CM Punk Vs The Undertaker. What Happens When The Cell Door Closes?

Svyato Rovenchuk@TorontosClassicSenior Writer IOctober 4, 2009

Hello WWE fans, this is Svyato with a brand new article. We all know that later on today is WWE PPV, Hell In A Cell. In this PPV all main events will be inside that Demonic Structure known as the Hell In A Cell. The 3 main events are John Cena Vs Randy Orton(WWE Championship), Legacy(Ted Dibiase and Cody Rhodes) Vs D-Generation X(Shawn Michaels and Triple H), and finally The Undertaker Vs The Straight Edge Superstar, CM Punk. The full card looks like this...

World Heavyweight Championship: CM Punk(c) vs Undertaker

Divas Championship: Alicia Fox Vs Mickie James(c)

WWE Championship: John Cena(c) Vs Randy Orton

D-Generation X Vs Legacy

United States Championship: Kofi Kingston(c) vs The Miz Vs Jack Swagger

Unified Tag Team Championships: Chris Jericho & The Big Show(c) Vs Batista & Rey Mysterio

Intercontinental Championship: John Morrison(c) vs Dolph Ziggler

R-Truth vs Drew Mclntyre

So now that you have seen the card let's move on to the main preview of CM Punk Vs Undertaker.


This all began at SummerSlam. As CM Punk was celebrating his victory over Jeff Hard for the World Title it was interupted by Undertaker's signature gong as the lights went out. As they came back instead of Jeff Hardy lying on the ground it was none other than the Deadman himself, The Undertaker. He then open his eyes and went right after CM Punk hitting him with a Choke Slam. The Punk was punked!

Then on Friday Night SmackDown CM Punk challenged Jeff Hardy to a Loser Leaves Town, Steel Cage Match. Hardy accepted. Following that SmackDown GM, Teddy Long came out saying that the winner of that would go on to face The Undertaker at Breaking Point in a Submission Match. Obviously CM Punk won the match and would move on to face The Undertaker.

Then the following weeks they would continue to build up the feud. With one of the memorable things being Undertaker choke slamming CM Punk through the announce table. It would keep going and going until they finally met at Breaking Point. It would be very contriversal.

Montreal looks like the city that screws everyone out of their titles. Originally CM Punk did submit to the Undertaker making him the new World Heavyweight Champion. Then came the party pooper, Teddy Long(I'm glad he did). He announced that Hell's Gate was banned in the past(which it was by Vickie Guerrero) and then match would be restarted. It was and it had CM Punk beating the Undertaker. Even though Undertaker never tapped the referee called for the bell. Ladies and gentelman, Montreal Screwjob No. 2!

The next night Teddy Long would show up explaining his actions and the incident. It would end with him taking a ride with the Undertaker. The following SmackDown when he returned he announced that the ban was lifted and that at Hell In A Cell that two would meet in Hell In A Cell.

The build up would once again continue. Most recently on the Decade of SmackDown anniversary you even had The Rock come in for a little hype in it. In the 8 man tag we saw CM Punk running away and making the tag to Orton who would later become a victime of the Tombstone Piledriver. CM Punk knew that if he didn't escape that would be him. Well tonight there is no escape so will that in fact be him? We will find out.

The Match

This match is looking like it could be quite a match. We all know that the Hell In A Cell is a match that was modelled after the Undertaker. I mean his whole gimmick is about how he will take your soul and send you to hell so yeah. So if it's the Undertaker's kind of match what kind of chances will Punk have in the match? As a big Pun fan I hope he does have a legit chance, but as a well educated WWE fan I know that this is likely Undertaker's match for the taking.

Out of 5 I will definately say it's a 5 star match. It looks like it has all the qualities to be one. You got two great superstars, you have a great storyline, you have the right stipulations. It's all playing in to be great.

Who do I think will carry the match? I think both will put in their fair share of work to make this match look great. I believe the match will be around 30 minutes. This match is also a great chance for CM Punk to discover his truly evil side. With no escape and a ring with weapons under it you can expect CM Punk to bring some of them out and help them add to his evil ways.

Finally I believe this match will have Undertaker in control for the most part as he will try to settle the score between him and Punk.

How It Plays Out

Here is a quick run down of the match...

CM Punk starts off strong showing that he can survive in the Cell.

Undertaker starts the come back.

Undertaker gets the weapons out and tortures CM Punk with them.

Just as the Undertaker's attention is turned CM Punk gets a weapon of his own and turns the tables.

CM Punk uses the weapons to his advantage as he continues to demolish the future WWE Hall Of Famer.

Undertaker buys himself some time as he counters with one of his signature moves.

Undertake sets up the steps besides the ropes and goes Old School on Punk with him landing on the steps.

Taker dominates the match until Punk counters with some swift kicks then hits the GTS on Taker.

Taker kicks out however.

They fight until Undertaker hits a Choke Slam on Punk followed by a Tombstone.

Punk shows fight too, by kicking out.

Finally it ends with Punk getting caught in a bad position and ending up in Hell's Gates.

Punk taps out.


Undertaker def. CM Punk by Submission in 25-30 minute match.

Other Results

Here is a quick run down of the rest of the PPV.

Mickie James def. Alicia Fox

Randy Orton def. John Cena

Legacy def. DX

Kingston def. Swagger & Miz

Batista and Rey def. Jerishow

Morrison def. Ziggler

Drew Mclntyre def. R-Truth


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