Dennis Wide Right: The Best Game Ever

Christopher Leone@ChristopherlionSenior Analyst IOctober 5, 2009

BOSTON, MA - SEPTEMBER 26: Dennis Wideman #6 of the Boston Bruins is pressed by Matt Calvert #69 of the Columbus Blue Jackets at the TD Banknorth Garden during preseason play on September 26, 2009 in Boston, Massachusetts.(Photo by Jim Rogash/Getty Images)

Hey, everybody. This is a post from my Bruins-centric blog, Dennis Wide Right. I don't usually post these here—not only are they blog posts, they're incredibly biased in favor of the black and gold, and that's not what sports journalism should be, in my opinion. On Bleacher Report (and almost everywhere else), I do my best to be objective and not show allegiances. This one, though, was special, and I felt like sharing it.

I took my girlfriend to the Bruins-Hurricanes game on Saturday night. It was my first game of the regular season and her first Bruins game ever, so both of us were hoping for a good showing. Add the fact that Carolina used to be the Hartford Whalers, the sustained bad blood from last year's untimely playoff exit at the hands of Scott (F*****') Walker, and a poor showing on Thursday against the Washington Capitals, and the Bruins were looking for revenge.

Boy, were we in for a treat.

Thanks to escalator "issues" (and that's putting it NICELY...the entire crowd had to use the stairs), we didn't get into the arena until right when they were dropping the puck to start the game. Once we finally made it to the balcony, which landed us on the opposite side of where our seats were in the arena, we heard the goal horn go off, signaling Marc Savard's power play goal.

We didn't get to section 310 in time to see the replay, but the crowd was still pretty pleased by the time we made it over. Luckily for us, the Bruins still had plenty left in the tank—Michael Ryder and Blake Wheeler both scored before the end of the first, and it was 3-0.

Of course, I had to explain a few things to Ariana over the course of the game—why Scott Walker and ex-Bruin Aaron Ward were on the kiss cam, the historical bad blood between the two teams, the irony of Cam Ward's poor play in lieu of a multimillion dollar contract extension—but she got into it pretty quickly. It certainly helped that the teams brawled at the end of the second period, when the score was a nearly insurmountable 6-1 and pugilist Shawn Thornton had scored the last goal.

We had a few laughs at Eric Staal's 25-stitch injury, as any fan with a vengeance would have, and at Jay Harrison's pitiful showing in a fight with Milan Lucic. During the brawl, her cry for Zdeno Chara to "teabag that son of a bitch" Tom Kostopoulos, a former hated Hab who was trapped beneath our captain's legs, was one of the greatest things I've ever heard a rowdy fan scream at the players.

Yep, she was one of us.

Best of all (on the ice, anyway)? Denny had a fantastic game. I have friends who have hated Wideman since we acquired him. They give me hell for wearing his jersey. At one point, Denny did something stupid (I forget what) and I lamented the fact that I was wearing his number. It always seems to me that when the player whose jersey you wear does something stupid, people start looking at you.

Then Denny scored a power play goal and I started getting high fives.

Then he broke Erik Cole's leg, and my friend Chris (leader of the "I Hate Wideman" bandwagon) announced to me via text message that he was now a Wideman fan.

As far as hockey games go, it was one of the best possible ones that I could have ended up seeing. Being able to share it with someone special only made it that much better. It's always nice to share a blowout victory with somebody when it's their first professional hockey game.

Especially when your team makes the other guys bleed.

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