WWE Survivor Series 2016: Updated Match Card, Latest Predictions

Tom Clark@tomclarkbrFeatured ColumnistNovember 14, 2016

WWE Survivor Series 2016: Updated Match Card, Latest Predictions

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    Goldbergcredit: wwe.com

    Survivor Series is coming, and WWE is surely hoping for a massive hit.

    That's because this is the showdown between Raw and SmackDown Live. The company is bringing the two brands together for one explosive night, and the excitement level is certainly going to be high. Brian Kendrick will defend the WWE Cruiserweight Championship against Kalisto, and if Kalisto wins, the Cruiserweight division goes to the blue brand.

    The stakes are high, and the match will certainly be high-octane.

    Dolph Ziggler will face Sami Zayn, and Ziggler's WWE Intercontinental Championship will be on the line. If Zayn manages to get the win, he brings the gold back to Raw, and that means one more title for the red brand.

    Of course, a major drawing point for this event will be the traditional Survivor Series matches that will be held. 5-on-5 as well as 10-on-10 bouts will happen, and that means a good majority of both rosters will see action that night. This signals a nice throwback for WWE, as the event will definitely live up to its name.

    But that's not the only way the company is looking to the past in order to book the present.

    Bill Goldberg is stepping back into a WWE ring against Brock Lesnar. The dream match that no one expected would happen is indeed happening again, as both men are surely primed to deliver a big-money bout on November 20.

    Many expect this to be just another win for The Beast Incarnate, but it could be the opposite. If Goldberg does go over, WWE will surely go into a tailspin; perhaps this will not be his last match after all.

    Thanks to the overwhelming number of marquee stars that are booked, there is potential for each match to steal the show. That's always a good thing for the fans, as Survivor Series promises to be a very exciting night. Hopefully the company is ready, because the WWE faithful certainly are.

Brian Kendrick vs. Kalisto, WWE Cruiserweight Championship Match

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    Kendrick vs. Kalisto
    Kendrick vs. Kalistocredit: wwe.com

    Much like Randy Orton's RKO, this match seemed to come from out of nowhere.

    The Cruiserweight Classic brought back the WWE Cruiserweight Championship, as well as a plethora of fresh faces to the company. TJ Perkins, Cedric Alexander, Rich Swann, and Kota Ibushi are just a few of the stars who have made an immediate impact on WWE, as well as Monday Night Raw.

    But now the whole division could move to Tuesday nights.

    If Brian Kendrick loses his title to Kalisto, then Raw will say goodbye to the cruiserweights. While fans certainly knew the introduction of the cruiserweights was to bolster the thin main roster, no one may have seen this move coming.

    However, it's happening regardless, and now there's much more riding on this match.

    Kalisto is a good opponent for Kendrick, and the cruiserweight division would probably fare very well on SmackDown Live. But Kendrick's comeback story has been months in the making, and there's not much sense in ending it now.

    But WWE will likely not see it that way, which means the blue brand is about to get a lot more exciting.

    Winner and new cruiserweight champion: Kalisto

Dolph Ziggler vs. Sami Zayn, WWE Intercontinental Championship Match

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    Dolph Ziggler vs. Sami Zayn
    Dolph Ziggler vs. Sami Zayncredit: wwe.com

    This could finally be Sami Zayn's night.

    The Underdog from the Underground has a chance to win his first championship in WWE, and that win would come against one of the best. Dolph Ziggler proves himself every time he steps into the ring, and he has become the measuring stick that so many other talents have surely aspired to.

    But Zayn is no rookie, and he's certainly ready to deliver.

    Zayn is a very exciting talent and represents the best the New Era has to offer. He's fun, he's athletic and he's very acrobatic. He's an accomplished wrestler, and he will bring all of that experience to this match.

    This one could indeed steal the show.

    But though Ziggler has become somewhat stagnant since winning the WWE Intercontinental Championship again, this may not be Zayn's night. Ziggler has come too far and done too much to just drop the title now, and that means Zayn will come out on the losing end.

    Of course, if Kalisto brings the WWE Cruiserweight Championship to Tuesday nights, then SmackDown Live will be one title heavier. The outcome of that match could affect the outcome of this one.

    The problem here is if Zayn wins the IC belt and takes it to Raw, the mid-card stars of SmackDown Live will have only one title to fight for. Not everyone actually has a chance of becoming WWE world heavyweight champion, so that means the Intercontinental Championship should stay around Ziggler's waist.

    Winner and still IC champion: Dolph Ziggler

Team Raw vs. Team SmackDown Live, Traditional SS Tag Team Elimination Match

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    Tag Team elimination match
    Tag Team elimination matchcredit: wwe.com

    This match is for any WWE fan who claims tag team wrestling is on the slide.

    Five teams from each brand will go to war in this match, as WWE's best duos will bring everything they have for Survivor Series. The Club, Sheamus and Cesaro, The Shining Stars, Big Colin Cassady and Enzo Amore will be led by WWE world tag team champions The New Day.

    On the other side of the ring is Breezango, American Alpha, The Usos and The Hype Bros, led by SmackDown tag team champions Heath Slater and Rhyno. Both sides will be battling for bragging rights, but they will surely also be trying to pop the crowd from start to finish.

    That's the nature of a match this big, and it should definitely be apparent from the moment the bell rings. In any other situation, this may be considered a negative for old-school fans who love the slower-paced technical game.

    But on a night like Survivor Series, this match is perfect.

    The crowd will surely be happy when this one is over, and that's good for an event of this nature. Pro wrestling is meant to be fun, and that will be the case when this match takes place. The New Day should be the last team left standing, as they are on pace to break Demolition's all-time record; this will be a great way to establish their dominance as Raw tag team champions.

    Winners: Team Raw

Team Raw vs. Team SmackDown Live, Traditional SS Women's Elimination Match

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    Women's elimination match
    Women's elimination matchcredit: wwe.com

    Women's wrestling has become the main event.

    The evolution of the women's division has been nothing short of epic, as Charlotte and Sasha Banks are making history, while Becky Lynch is reigning as the top female Superstar on SmackDown Live. In both cases, the women's championships have become the focal point, and that's a very good thing for WWE.

    Finally the women's division has taken its rightful place.

    That fact is made all the more real by this match at Survivor Series. Banks, Nia Jax, Bayley and Alicia Fox join Charlotte for the Raw team. Naomi, Carmella, Alexa Bliss and Nikki Bella will step up behind Lynch, as both brands fight for supremacy.

    But there can be no real losers in this one.

    The women will shine in this match, and they will do so with the whole world watching. While The New Day will likely go over for its brand, this match should go to SmackDown Live. Lynch should be the last Superstar standing, as the blue brand gets the bragging rights.

    Winners: Team SmackDown Live

Team Raw vs. Team SmackDown Live, 5-on-5 Traditional SS Men's Elimination Match

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    5-on-5 elimination match
    5-on-5 elimination matchcredit: wwe.com

    Five of the 10 Superstars in this match are former world champions, and that's not counting the current WWE and Universal champions. Throw the boss into the mix, and fans have a match they should not soon forget.

    Team Raw is headed by Universal champ Kevin Owens, who is joined by Braun Strowman, Chris Jericho, Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns. Team SmackDown Live is captained by WWE champ AJ Styles, who is joined by Bray Wyatt, Randy Orton, Dean Ambrose and Shane McMahon.

    Booking the boss' son was likely not a move fans expected.

    McMahon's presence in this match is something that will only heighten the drama between the brands. It illustrates the point that SmackDown Live truly wants to win, and it should bring another level of excitement to the bout. McMahon has stepped up every time his number has been called, and that will surely be the case here.

    This should be a match packed with finishers, and that means each Superstar should get ample time to show off. Of course this match should be all about which brand is better and ultimately which championship is better.

    In other words, KO needs this win.

    The Universal Championship has not exactly been the prestigious trophy WWE surely wanted it to be, and that has everything to do with its booking. If the title is indeed meant to be a major prize, then the time to prove that should be at Survivor Series.

    Winners: Team Raw

Goldberg vs. Brock Lesnar

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    Lesnar and Goldberg
    Lesnar and Goldbergcredit: wwe.com

    The battle of the beasts will be fought at Survivor Series.

    Despite anyone's hesitation concerning Goldberg's booking against Brock Lesnar, this is a match that had to happen. The reason for that is Lesnar's booking, which has seen him steamroll through the competition for the bulk of his WWE career. He's beaten everyone of any significance in WWE, so the company was forced to look elsewhere for his next opponent.

    Goldberg is the perfect opponent for Lesnar; he's in great shape, he's over and he can physically stand his ground against The Beast Incarnate. He's ready for Lesnar, and hopefully this match will be considerably better than their last one 12 years ago at WrestleMania 20.

    But is this match a guaranteed win for Lesnar?

    Many fans believe it is, mostly because they feel WWE has too much to lose if Lesnar loses. He has been pushed higher than any other Superstar in recent memory, and it's hard to believe the company would just abandon all of that in order to produce a babyface win.

    However, a win for Lesnar just doesn't do much for him. 

    There's no drama in seeing Lesnar once again destroy his competition. The drama is in what happens when a defeated Beast terrorizes the Raw after Survivor Series. Lesnar would go on to his next opponent, possibly Kevin Owens, while Goldberg goes on to perhaps work another match before he leaves for good.

    Either way, the best move is a Goldberg win at Survivor Series, and he should be the last man standing at the end of the night.

    Winner: Goldberg

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