft picks: 8 picks (14, 43, 99, 118, 139, 155, 194, 230)

    Potential trade chips: WR Jordan Matthews, LB Mychal Kendricks, WR Nelson Agholor, C Jason Kelce

    According to Spotrac, the Eagles have just $2.45 million in cap space, so they will be motivated to make a trade or two on draft day. 

    Young receivers Jordan Matthews and Nelson Agholor are potential trade chips, as are veterans Mychal Kendricks and Jason Kelce. Given their cap situation, it is likely at least one of these players will be shipped out during the draft.

    Kendricks is under contract through the 2019 season, which might make him the most likely to be traded, since any team acquiring the linebacker is ensured control for at least a few more seasons. However, trading Kelce would clear the most cap immediate cap space. 

    Regardless of who gets traded, the Eagles are likely to be active on the trade market and should be able to pick up a couple extra draft picks in the process. 

Pittsburgh Steelers

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    Karl Walter/Getty Images

    2017 draft picks: 8 picks (30, 62, 94, 105, 135, 173, 213, 248)

    Potential trade chips: none

    Pittsburgh Steelers GM Kevin Colbert is traditionally one of the least active general managers on draft day, especially early in the draft. Colbert hasn't traded his original first-round pick since 2006, when he traded up to select Santonio Holmes. 

    Colbert does occasionally make trades in the middle rounds of the draft, but he tends to stay put and settle for the best available player to fall in his lap in the first round. 

    With relatively few holes to fill, the Steelers are likely to stick to the strategy that has worked for them and hold on to the majority of their picks. 

San Francisco 49ers

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    Michael Zagaris/Getty Images

    2017 draft picks: 10 picks (2, 34, 66, 109, 143, 146, 161, 198, 202, 219)

    Potential trade chip: RB Carlos Hyde

    With first-time GM John Lynch at the helm and a slew of draft picks at his disposal, the 49ers might be the most unpredictable team in this year's draft.

    With a total of 10 picks, the 49ers clearly have the draft capital to be active on the trade market. However, with so many holes to fill on their rebuilding roster, they may simply prefer to stay put and use all 10 picks. In fact, Lynch may even add more picks by trading down from the No. 2 slot. 

    If the 49ers do stay at No. 2, running back Leonard Fournette will be an option for them, which would then make Carlos Hyde expendable. 

    Hyde is an unrestricted free agent after the 2017 season, so he may not hold too much value on the trade market. But a team in need of immediate help at running back would likely be willing to part with a Day 2 pick. 

Seattle Seahawks

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    Joe Robbins/Getty Images

    2017 draft picks: 7 picks (26, 58, 90, 102, 106, 210, 226)

    Potential trade chips: CB Richard Sherman, RB Marshawn Lynch

    The Seahawks are loaded with draft capital this year and have some big trade chips on the roster as well. Despite owning just seven total picks, the Seahawks have five selections in the first three rounds, thanks to being awarded two compensatory selections in the third round. 

    In addition to those significant draft picks, Seahawks GM John Schneider has also dangled cornerback Richard Sherman as trade bait, according to comments he made on ESPN 710 (h/t Bob Condozza of the Seattle Times). 

    Sherman is 29 years old and still playing at a high level, but the Seahawks may believe they're better off selling high and clearing some cap room than hanging on to Sherman as he ages. 

    It's ultimately unlikely Sherman gets traded, but Schneider has to feel confident going into the draft knowing he has the potential to pull off a blockbuster deal if the right offer presents itself. 

    In addition to Sherman, the Seahawks also could trade veteran running back Marshawn Lynch on draft day. Lynch has openly been considering a return to the NFL with the Oakland Raiders, but since the Seahawks still hold his rights, they would need to orchestrate a trade in order for Lynch to head to Oakland. 

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

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    Don Juan Moore/Getty Images

    2017 draft picks: 7 picks (19, 50, 84, 125, 162, 204, 237)

    Potential trade chips: none

    The Buccaneers making a trade on draft day is a virtual guarantee given the history of GM Jason Licht. According to Scott Smith of, Licht has already made 12 trades involving draft picks during his three years at the helm. 

    Licht is aggressive trading up for players he wants—he even traded up to land a kicker, Roberto Aguayo, in the second round last year. 

    Despite having limited draft capital to offer up, Licht will likely stick to his game plan and remain aggressive. He hasn't been shy about parting with picks in future drafts, so that strategy should remain in play for the Bucs this year. 

Tennessee Titans

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    Rob Foldy/Getty Images

    2017 draft picks: 8 picks (5, 18, 83, 100, 124, 164, 214, 236)

    Potential trade chips: none

    The Tennessee Titans don't have much to offer up on the trade market, but they do have the ability to acquire more picks if they wish to trade down from No. 5. 

    Depending on the how the first few picks play out, the Titans may not have an obvious target on the board for them at No. 5, at which point moving down to accumulate more picks may be the smart decision. 

    While the Titans are getting closer to being competitive, there are still holes to fill on the depth chart in Tennessee. Adding more picks and improving the depth could go a long way toward pushing this roster over the top. 

Washington Redskins

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    David Banks/Getty Images

    2017 draft picks: 10 picks (17, 49, 81, 114, 123, 154, 201, 209, 22, 235)

    Potential trade chips: QB Kirk Cousins, FS DeAngelo Hall

    The Washington Redskins still have not committed to Kirk Cousins for the long haul, and until that happens, there will be trade rumors involving their starting quarterback. 

    Earlier this offseason NFL Network's Mike Silver speculated that Cousins will ultimately end up in San Francisco, which could potentially happen on draft day. The 49ers own the No. 2 overall pick, which could be involved in a package to send Cousins to San Francisco. 

    The Redskins also have defensive back DeAngelo Hall to offer up on the trade market. While there's no guarantee that Hall will be made available, his place in Washington is unclear due to the addition of free-agent safety D.J. Swearinger. With just one year left on his contract, he could still be an attractive piece for another franchise. 

    Even if the Redskins don't part with any veterans on draft day, with 10 picks to play with, they could still make some moves. It's possible Washington will package some picks to move up for a quarterback at some point, if they have decided Cousins is not in their long-term plans. 


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