Chris Simms' NFL Power Rankings Ahead of Week 8

Chris Simms@@CSimmsQBNFL Lead AnalystOctober 24, 2016

Chris Simms' NFL Power Rankings Ahead of Week 8

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    Take it from a former bye-week enthusiast.

    Returning from your magical seven-day vacation can be absolute hell. There's no recovery time left to heal up. There's no vacation time or family time. Just the week-by-week grind of your remaining schedule staring you squarely in the face.

    Where did the Minnesota Vikings' killer instinct go? Where did all those turnovers come from? I blame the bye week—and you'll see how far I downgraded them in my Week 7 Power Rankings for coming out a little flat.

    Some quick ground rules for any newcomers. I use two factors to rank these teams: A) how they looked through seven weeks of play and B) how they're set up going forward.

    Don't like where your team landed? I'm at @CSimmsQB on Twitter; hit me up if you feel like venting.

32. San Francisco 49ers

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    Current record: 1-6

    Last week: 32 (same)

    Admit it: You had never heard of Peyton Barber before Sunday.

    Name recognition comes easy when you're playing the 49ers, though. It's no league secret Jim O'Neil coordinates the softest run defense in football. Jacquizz Rodgers came off his couch earlier this season and ran for 154 yards Sunday. Even an undrafted rookie such as Barber (84 yards on 12 carries) can cut right through it.

    Speaking of running...that's all Colin Kaepernick can do. He's exactly what I thought he'd be: a way more athletic Blaine Gabbert, right down to the elongated throwing motion. That's only one drawback of San Francisco's limited pass offense.

    Looking forward: The 49ers will probably stay in the power-rankings basement next week. They're on a bye.

31. Cleveland Browns

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    Current record: 0-7

    Last week: 31 (same)

    Are you a living, breathing human being currently living in the Cleveland area?

    Then congratulations! You're eligible to play quarterback for the Browns next week. Chances are they'll need you to start.

    I hate docking head coach Hue Jackson in what has been a laughably tragic inaugural season. But for crying out loud! Kevin Hogan is the sixth Browns QB this season. No team has had that many throwers in the first seven games of a season since 1987.

    I didn't even address the defense. A.J. Green's end-of-half Hail Mary catch should tell you everything you need to know about the bad-luck Browns.

    Looking forward: Can Cleveland steal a game against the Jets' quarterback carousel? Playing at home helps their case.

30. Chicago Bears

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    Current record: 1-6

    Last week: 29 (-1)

    Chicago's defensive backs usually turn one receiver into a star per game.

    Well, they outdid themselves. Because three Green Bay receivers caught everything Aaron Rodgers threw at them. Davante Adams, Randall Cobb and Ty Montgomery created zero separation yet all took turns looking like Sterling Sharpe. Yuck.

    Meanwhile, the Bears offense undid weeks of offensive momentum in one 60-minute game. Brian Hoyer's broken arm forced Matt Barkley into action (and perhaps Jay Cutler soon). Plus, Jordan Howard lost his mojo as the lead running back.

    Brace yourselves. Things are trending the wrong way in the Windy City again.

    Looking forward: Welcome back, Jay Cutler. Enjoy a royally pissed off Vikings defense.

29. New York Jets

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    Current record: 2-5

    Last week: 28 (-1)

    Geno Smith came in and saved Gang Green!

    ...said absolutely no Jets fans Sunday. New York earned its second W this season, sure. The Jets just needed to sacrifice any and all remaining offensive chemistry to get there.

    Follow me here. Offensive leader Brandon Marshall sticks up for Ryan Fitzpatrick. Fitzpatrick gets benched. All the other receivers celebrate—Fitzpatrick looks at Marshall for his first, second and third reads. In comes Smith. And he only lasts two quarters before an injury forces Fitzpatrick back in.

    Don't be fooled by New York's return to the win column. The team is an absolute mess, and I'm sure head coach Todd Bowles knows it.

    Looking forward: In Jets-Browns, the winner gets nothing. But the loser gets a head start at scouting college quarterbacks.

28. Jacksonville Jaguars

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    Rob Foldy/Getty Images

    Current record: 2-4

    Last week: 27 (-1)

    We set up six simultaneous screens at Bleacher Report on football Sundays. That setup really drives home how bad Blake Bortles is.

    How so? Because I'll glance over as Bortles drops back on a play. I'll look somewhere else to watch another full play. Then I'll look back, only to find Bortles midway through his slow-as-hell delivery. It's ridiculous.

    I didn't hear Amari Cooper's name, so that's a great sign by this defense. But it will never be the unit it can be with Bortles turning it over, overthrowing receivers and sending the defense back on the field. As a football fan, that's sad.

    Looking forward: We get Bortles early on Thursday Night Football? What a treat.

27. New Orleans Saints

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    Current record: 2-4

    Last week: 23 (-4)

    Savor the first 10 plays or so of a Drew Brees-Sean Payton script.

    It's offensive football at its finest. But as we learned again in Week 7, early success is no indication of how sloppily this Saints offense can play at times.

    Brees' beautiful opening drive ended with a nine-yard dime to Brandin Cooks. From that point on? Pick-six. Three-and-out. And more struggles until the last few minutes of the game. The defense isn't the only reason why New Orleans is 2-4, folks.

    It is a big reason, though. Alex Smith is the latest quarterback to operate against the Saints without fear. No pressure and a lack of tackling ability (see: Spencer Ware's 46-yard tunnel screen) give me zero confidence that this group can turn it around.

    Looking forward: New Orleans' line has been a pleasant surprise. But Michael Bennett and the Seahawks could put a stop to that in Week 8.

26. Carolina Panthers

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    Current record: 1-5

    Last week: 26 (same)

    The reigning NFC champions had a bye week in Week 7.

    Looking forward: We'll learn a lot about this Panthers team in the first quarter of Week 8. Players will be angry. Fans will be loud. And the NFC runner-up Arizona Cardinals will be in town. Cam Newton and Co. can't afford to come out flat. If they do, they're officially the team we've seen through six games and not the one that's talented enough to mount some sort of season turnaround.

25. Los Angeles Rams

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    Current record: 3-4

    Last week: 20 (-5)

    I'm not ready to call for Jared Goff just yet.

    But the Rams' current QB1 just failed to lead L.A. to points on its final 11 (11!) drives in London. He's the guy who threw four disgusting interceptions. And he's the guy who’s going to lead head coach Jeff Fisher's team back, apparently.

    Case Keenum still has the Rams in the midst of the playoff hunt. But the last six games have boiled down to the final possession. They're 3-4. You know what that projects out to? A typical 7-9 season.

    Something has to change if they want to make a jump...and soon.

    Looking forward: Now's the time to make a switch if Jeff Fisher reverses his course. L.A. is on a bye.

24. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

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    Current record: 3-3

    Last week: 25 (+1)

    Say so long to the chuck-and-duck Bucs.

    There's a simpler formula for winning offensive football in Tampa Bay these days. It involves far fewer Jameis Winston attempts and far more running plays.

    According to's Jenna Laine, Winston is 0-2 this season (and 0-5 dating back to 2015) when he attempts 40 or more throws. The Bucs are 1-3 when the team can't get 100 rushing yards.

    The emergence of Jacquizz Rodgers only solidifies my point. Coach Dirk Koetter's offense functions much smoother when Winston (30 pass attempts in each of the last two games) splits his workload.

    Credit Koetter for figuring that out in time to salvage a winning season.

    Looking forward: Jameis Winston might be tempted to revert to his pass-happy ways against Oakland's defense. Tampa Bay can't let him do it.

23. Tennessee Titans

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    Joe Robbins/Getty Images

    Current record: 3-4

    Last week: 22 (-1)

    What would this Titans team look like with a "game manager" at quarterback?

    It's clear by now that Marcus Mariota can't hold down that role. Not when he's overthrowing receivers by a mile. And not when he's putting the ball on the turf for opponents at an alarming pace.

    He's only one part of the Titans' confusing team puzzle, though. Kendall Wright was a non-factor just one week after torching the Browns secondary. DeMarco Murray (107 yards on 25 carries) probably could've merited 50 touches. Tennessee's linebacking corps—the strength of its team—was exposed over the middle versus tight ends too.

    Head coach Mike Mularkey's team is better than advertised, but the Titans live in this region of the power rankings until they show me something new.

    Looking forward: Mariota probably won't ever outduel Andrew Luck. This week's Jaguars-Titans game is much fairer a fight.

22. Baltimore Ravens

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    Current record: 3-4

    Last week: 17 (-5)

    The Ravens aren't using a pistol to shoot themselves in the foot anymore.

    They've upgraded to a rocket launcher. Everything they do on offense blows up in their face. Then, the defense finally breaks and bad things happen. It's comical.

    Case in point: Joe Flacco set a team record for passes without an interception Sunday. He was picked off twice on his next three throws. Now, the biggest streak he's on involves his touchdown-passing drought over the last two games.

    Head coach John Harbaugh's special teams did all the scoring in Week 7. The Ravens' $100 million quarterback? He went 10-of-22 for 48 yards in the second half. That won't help the Ravens catch the Steelers in the AFC North.

    Looking forward: They'll take the week off in Week 8. But that secondary doesn't need rest. It needs faster dudes.

21. Indianapolis Colts

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    Current record: 3-4

    Last week: 21 (same)

    You would've thought this Colts defense could pick up the slack after squandering a 14-point lead to the Texans last week.

    You'd be wrong. No lead is safe under head coach Chuck Pagano, especially with all the penalties, missed tackles and blown coverages. It's like they want Andrew Luck to bail them out.

    No. 12 made his latest savior job look easy. Indianapolis' line play was impressive enough to stall a Titans pass rush that's better than advertised. He's lucky Jack Doyle was around to help; Indy's receiving depth chart is T.Y. Hilton and a bunch of ball-droppers.

    In short: These Colts showed me nothing new. They're a flag football team with an amazing quarterback. But they play "efense"—there's no D at all.

    Looking forward: Ready to play with the big boys? Prove it by beating one of them. The Chiefs are in town.

20. Miami Dolphins

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    Current record: 3-4

    Last week: 30 (+10)

    Remember when the Dolphins were the NFL's laughingstock?

    I hear nothing but crickets now. Head coach Adam Gase's team has transformed into one of the most dangerous draws in football. The Dolphins deserve this season's biggest ratings bump.

    Two offensive factors keyed the turnaround. First, three huge assets returned to the offensive line. Branden Albert never suited up with Mike Pouncey and Jermon Bushrod...until two weeks ago. They're able to push around a physical team such as Buffalo now.

    That helped Jay Ajayi grow up. He's the perfect fit for a one-cut offense, and he takes no prisoners with the ball in his hands.

    Looking forward: They'll carry loads of momentum into the bye week.

19. Houston Texans

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    Justin Edmonds/Getty Images

    Current record: 4-3

    Last week: 15 (-4)

    Brock Osweiler is a $72 million backup.

    There's no sugarcoating his Monday Night Football performance. It held his entire team back from an otherwise solid performance in Week 7.

    Put Osweiler's terrible 131-yard passing night out of your mind, if you can. Houston ran the ball with more efficiency than any Broncos opponent this season. The Texans bottled up Denver's passing game. And it was only 14-9 before an Alfred Blue fumble interrupted a chance to make it even closer.

    Now I'm curious: Does Bill O'Brien have the guts to sit his starting quarterback and play reserve Tom Savage? The Pittsburgh/Rutgers product looked like Houston's best preseason passer. And anything would represent an upgrade over Mr. I-Can't-Hold-The-Football.

    Looking forward: A huge game looms with Matt Stafford. Can Houston's defense hold its own?

18. San Diego Chargers

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    Current record: 3-4

    Last week: 24 (+6)

    We all know why Philip Rivers hung his head when Atlanta won the overtime coin flip.

    The star quarterback was bracing for an inevitable meltdown—but that heartbreaking loss never came.

    Someone performed the Heimlich maneuver on Rivers' defense. The group is no longer choking a promising season away. So what changed? Joey Bosa is putting in Defensive Rookie of the Year work for the Bolts. Denzel Perryman and Jatavis Brown are two football-seeking missiles. It's somehow all clicking in the secondary too.

    Head coach Mike McCoy was poised to lose his job a few weeks back. Now, his 3-4 team looks poised to raise some hell in the AFC. Who figured?

    Looking forward: It feels like I just watched the Broncos-Chargers film. Round 2 is at Mile High Stadium already.

17. New York Giants

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    Dan Istitene/Getty Images

    Current record: 4-3

    Last week: 16 (-1)

    Ben McAdoo wants to find room for tough-guy football in his weak-guy offense.

    So it's no surprise the Giants offense is sputtering so hard. It has multiple identities, and it's not particularly good at either one.

    Theoretically, a dink-and-dunk offense should be able to get Odell Beckham Jr. the ball in space. That's what Pittsburgh does with all its underneath work with Antonio Brown or New England with Julian Edelman. OBJ can't have back-to-back big weeks, though.

    So McAdoo turns to the league's most fake ground game. Gregg Rosenthal of pointed out that the Giants haven't topped 45 rushing yards since Week 4. No one respects the run, not even the bad Rams run defense.

    Looking forward: This offense could use a week off. Big Blue is on a bye.

16. Washington Redskins

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    Leon Halip/Getty Images

    Current record: 4-3

    Last week: 11 (-5)

    Washington was outplayed in at least three of its four wins.

    The football gods didn't like that, so they sunk the Redskins in a game in which they outperformed the Lions. It's only fair.

    I still like the construct of this team. Kirk Cousins will overthrow a receiver or two every week, but he's a capable triggerman for coach Jay Gruden. Trent Williams and Brandon Scherff continue to open up big holes in the run game. And Ryan Kerrigan is playing amazing football coming off the edge.

    They're not equipped to overcome turnovers, injuries and penalties. All three struck them pretty hard in Week 7, especially injuries to Williams and Josh Norman. The latter could've been a useful asset as Matthew Stafford drove for the game-winning score.

    Looking forward: Washington is the enigma of professional football. Who knows what team will show up in London against the Bengals?

15. Detroit Lions

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    Leon Halip/Getty Images

    Current record: 4-3

    Last week: 19 (+4)

    The Lions look like a much different team when they're pouncing on quarterbacks.

    We know what a semi-healthy Ezekiel Ansah is capable of. I even clued you in on Kerry Hyder earlier this year. But Armonty Bryant? Khyri Thornton? All of a sudden, there's a pass-rushing rotation.

    That's a new development in the Motor City. What Stafford is doing is old hat, though. No. 9's right arm has thrown his team to each of its four wins. More impressively, they've all happened on late, fourth-quarter drives.

    An improving pass rush and the hottest quarterback in football? Sounds like a playoff contender to me.

    Looking forward: Matt Stafford's back in his home state this week. His mission? Outduel Brock Osweiler. Shouldn't be tough for the MVP candidate.

14. Cincinnati Bengals

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    Andy Lyons/Getty Images

    Current record: 3-4

    Last week: 18 (+4)

    Take away a ridiculous A.J. Green Hail Mary catch and another huge Jeremy Hill run.

    There's not a sustained, 10-plus-play touchdown drive Cincinnati can hang its hat on. Even in victory, I'm concerned about the Bengals offense and how it gets in the end zone—kind of like the Pittsburgh Steelers.

    Also, Kevin Hogan wasn't able to throw the ball more than 10 yards downfield. Hogan's first drive was a giveaway that he'd be a run-first guy. It took Marvin Lewis and his defense around two quarters to figure it out.

    Even then, the winless Browns pushed them around into the third quarter. Cincinnati has some issues right now.

    Looking forward: Cincinnati just tallied its first win since September. It can get another one across the pond against Washington on Sunday morning.

13. Arizona Cardinals

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    Norm Hall/Getty Images

    Current record: 3-3-1

    Last week: 14 (+1)

    Head coach Bruce Arians enters every game thinking his team can put up 30 points.

    Perhaps that was his team's undoing. Long before Chandler Catanzaro missed a gimme field goal, Arizona was deadlocked in a field-goal fest. Arians didn't realize it until it was too late.

    Arians' decision-making worked against Catanzaro all night. You center the ball before a big field goal for a reason. You don't take delay-of-game penalties before a kick for a reason, too. Neither would've been necessary if David Johnson dived at the goal line.

    Arians' scheme has been a blessing and a curse for the Cardinals during his tenure. You can guess which side won out on Sunday Night Football.

    Looking ahead: Arizona heads back to the site of its 2015 playoff ouster. It can get revenge this year by effectively eliminating the Panthers.

12. Buffalo Bills

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    Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

    Current record: 4-3

    Last week: 9 (-3)

    The Bills sorely miss Marcell Dareus on the interior of that defense.

    For the first time since their 0-2 start, it showed. Buffalo needs someone to eat up blocks on the interior to free up guys such as Jerry Hughes and Zach Brown. Without that, a good offensive line such as Miami's can get rolling.

    LeSean McCoy's loss hit Buffalo just as hard. It was clear its offensive MVP couldn't shoulder his normal workload. He couldn't even act as Tyrod Taylor's security blanket in the flat. Why did No. 25 even suit up?

    Looking forward: A healthy Bills team could give New England a fight. Therein lies the problem: Buffalo isn't healthy at the moment.

11. Pittsburgh Steelers

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    Joe Sargent/Getty Images

    Current record: 4-3

    Last week: 7 (-4)

    Pittsburgh needed the help of a full-strength defense to contend with New England in Week 7.

    The Steelers didn't have it. Guys such as Cameron Heyward and Ryan Shazier could've changed the complexity of the game. Instead, one watched from the sideline (Heyward) and the other barely made an impact (Shazier). I don't care who plays quarterback when Tom Brady squares off against backup-level players.

    But let's talk about Landry Jones. He clearly has a better grasp of Todd Haley's offense in his fourth year behind Ben Roethlisberger. Put him behind center, though, and he's a little too erratic with his throws. That's not how you beat the current AFC favorites.

    Looking forward: Pittsburgh caught a break with this bye. It'll get an extra seven days to further integrate Jones at quarterback.

10. Oakland Raiders

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    Don Juan Moore/Getty Images

    Current record: 5-2

    Last week: 13 (+3)

    Last year's Raiders would've found a way to hand over a road win in Week 7.

    This isn't that team. Coach Jack Del Rio's roster didn't blow the Jaguars out, but it avoided the costly error that plagues so many lesser teams. I'm impressed by that.

    I'm also impressed by the protection Derek Carr has been getting. It's no small task to stand in a pocket against Dante Fowler Jr. and Yannick Ngakoue. Carr's line bought him hours of time to throw for what feels like the seventh straight game.

    It also opened some holes up for Latavius Murray. He rarely broke away from the pack, but he kept Jacksonville's defense honest. That's huge for this Raiders offense going forward.

    Looking forward: Oakland is racking up those frequent-flyer miles. Up next: a cross-country flight to Tampa Bay.

9. Atlanta Falcons

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    Scott Cunningham/Getty Images

    Current record: 4-3

    Last week: 6 (-3)

    Before halftime, Atlanta's offense looked like an unstoppable force.

    After it, it looked like the Falcons stopped themselves. I'm curious to watch the tape and find out what held Matt Ryan and Co. from a completely dominant game.

    My best guess? Atlanta's unique offensive attack became a little predictable in its setup. Every throw I saw began with a play-action fake, for instance. Linebackers and safeties stopped biting after enough exposure to it.

    Ironically, a play-action fake would've served Ryan well in overtime. His fourth-down handoff was stopped cold instead. Maybe defensive guru Dan Quinn should've had more faith in his defense.

    Looking forward: Stay home, running game. The Falcons play the Packers this week, and we could see some fireworks.

8. Philadelphia Eagles

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    Rich Schultz/Getty Images

    Current record: 4-2

    Last week: 12 (+4)

    Big defensive plays?

    Special teams touchdowns?

    Just enough offense?

    Props to coach Doug Pederson for figuring out the best way to beat the Vikings is to be the Vikings. It wasn't pretty, but not much with a rookie quarterback is.

    Especially when that rookie quarterback throws two gimme interceptions deep in Vikings territory. But hats off to Carson Wentz; he blocked out those mistakes.

    Brandon Graham and Co. made Sam Bradford's homecoming just as uncomfortable. They dominated the line of scrimmage, especially on the edge with two replacement Vikings tackles.

    Throw in a big return from Josh Huff, and this Eagles team is back to being dangerous.

    Looking forward: We'll need to consider Philly as the class of the NFC if it wins in Dallas this weekend.

7. Green Bay Packers

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    Dylan Buell/Getty Images

    Current record: 4-2

    Last week: 10 (+3)

    Everyone had a front-row seat to the Aaron Rodgers Show last Thursday night.

    His receivers couldn't get any separation. His running game was nonexistent (and featured a kick returner as the lead ball-carrier). Yet the league's top quarterback did league's top quarterback things to the Chicago Bears. Business as usual for Rodgers.

    Same goes for defensive coordinator Dom Capers. Green Bay played without Damarious Randall and Quinten Rollins but didn't struggle. Attribute part of that to the caliber of quarterback the Packers were facing. Just don't forget to give Capers some credit for holding that secondary together.

    Looking forward: Rodgers-Ryan. In the Georgia Dome. There's no better showdown in Week 8. 

6. Seattle Seahawks

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    Christian Petersen/Getty Images

    Current record: 4-1-1

    Last week: 4 (-2)

    Call it a football cliche. Or just call it heart.

    No one's outdoing a Pete Carroll-coached team when it comes to pure fight. The Seahawks scratched and scraped and clawed back about 800 times on Sunday Night Football. That's all Carroll's handiwork.

    But there's no denying the Seahawks are a flawed team. The offense was embarrassing in Week 7. The Marshawn Lynch era feels like it ended a decade ago, not a year. And Russell Wilson needs to make magic if he's going to move the sticks (3-of-14 on third down).

    Seattle could be special with those issues sorted out. Get to work, Pete.

    Looking ahead: Seattle needs to take a defibrillator to its running game. Or...just play the Saints defense. Either one should work fine.

5. Kansas City Chiefs

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    Peter Aiken/Getty Images

    Current record: 4-2

    Last week: 8 (+3)

    It used to be easy to overlook Kansas City's offense when that dominant defense was rolling.

    Now? Not so much. Head coach Andy Reid's offense is one of the most diverse groups in today's game. So many unique contributors played a role in Week 7, and New Orleans was incapable of defending them all.

    Take the young group of pass-catchers. It features possession guys in Albert Wilson and Demetrius Harris. It features speedsters in De'Anthony Thomas, Chris Conley and Tyreek Hill. And it features two stars who can do both: Jeremy Maclin and Travis Kelce.

    Too much is made of Alex Smith's limitations. All Smith needs to do is distribute the football and let his playmakers take over.

    Looking forward: Indianapolis' defense has been historically kind to Alex Smith. But not as kind as it'll be in Week 8.

4. Denver Broncos

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    Justin Edmonds/Getty Images

    Current record: 5-2

    Last week: 5 (+1)

    Welcome back, Brock Osweiler. Your old team is just fine without you.

    Denver's league-best defense stifled its old signal-caller. But more impressively, its current quarterback out-dueled him. Osweiler can count his millions; Trevor Siemian is leading touchdown drives.

    Broncos players had to leave this game wondering why Osweiler left this supporting cast. Demaryius Thomas and Emmanuel Sanders are difference-makers. Denver's offensive line is better (and healthy). And the one-two punch of C.J. Anderson and Devontae Booker made a good tackling defense look mediocre.

    Then, there's Von Miller and Co. Houston ran with some success Monday night, but that was it. When Denver's secondary comes to play, it's over. Miller, Shane Ray and others don't need long to hit home.

    Looking forward: Paxton Lynch won't start for Chargers-Broncos II. I expect a better Broncos showing.

3. Dallas Cowboys

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    Hannah Foslien/Getty Images

    Current record: 5-1

    Last week: 3 (same)

    Jerry Jones could kick his feet up and watch football on his Jumbotron. The Cowboys were off in Week 7.

    Looking forward: Rookie quarterback vs. rookie quarterback. Offensive line vs. defensive line. This week's upcoming Eagles-Cowboys clash is a football nerd's dream. One key question: Can Dez Bryant return at full strength? He has some catching up to do when it comes to his on-field relationship with Dak Prescott.

2. Minnesota Vikings

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    Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

    Current record: 5-1

    Last week: 2 (same)

    The Minnesota Vikings are the NFC's Denver Broncos.

    Both teams use a short passing game. Both teams stubbornly pound the football. And both teams require a game-changing defensive/special teams play to remain in a game sometimes.

    Sam Bradford couldn't get scoring help from his defense. His offensive line didn't help either. Jake Long and T.J. Clemmings—his two starting tackles—made him jittery all night. They also couldn't pace the way for Jerick McKinnon and Co. yet again.

    I've never drastically downgraded Denver for playing this style. How could I with the Vikings? They're still a top-tier team in my book.

    Looking ahead: Chicago's defense has sneaky good pass-rushers. That offensive line should be worried.

1. New England Patriots

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    Justin K. Aller/Getty Images

    Current record: 6-1

    Last week: 1 (same)

    Bill Belichick lives to coach for weeks like this one.

    His Patriots were never honestly threatened in Week 7. They went 3-of-3 in the red zone and played well enough on the road to win. But Belichick will have plenty of teaching points to drive home this week.

    The turnovers are a problem, for starters. Defensive backs will always attempt to rip footballs away from tinier receivers. It just so happens New England fields a few on its roster. High and tight, Julian Edelman and Chris Hogan.

    We had a few offensive and defensive drops too. Malcolm Butler's dropped interception won't go over well in the meeting room.

    Remember: Belichick is a perfectionist. His team is far from perfect, but it's also far from a finished product.

    Looking forward: A rematch with the banged-up Bills is on tap. This time, Jacoby Brissett won't be starting.