Adidas Offers Island to NFL Prospect Who Breaks 40-Yard Dash Record

Andrew Gould@AndrewGould4Featured ColumnistFebruary 28, 2017
adidas Football US @adidasFballUS

Paradise awaits. Break the 40-yard dash record, win your own island. #teamadidas https://t.co/4y4JdHNTY3 https://t.co/jEETRVA2bN

The 40-yard dash has always received elevated attention at the NFL Scouting Combine. Teams covet speed, particularly at the skill positions, so players are already motivated to sprint as fast as they can.

Adidas is upping the ante by offering a private island to anyone who breaks the record while wearing a pair of its cleats. The athlete must also enter an endorsement agreement with the company and wear its products throughout the season to qualify for the prize.

The current official benchmark belongs to running back Chris Johnson, who ran the 40 in 4.24 seconds. Dri Archer (4.26), Marquise Goodwin (4.27) and J.J. Nelson (4.28) have recently come close to matching the mark.

Last year, Adidas offered $1 million to anyone who broke Johnson's record, which he set in 2008. The rules for this year's contest lists the same amount as the island's maximum value.

As noted by Hall of Fame running back Eric Dickerson, it's a far more lavish reward than he netted for actual on-field results:

Eric Dickerson @EricDickerson

That beats the carrot cake @adidasFballUS gave me for breaking the @NFL single season rushing yards record lol #NFLCombine #ED2105 https://t.co/VmPaxkrpbi

It's also safe to say that any prospect fast enough to break Johnson's time will receive another grand prize: an NFL contract. 

The combine runs from Feb. 28 to March 6 in Indianapolis.



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