Drunk Man Confronts Former MMA Fighter Outside a Walmart, With Unexpected Result

Matthew Ryder@@matthewjryderFeatured ColumnistApril 12, 2017

Warning: Video contains NSFW language

If you've spent much time on the internet, you're probably familiar with the subgenre of inebriated individuals getting their comeuppance while on video.

More than a few sites have made an industry out of such fare, as there's a certain "moth to a flame" quality to that brand of handheld grindhouse documentarianism. 

We now have the latest entrant into that pantheon of internet filmmaking.

Former UFC and Bellator fighter Tom DeBlass, a decorated grappling ace who last competed in MMA in 2013 and holds a career record of 9-2, posted a video on his Facebook page this week of an altercation with an intoxicated man outside a Walmart.

The man aggressively confronts the multiple-time jiu-jitsu champion at first, rambling about a GoPro and challenging DeBlass to throw down. In response, DeBlass kicks off his flip-flops and…well, what happens next is likely to surprise.

Rina Parsegian 🦊 @foxwithya

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Any veteran of internet fight videos would think the undercover beast would proceed to knock out the inebriated man, but it goes in a far different direction.

After gauging range and establishing a safe distance, DeBlass calmly talks some sense into the man, who turns quite friendly. The whole situation is diffused, and before you know it, the two are hugging and talking about how the intoxicated man intends to get home.

It's the ultimate martial artist move.

DeBlass knows he could crush the guy, but he instead chooses to end it with a hug and a pat on the back before offering him a ride home and appearing genuinely concerned for his fellow man.

While it may not satiate viewers eager to watch someone enjoying cold Walmart pavement on the side of his face, it's a welcome change of pace for those who want to see how much good a properly trained martial artist can do with the right tools and the right mindset. 

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