The Answers

Blake VandeBunteContributor IOctober 10, 2009

Patrick Hayes at has all of the answers as to how the Tigers can fix their roster before next season.  A big piece of the plan involves the Tigers trading Jeremy Bonderman for Milton Bradley (funny name, insane personality).

I think it makes sense to trade Bonderman.  I get that.  His producation has been close to nothing and his contract is awful.  Bradley has plenty of talent, but he has a few huge strikes against him:

  1. He’s overpaid as well.  Bradley is still owed $21M over the next two seasons.  The Tigers are not in the greatest financial situation as it is.
  2. He’s kind of crazy.  Bradley has played for seven teams in ten seasons.  That’s nuts.  You’d be hard pressed to find a player as talented as Bradley supposedly is that has bounced around that much.  He’s also been traded four times.  Bradley has had numerous blow-ups on and off the field in his career and I don’t think the Tigers are looking to bring in that kind of noise.
  3. He’s as injury prone as they come this side of Rocco Baldelli.  Bradley has topped the 130 game mark only once in his 10 big league seasons.  The Tigers are weak as it is in the outfield (Clete Thomas is not a full-time player) and having Bradley on board to miss chunks of time with an injury would hurt the team.

A move like this could work out for the Tigers, but I wouldn’t bet on it.