Re-Ranking All 30 MLB Farm Systems at the End of 2016's MiLB Season

Joel Reuter@JoelReuterBRFeatured ColumnistSeptember 15, 2016

Re-Ranking All 30 MLB Farm Systems at the End of 2016's MiLB Season

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    Red Sox phenom Yoan Moncada looks like the front-runner to be the No. 1 prospect in baseball heading into 2017.
    Red Sox phenom Yoan Moncada looks like the front-runner to be the No. 1 prospect in baseball heading into 2017.Billie Weiss/Boston Red Sox/Getty Images

    The 2016 MiLB regular season is over, and each league's respective postseason is already underway.

    With that in mind, now seems like the perfect time for one final look at where all 30 MLB farm systems rank, as well as an updated look at each team's top 10 prospects.

    The following factors helped determine the rankings of players and teams:

    • Potential (Player): Potential trumps production a lot of the time, especially in the lower levels of the minors and with recent draft picks. Skill set and overall tools are often a better indication of what kind of player a guy will be in the future.
    • Talent (Player): As for guys in the higher levels of the minors who are close to breaking through at the big league level, production and current talent level are the determining factors, as these players are viewed as a more complete product.
    • Overall Depth (Team): Having one or two elite prospects is great, but having a deep farm system from top to bottom is the way to build a sustainable contender. The overall depth and level of talent was the biggest factor in ranking each team.
    • High-End Talent (Team): That being said, there is a difference between a prospect who has a chance of making an impact at the big league level and a prospect who could be a star. Elite prospects served as a tiebreaker of sorts when two teams were close in the rankings.

    We've incorporated a tier system to help differentiate between the different levels of talent. Here's a quick explanation: 

    • Tier 1: Prospects who have an elite skill set and legitimate All-Star potential. This is the cream of the crop.
    • Tier 2: Prospects who have a good chance of becoming at least a contributor at the MLB level. This is where most prospects on the following list will fall.
    • Tier 3: Prospects who profile as fringe MLB contributors or young prospects who are still too raw to project any higher. Having one of these players ranked among your top 10 prospects is a good indication of a thin system.

    We capped that off with a quick rundown of each farm system and each team's MiLB Player of the Year and Pitcher of the Year.

    These nominations are based solely on who put together the best statistical season at the minor league level, not taking into account things such as prospect upside, age relative to level and other league factors.

    Just something to keep in mind as you're perusing.

    Let's get started.


    Note: Kansas City Royals second baseman Raul A. Mondesi (119 AB) and Texas Rangers third baseman Joey Gallo (125 AB) are both technically still prospects, but since both are in line to exceed the rookie-eligibility limit of 130 at-bats before the season is over, they were excluded from these rankings.

30. Los Angeles Angels (Previous: 30)

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    RHP Victor Alcantara
    RHP Victor AlcantaraKyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

    Top 10 Prospects

    NameAgeBornCurrent LevelETATier
    1. C Matt Thaiss21imgA20202
    2. CF Jahmai Jones19imgA20212
    3. OF Brandon Marsh18img-20212
    4. C Taylor Ward22imgA+20192
    5. LHP Nate Smith25imgAAA20162
    6. RHP Jaime Barria20imgA20203
    7. SS Nonie Williams18imgROK20213
    8. RHP Victor Alcantara23imgAA20173
    9. RHP Grayson Long22imgA+20193
    10. RHP Jesus Castillo21imgA20203


    Farm System Update

    It's telling that five of the top seven prospects in the Los Angeles Angels farm system have been early-round draft picks in 2015 and 2016.

    That speaks more to the fact that someone needs to fill those top spots than anything else, as those players are ranked on upside as opposed to anything they've done since joining the organization.

    A nice season from Jaime Barria in his jump to full-season ball and a healthy campaign from projectable but injury-plagued right-hander Jesus Castillo give the organization a pair of intriguing pitching prospects, and Nate Smith should be ready to challenge for a spot in the rotation this coming spring.

    A pair of infielders selected as part of the 2015 draft class—David Fletcher (sixth round) and Hutton Moyer (seventh round)—were close to pushing their way into the top 10, so keep an eye on them as they get ready to make the jump to the upper levels of the minors.


    MiLB Player of the Year: IF Hutton Moyer, A/A+ (Age: 23)



    MiLB Pitcher of the Year: RHP Alex Blackford, AA (Age: 25)


29. Baltimore Orioles (Previous: 29)

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    C Chance Sisco
    C Chance SiscoHarry How/Getty Images

    Top 10 Prospects

    NameAgeBornCurrent LevelETATier
    1. C Chance Sisco 21imgAAA20172
    2. RHP Cody Sedlock 21imgA-20192
    3. RHP Hunter Harvey21imgA-20172
    4. SS Ryan Mountcastle 19imgA20192
    5. 3B Jomar Reyes19imgA+20192
    6. 1B Trey Mancini24imgAAA20172
    7. LHP Chris Lee24imgAA20172
    8. RHP Matthias Dietz 20imgA-20203
    9. OF D.J. Stewart22imgA+20183
    10. LHP Keegan Akin21imgA-20193


    Farm System Update

    A breakout season from catcher Chance Sisco gives the Baltimore Orioles a new top prospect and their backstop of the future with Matt Wieters once again staring down free agency.

    The team went pitching heavy at the top of this year's draft class, selecting a pair of polished college arms in Cody Sedlock and Keegan Akin, as well as projectable JUCO righty Matthias Dietz.

    Those three join the perpetually sidelined Hunter Harvey and high-floor lefty Chris Lee as the team's top pitching prospects, while left-hander Brian Gonzalez put his name on the prospect map with a breakout season in Single-A.

    On potential alone, 19-year-old third baseman Jomar Reyes may be the most intriguing prospect in the system. He's been promoted aggressively to this point but will likely repeat the High-A level after posting a .228/.271/.336 line this season.


    MiLB Player of the Year: C Yermin Mercedes, A/A+ (Age: 23)



    MiLB Pitcher of the Year: RHP Cristian Alvarado, A (Age: 21)


28. Arizona Diamondbacks (Previous: 24)

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    OF Socrates Brito
    OF Socrates BritoMark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

    Top 10 Prospects

    NameAgeBornCurrent LevelETATier
    1. LHP Anthony Banda23imgAAA20172
    2. LHP Alex Young23imgA+20182
    3. OF Socrates Brito24imgMLB20162
    4. OF Anfernee Grier20imgA-20202
    5. RHP Vicente Campos24imgAAA20172
    6. IF Dawel Lugo21imgAA20182
    7. RHP Taylor Clarke23imgAA20182
    8. IF Domingo Leyba21imgAA20183
    9. RHP Tyler Wagner25imgAAA20163
    10. C/OF Peter O'Brien26imgMLB20163


    Farm System Update

    At the conclusion of last season, the Arizona Diamondbacks farm system was headlined by the likes of Dansby Swanson, Archie Bradley, Braden Shipley, Yoan Lopez and Brandon Drury.

    Since then, Arizona traded Swanson and Blair in the ill-fated Shelby Miller deal, and Lopez has considered quitting baseball altogether. In addition, Bradley, Shipley and Drury have all exhausted their prospect eligibility.

    Left-hander Anthony Banda has stepped up with a breakout season to take over as the team's top prospect, but the system as a whole has grown considerably weaker over the past calendar year.

    Young infielders Dawel Lugo (.831 OPS, 23 2B, 17 HR) and Domingo Leyba (.784 OPS, 32 2B, 10 HR) both turned in impressive offensive performances this season and could take over as the team's top position-player prospects by next season.


    MiLB Player of the Year: OF Mitch Haniger, AA/AAA (Age: 25)



    MiLB Pitcher of the Year: LHP Anthony Banda, AA/AAA (Age: 23)


27. Miami Marlins (Previous: 28)

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    RHP Austin Brice
    RHP Austin BriceRob Foldy/Getty Images

    Top 10 Prospects

    NameAgeBornCurrent LevelETATier
    1. LHP Braxton Garrett19imgROK20201
    2. RHP Luis Castillo23imgAA20182
    3. RHP Tyler Kolek 20imgA20202
    4. LHP Jarlin Garcia23imgAA20172
    5. OF Thomas Jones18imgROK20213
    6. 3B Brian Anderson23imgAA20173
    7. OF Austin Dean22imgAA20173
    8. OF Stone Garrett20imgA20193
    9. RHP Austin Brice24imgMLB20173
    10. SS J.T. Riddle24imgAAA20173


    Farm System Update

    The selection of left-hander Braxton Garrett at No. 7 overall in the June draft and a breakout season from right-hander Luis Castillo give the Miami Marlins a pair of quality pitching prospects to headline the system.

    Garrett is one of the most polished prep arms to come along in years and should move quickly, while Castillo has taken off since moving from the bullpen to a starting role. He could be in Miami by next season.

    However, after those two intriguing arms and the injured duo of Tyler Kolek and Jarlin Garcia, there's a precipitous drop-off in the organization's level of prospect talent.

    Toolsy outfielders Thomas Jones, Austin Dean and Stone Garrett all have legitimate upside, but the fact that Brian Anderson was arguably the system's best offensive performer with a .737 OPS and 11 home runs should tell you all you need to know about where Miami's position-player talent is at right now.


    MiLB Player of the Year: 3B Brian Anderson, A+/AA (Age: 23)



    MiLB Pitcher of the Year: RHP Luis Castillo, A+/AA (Age: 23)


26. Kansas City Royals (Previous: 25)

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    LHP Matt Strahm
    LHP Matt StrahmSteve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

    Top 10 Prospects

    NameAgeBornCurrent LevelETATier
    1. 3B Hunter Dozier25imgMLB20162
    2. LHP Matt Strahm 24imgMLB20162
    3. OF Jorge Bonifacio 23imgAAA20172
    4. C Chase Vallot 20imgA20192
    5. 1B/OF Ryan O'Hearn 23imgAA20172
    6. RHP Kyle Zimmer 24imgAA20172
    7. RHP Josh Staumont 22imgAA20183
    8. RHP Scott Blewett 20imgA20193
    9. RHP Jake Junis 23imgAAA20173
    10. LHP Eric Skoglund 23imgAA20171


    Farm System Update

    With Raul A. Mondesi set to exit the prospect ranks, two other players who are suiting up with the MLB team in third baseman Hunter Dozier and left-hander Matt Strahm will take over as the headliners in the system next season.

    Dozier finally lived up to his status as the former No. 8 overall pick with a breakout season between Double-A and Triple-A. Meanwhile, Strahm has posted a 1.06 ERA and 11.6 strikeouts per nine innings in 15 appearances as a much-needed lefty out of the MLB bullpen.

    Chase Vallot made a big jump offensively this season, posting an .810 OPS with 21 doubles and 15 home runs. There's no reason to rush the 20-year-old with Salvador Perez entrenched in Kansas City, so Vallot could develop into the catcher of the future.

    Josh Staumont, Scott Blewett, Jake Junis and Eric Skoglund edged out Alec Mills, Nolan Watson, Ashe Russell, Foster Griffin and A.J. Puckett in a system loaded with mid-level arms with varying levels of upside who have yet to separate themselves from the pack.


    MiLB Player of the Year: 3B Hunter Dozier, AA/AAA (Age: 25)



    MiLB Pitcher of the Year: LHP Eric Skoglund, AA (Age: 23)


25. Detroit Tigers (Previous: 27)

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    IF JaCoby Jones
    IF JaCoby JonesRick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

    Top 10 Prospects

    NameAgeBornCurrent LevelETATier
    1. RHP Matt Manning18imgROK20211
    2. OF Christin Stewart22imgAA20182
    3. RHP Beau Burrows19imgA20202
    4. RHP Joe Jimenez21imgAAA20162
    5. OF Derek Hill20imgA20192
    6. RHP Kyle Funkhouser 22imgA-20192
    7. SS JaCoby Jones24imgMLB20163
    8. LHP Tyler Alexander22imgAA20193
    9. OF Jose Azocar 20imgA20203
    10. OF Michael Gerber24imgAA20173


    Farm System Update

    There's an awful lot to like about Matt Manning.

    This year's No. 8 overall pick has a projectable 6'6", 190-pound frame and elite athleticism as a standout prep basketball player. He already possesses head-turning stuff with a fastball that touches 97 mph and a plus curveball.

    He struck out 46 in 29.1 innings in the Gulf Coast League after signing and could be pushed to Single-A to start next year.

    Right-hander Beau Burrows and outfielder Christin Stewart were both first-round picks in 2015 and turned in impressive first full seasons in the organization to cement their places atop the farm system totem pole alongside Manning.

    Outfielder Jose Azocar is one to watch after hitting .281 in his full-season debut, while Joe Jimenez should be ready to step into a key role in the MLB bullpen next season.


    MiLB Player of the Year: OF Christin Stewart, A+/AA (Age: 22)



    MiLB Pitcher of the Year: RHP Joe Jimenez, AAA (Age: 21)


24. San Francisco Giants (Previous: 26)

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    SS Christian Arroyo
    SS Christian ArroyoMark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

    Top 10 Prospects

    NameAgeBornCurrent LevelETATier
    1. SS Christian Arroyo21imgAA20171
    2. RHP Tyler Beede 23imgAA20172
    3. 1B Chris Shaw22imgAA20182
    4. OF Bryan Reynolds21imgA20192
    5. C Aramis Garcia23imgA+20182
    6. RHP Sam Coonrod 23imgAA20182
    7. LHP Andrew Suarez24imgAA20183
    8. OF Heath Quinn21imgA+20193
    9. RHP Joan Gregorio24imgAAA20173
    10. OF Steven Duggar 22imgAA20183


    Farm System Update

    Trading right-hander Phil Bickford, shortstop Lucius Fox and left-hander Adalberto Mejia cost the San Francisco Giants two of their top prospects at the trade deadline.

    However, they did well in the draft to add college outfielders Bryan Reynolds (.313 BA, .847 OPS, 17 2B, 6 HR) and Heath Quinn (.344 BA, .998 OPS, 21 2B, 9 HR), who both raked in their pro debuts.

    Tyler Beede and Andrew Suarez were both selected as polished college arms and should be ready to make an impact at the MLB level soon. The same goes for slugger Chris Shaw, who has already reached Double-A after going No. 31 overall in 2015.

    Steven Duggar was a third-round pick in 2015 who possessed first-round tools but put together a frustratingly inconsistent collegiate career at Clemson. If his full-season debut is any indication, the pieces are falling into place, as he hit .302 with an .836 OPS, 28 doubles and 10 home runs between High-A and Double-A. 


    MiLB Player of the Year: OF Dylan Davis, A/A+ (Age: 23)



    MiLB Pitcher of the Year: RHP Sam Coonrod, A+/AA (Age: 23)


23. Chicago White Sox (Previous: 23)

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    RHP Carson Fulmer
    RHP Carson FulmerBruce Kluckhohn-USA TODAY Sports

    Top 10 Prospects

    NameAgeBornCurrent LevelETATier
    1. RHP Carson Fulmer22imgAAA20161
    2. C Zack Collins21imgA+20181
    3. RHP Spencer Adams20imgAA20182
    4. RHP Zack Burdi 21imgAAA20172
    5. RHP Alec Hansen21imgA20192
    6. RHP Jordan Stephens24imgA+20183
    7. OF Charlie Tilson 23imgMLB20163
    8. OF Jameson Fisher22imgROK20183
    9. 3B Trey Michalczewski 21imgAA20173
    10. OF Adam Engel 24imgAAA20173


    Farm System Update

    The Chicago White Sox have done a terrific job of bolstering the farm system through the draft in recent years.

    Carlos Rodon and Carson Fulmer both moved quickly through the minors to crack the MLB roster, and the team expects the same out of 2016 top pick Zack Collins. His tools behind the plate are still a work in progress, but he was one of the most polished bats in the class.

    Chicago also added flame-throwing Zack Burdi and buy-low selection Alec Hansen in this year's draft, and both have turned heads in their respective debuts.

    Hansenwho was viewed as a potential No. 1 overall pick before a shaky junior season at Oklahomaposted a 1.32 ERA and 81 strikeouts in 54.2 innings between rookie ball and Single-A. Burdi has been clocked at 104 mph with his fastball while shooting up the ranks to Triple-A.

    Fourth-round pick Jameson Fisher also impressed with a .342/.436/.487 line that included 13 doubles, four home runs and 25 RBI in 50 rookie league games.


    MiLB Player of the Year: 1B/3B Nick Delmonico, AA/AAA (Age: 24)



    MiLB Pitcher of the Year: RHP Jordan Stephens, A+ (Age: 24)


22. Texas Rangers (Previous: 17)

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    1B Ronald Guzman
    1B Ronald GuzmanRay Carlin-USA TODAY Sports

    Top 10 Prospects

    NameAgeBornCurrent LevelETATier
    1. LHP Yohander Mendez21imgMLB20161
    2. 1B Ronald Guzman21imgAAA20172
    3. OF Leody Taveras 18imgA-20202
    4. RHP Ariel Jurado 20imgAA20182
    5. 2B Andy Ibanez23imgAA20172
    6. LHP Cole Ragans 18imgROK20202
    7. OF Jairo Beras 21imgA+20182
    8. LHP Brett Martin21imgA+20182
    9. OF Eric Jenkins19imgA+20192
    10. RHP Connor Sadzeck 24imgAA20172


    Farm System Update

    With Lewis Brinson, Luis Ortiz, Dillon Tate, Travis Demeritte and Ryan Cordell all traded, Nomar Mazara using up his prospect eligibility and Joey Gallo being just five at-bats from doing the same, the Texas Rangers farm system is a shell of what it was at the start of the season.

    A pair of breakout prospects in left-hander Yohander Mendez and first baseman Ronald Guzman now earn top billing in a system that will count on some high-ceiling international talent to move it back up these rankings.

    The Rangers gave Jairo Beras ($4.5 million), Leody Taveras ($2.1 million) and Andy Ibanez ($1.6 million) huge bonus money, but it's right-hander Ariel Jurado, who was signed for $50,000 out of Panama in 2012, who could wind up being the best of the bunch.

    This is a system with a lot of raw talent that should slowly climb up these rankings over the course of next season, but with so many high-level prospects exiting this season, it's tough to rank Texas any higher at this point.


    MiLB Player of the Year: OF Luke Tendler, A+ (Age: 24)



    MiLB Pitcher of the Year: LHP Yohander Mendez, A+/AA/AAA (Age: 21)


21. Seattle Mariners (Previous: 21)

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    1B D.J. Peterson
    1B D.J. PetersonMark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

    Top 10 Prospects

    NameAgeBornCurrent LevelETATier
    1. OF Tyler O'Neill21imgAA20171
    2. OF Kyle Lewis21imgA-20191
    3. LHP Luiz Gohara 20imgA20182
    4. RHP Nick Neidert 19imgA20192
    5. OF Alex Jackson20imgA20192
    6. 1B Dan Vogelbach 23imgMLB20162
    7. RHP Andrew Moore22imgAA20182
    8. RHP Zack Littell 20imgA+20182
    9. SS Drew Jackson23imgA+20182
    10. 1B D.J. Peterson24imgAAA20162


    Farm System Update

    Tyler O'Neill has flashed impressive power since joining the Seattle Mariners as a fourth-round pick in 2014, and after a tremendous all-around season at the Double-A level, he is now a bona fide Tier 1 prospect in the league.

    Mercer slugger Kyle Lewis joins him as a top talent in the system after going No. 11 overall in June, though a torn ACL cut his pro debut short.

    Beyond those two big bats, it was a good year to be a top pitching prospect in the Mariners system.

    Nick Neidert (91.0 IP, 2.57 ERA, 69 K) and Luiz Gohara (69.2 IP, 1.81 ERA, 81 K) threw well in the lower levels of the minors, while Andrew Moore (163.0 IP, 2.65 ERA, 133 K) and breakout prospect Zack Littell (165.2 IP, 2.66 ERA, 156 K) also put up terrific numbers.

    Former top prospect D.J. Peterson authored a bounce-back season of sorts with a .782 OPS, 28 doubles and 19 home runs between Double-A and Triple-A, so he could yet make a legitimate impact in Seattle.


    MiLB Player of the Year: OF Tyler O'Neill, AA (Age: 21)



    MiLB Pitcher of the Year: RHP Andrew Moore, A+/AA (Age: 22)


20. New York Mets (Previous: 22)

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    OF Brandon Nimmo
    OF Brandon NimmoBrad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

    Top 10 Prospects

    NameAgeBornCurrent LevelETATier
    1. SS Amed Rosario20imgAA20171
    2. 1B Dominic Smith21imgAA20171
    3. SS Gavin Cecchini 22imgMLB20162
    4. LHP Thomas Szapucki 20imgA-20192
    5. OF Brandon Nimmo 23imgMLB20162
    6. RHP Justin Dunn20imgA-20192
    7. OF Desmond Lindsay19imgA-20202
    8. OF Wuilmer Becerra 21imgA+20182
    9. SS Andres Gimenez 18imgROK20202
    10. LHP Anthony Kay21img-20192


    Farm System Update

    A New York Mets farm system that has churned out pitching prospects in recent years is now fronted by a trio of position players in Amed Rosario, Dominic Smith and Gavin Cecchini.

    Rosario has emerged as a legitimate top-25 prospect in the league, posting a .324/.374/.459 line with 24 doubles, 13 triples, five home runs and 71 RBI between High-A and Double-A while continuing to show the defensive tools to stick at shortstop.

    Meanwhile, left-hander Thomas Szapucki struck out a whopping 86 hitters in 52 innings this season while posting a 1.38 ERA and .145 opponent's batting average. His fastball has ticked up since going in the fifth round of the 2015 draft, and he could push for a top-100 spot with a strong encore performance next year.

    Finally, keep an eye on 18-year-old shortstop Andres Gimenez, who was signed to a $1.2 million bonus in 2015. He hit .350/.469/.523 with 27 extra-base hits and more than twice as many walks (46) as strikeouts (22) in 62 Dominican Summer League games. His U.S. debut will be highly anticipated next summer.


    MiLB Player of the Year: SS Amed Rosario, A+/AA (Age: 20)



    MiLB Pitcher of the Year: LHP P.J. Conlon, A/A+ (Age: 22)


19. Toronto Blue Jays (Previous: 19)

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    LHP Angel Perdomo
    LHP Angel PerdomoGary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

    Top 10 Prospects

    NameAgeBornCurrent LevelETATier
    1. RHP Sean Reid-Foley21imgA+20171
    2. SS Richard Urena 20imgAA20181
    3. OF Anthony Alford22imgA+20182
    4. OF Harold Ramirez22imgAA20182
    5. RHP Jon Harris22imgA+20182
    6. C Reese McGuire21imgAA20182
    7. 3B Vladimir Guerrero Jr.17imgROK20212
    8. 1B Rowdy Tellez 21imgAA20172
    9. RHP Conner Greene21imgAA20172
    10. LHP Angel Perdomo 22imgA20192


    Farm System Update

    After a disappointing season from outfielder Anthony Alford, right-hander Sean Reid-Foley has cemented himself as the No. 1 prospect in the Toronto Blue Jays farm system.

    The 21-year-old split his season between Single-A and High-A, posting a 2.81 ERA with 130 strikeouts in 115.1 innings and a .190 opponent's batting average. His fastball-slider combination has always been stellar, and his changeup has improved to become a third average offering.

    Toronto picked up Harold Ramirez and Reese McGuire in a trade deadline deal with the Pittsburgh Pirates, giving the team two more quality prospects in the upper levels of the minors.

    The first to the majors from the above group could be slugger Rowdy Tellez. He'll provide some much-needed pop to a lineup that stands to lose one or both of Jose Bautista and Edwin Encarnacion this coming winter.


    MiLB Player of the Year: 1B Rowdy Tellez, AA (Age: 21)



    MiLB Pitcher of the Year: RHP Sean Reid-Foley, A/A+ (Age: 21)


18. St. Louis Cardinals (Previous: 18)

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    RHP Alex Reyes
    RHP Alex ReyesBill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

    Top 10 Prospects

    NameAgeBornCurrent LevelETATier
    1. RHP Alex Reyes22imgMLB20161
    2. RHP Luke Weaver23imgMLB20161
    3. RHP Jack Flaherty 20imgA+20182
    4. OF Harrison Bader 22imgAA20172
    5. SS Delvin Perez17imgROK20182
    6. OF Magneuris Sierra20imgA20182
    7. SS Edmundo Sosa20imgA+20192
    8. C Carson Kelly22imgMLB20172
    9. RHP Dakota Hudson21imgAA20182
    10. RHP Sandy Alcantara 21imgA20192


    Farm System Update

    With the St. Louis Cardinal chasing a wild-card spot, Alex Reyes (17.1 IP, 1.29 ERA, 10.9 K/9) and Luke Weaver (31.0 IP, 3.48 ERA, 11.3 K/9) are both making their presence felt at the MLB level.

    Neither figures to surpass the 50-inning mark before the regular season wraps up, so they'll be the headliners in the Cardinals system once again when the 2017 season kicks off.

    Those two have left right-hander Jack Flaherty largely overlooked on the national scene, but he's a terrific pitching prospect in his own right with legitimate middle-of-the-rotation upside. The 20-year-old posted a 3.56 ERA and 126 strikeouts in 134 innings of work at the High-A level.

    Carson Kelly now looks like the clear heir to Yadier Molina behind the plate after taking a step forward offensively, while No. 34 overall pick Dakota Hudson was as impressive as any 2016 draft pick with a 0.68 ERA and 19 strikeouts in 13.1 innings after signing.


    MiLB Player of the Year: CF Magneuris Sierra, A (Age: 20)



    MiLB Pitcher of the Year: LHP Austin Gomber, A+/AA (Age: 22)


17. Chicago Cubs (Previous: 16)

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    OF Eloy Jimenez
    OF Eloy JimenezSean M. Haffey/Getty Images

    Top 10 Prospects

    NameAgeBornCurrent LevelETATier
    1. OF Eloy Jimenez19imgA+20191
    2. 2B Ian Happ 22imgAA20171
    3. RHP Dylan Cease20imgA-20182
    4. 3B Jeimer Candelario 22imgAAA20162
    5. RHP Oscar De La Cruz21imgA20182
    6. RHP Trevor Clifton21imgA+20182
    7. OF Mark Zagunis 23imgAAA20172
    8. OF Eddy Martinez21imgA20182
    9. RHP Duane Underwood22imgA+20172
    10. OF Donnie Dewees 22imgA+20182


    Farm System Update

    The Chicago Cubs drop a spot with Carl Edwards Jr. exiting the prospect ranks since our last update, but this is still a farm system with a ton of upside.

    Teenager Eloy Jimenez takes over the top prospect spot following a monster season between Single-A and High-A. The No. 1 prospect in the 2013 international class, per, Jimenez signed for a $2.8 million bonus and is finally delivering on his immense potential.

    Not far behind is the polished bat of Ian Happ, which could make its way to Wrigley Field as early as next season, as he posted an .810 OPS with 30 doubles and 15 home runs between High-A and Double-A.

    Pitching prospects Dylan Cease and Oscar De La Cruz have big-time ceilings but a long way to go to reach them, while Trevor Clifton was the biggest riser in the system and looks like a legitimate middle-of-the-rotation arm.


    MiLB Player of the Year: OF Eloy Jimenez, A (Age: 19)



    MiLB Pitcher of the Year: RHP Trevor Clifton, A+ (Age: 21)


16. Oakland Athletics (Previous: 13)

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    SS Franklin Barreto
    SS Franklin BarretoKyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

    Top 10 Prospects

    NameAgeBornCurrent LevelETATier
    1. SS Franklin Barreto 20imgAAA20171
    2. LHP A.J. Puk 21imgA-20181
    3. RHP Grant Holmes20imgA+20181
    4. 3B Matt Chapman23imgAAA20172
    5. 3B Renato Nunez22imgMLB20162
    6. RHP Dakota Chalmers19imgA-20192
    7. SS Richie Martin21imgAA20182
    8. OF Lazaro Armenteros 17img-20212
    9. RHP Jharel Cotton24imgMLB20162
    10. SS Yairo Munoz21imgAA20182


    Farm System Update

    The Oakland Athletics farm system looks considerably different from where it was at the start of the season, though shortstop Franklin Barreto is still the unquestioned top dog.

    The A's acquired Grant Holmes, Jharel Cotton and Frankie Montas from the Los Angeles Dodgers at the trade deadline. They took Florida left-hander A.J. Puk with the No. 6 overall pick and signed Cuban star Lazaro "Lazarito" Armenteros to a $3 million bonus in July.

    Ryon Healy emerged as the breakout prospect of the season for the A's and wound up blowing past Matt Chapman and Renato Nunez to reach the majors first among third base prospects.

    Chapman is still the best of the bunch defensively and showed big-time pop this season with 36 home runs to rank third in the minors. He could challenge for the starting third base job next season and push Healy across the diamond to first.


    MiLB Player of the Year: 3B Ryon Healy, AA/AAA (Age: 24)



    MiLB Pitcher of the Year: LHP Evan Manarino, A/A+ (Age: 23)


15. Cleveland Indians (Previous: 20)

16 of 30

    RHP Mike Clevinger
    RHP Mike ClevingerJordan Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

    Top 10 Prospect

    NameAgeBornCurrent LevelETATier
    1. OF Bradley Zimmer 23imgAAA20171
    2. C Francisco Mejia20imgA+20181
    3. 1B Bobby Bradley20imgA+20191
    4. RHP Triston McKenzie19imgA-20192
    5. LHP Brady Aiken20imgA-20182
    6. 3B Nolan Jones18imgROK20202
    7. RHP Mike Clevinger 25imgMLB20162
    8. SS Yu-Cheng Chang21imgA+20182
    9. LHP Rob Kaminsky 22imgAA20172
    10. 3B Yandy Diaz 25imgAAA20172


    Farm System Update

    The Cleveland Indians traded a pair of top prospects in Clint Frazier and Justus Sheffield to acquire Andrew Miller from the New York Yankees at the trade deadline, but there is still plenty of high-end talent in the system.

    Bradley Zimmer remains the top dog for now, while catcher Francisco Mejia is a legitimate top-100 guy after a breakout offensive season that included a 50-game hitting streak.

    The one to watch is projectable right-hander Triston McKenzie, who went 6-5 with a 1.62 ERA, 0.960 WHIP and 104 strikeouts in 83.1 innings between Low-A and Single-A. There's still plenty of room to add strength to his 6'5", 165-pound frame, and he already has plus stuff.

    Depending on where the team decides to slot Jose Ramirez going forward, Yandy Diaz could factor into the team's 2017 plans, either as an option at third base or perhaps as the primary designated hitter if Mike Napoli walks.


    MiLB Player of the Year: C Francisco Mejia, A/A+ (Age: 20)



    MiLB Pitcher of the Year: RHP Thomas Pannone, A/A+ (Age: 22)


14. Minnesota Twins (Previous: 14)

17 of 30

    LHP Stephen Gonsalves
    LHP Stephen GonsalvesBrace Hemmelgarn/Getty Images

    Top 10 Prospects

    NameAgeBornCurrent LevelETATier
    1. LHP Stephen Gonsalves 22imgAA20171
    2. LHP Tyler Jay22imgAA20171
    3. SS Nick Gordon20imgA+20181
    4. RHP Kohl Stewart21imgAA20172
    5. OF Alex Kirilloff 18imgROK20202
    6. RHP Fernando Romero21imgA+20182
    7. C Ben Rortvedt 18imgROK20212
    8. RHP J.T. Chargois 25imgMLB20162
    9. LHP Adalberto Mejia23imgAAA20172
    10. 3B Travis Blankenhorn 20imgA20192


    Farm System Update

    Gone from the Minnesota Twins prospect ranks since our last update are right-hander Jose Berrios and shortstop Jorge Polanco, but the Twins still possess one of the deepest system of any AL team.  

    Stephen Gonsalvez replaces Berrios as the team's top prospect after a dominant season between High-A and Double-A that saw him post a 2.06 ERA, 1.021 WHIP and 155 strikeouts in 140 innings.

    The 6'5", 213-pound southpaw may still have room for further development too, which bumps him ahead of 2015 first-round pick Tyler Jay, who is essentially a finished product, and Kohl Stewart, who posted a 2.88 ERA between High-A and Double-A but did it with a ratio of 91 strikeouts to 63 walks.

    Outfielder Alex Kirilloff, the No. 15 pick in this year's draft, was one of the stars of the rookie league with a .306/.341/.454 line that included nine doubles, seven home runs and 33 RBI in 55 games.


    MiLB Player of the Year: OF Daniel Palka, AA/AAA (Age: 24)



    MiLB Pitcher of the Year: LHP Stephen Gonsalves, A+/AA (Age: 22)


13. Tampa Bay Rays (Previous: 15)

18 of 30

    1B Jake Bauers
    1B Jake BauersMark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

    Top 10 Prospects

    NameAgeBornCurrent LevelETATier
    1. SS Willy Adames 21imgAA20171
    2. RHP Brent Honeywell21imgAA20171
    3. 1B Jake Bauers 20imgAA20171
    4. 3B Joshua Lowe18imgROK20212
    5. RHP Jacob Faria 23imgAAA20172
    6. SS Lucius Fox19imgA20192
    7. RHP Chih-Wei Hu 22imgAA20172
    8. OF Garrett Whitley19imgA-20202
    9. 1B Casey Gillaspie 23imgAAA20172
    10. RHP Jaime Schultz25imgAAA20172


    Farm System Update

    The Tampa Bay Rays have two top-50 prospects in Willy Adames and Brent Honeywell. Both players held their own while making the leap to Double-A this season.

    Adames should finally solidify a shortstop spot that has been a revolving door throughout the Rays' existence as a franchise, while Honeywell is the next in a long line of impressive homegrown arms.

    Somewhat overlooked as part of the Wil Myers-to-San Diego trade, first baseman Jake Bauers is a top-tier prospect in his own right after putting up a .274/.370/.420 line with nearly as many walks (73) as strikeouts (89) in a full season at the Double-A level as a 20-year-old.

    This year's breakout prospect was right-hander Wei-Chih Hu, who was acquired from the Minnesota Twins last summer in exchange for reliever Kevin Jepsen. He earned a trip to the Futures Game and is close to reaching his ceiling as a No. 4 or 5 starter type.


    MiLB Player of the Year: 1B Casey Gillaspie, AA/AAA (Age: 23)



    MiLB Pitcher of the Year: RHP Chih-Wei Hu, AA/AAA (Age: 23)


12. San Diego Padres (Previous: 12)

19 of 30

    OF Hunter Renfroe
    OF Hunter RenfroeAndy Hayt/Getty Images

    Top 10 Prospects

    NameAgeBornCurrent LevelETATier
    1. RHP Anderson Espinoza18imgA20191
    2. OF Hunter Renfroe 24imgAAA20171
    3. OF Manuel Margot21imgAAA20171
    4. LHP Adrian Morejon 17img-20202
    5. 1B Josh Naylor 19imgA+20192
    6. RHP Cal Quantrill 21imgA20192
    7. OF Michael Gettys 20imgA+20182
    8. 2B Luis Urias 19imgA+20182
    9. LHP Eric Lauer 21imgA20192
    10. SS Javier Guerra20imgA+20182


    Farm System Update

    The San Diego Padres opted to leave top prospects Hunter Renfroe and Manuel Margot in Triple-A to take part in the Pacific Coast League playoffs, and the El Paso Chihuahuas are now set to play in their first PCL championship series.

    That could mean that neither player debuts until the 2017 season, but expect them to contend for everyday jobs next spring. Renfroe is the prototypical power-hitting right fielder with a cannon arm, while Margot has the hit tool and wheels to make a difference as a table-setter.

    Anderson Espinoza was the big addition to the system this years as the prize of the Drew Pomeranz trade, while Cuban left-hander Adrian Morejon could soon join him as an elite-level pitching prospect after agreeing to an $11 million bonus in July.

    The No. 2 international prospect this year, per, Morejon was the headliner of an international free-agent signing class that also included Luis Almanzar ($4 million, No. 8), Gabriel Arias ($1.9 million, No. 10), Jorge Ona ($7 million, No. 11), Jeisson Rosario ($1.85 million, No. 15), Jordy Barley ($1 million, No. 21) and Ronald Bolanos ($2.25 million, No. 23).


    MiLB Player of the Year: OF Hunter Renfroe, AAA (Age: 24)



    MiLB Pitcher of the Year: RHP Andrew Lockett, A/A+/AA/AAA (Age: 22)


11. Washington Nationals (Previous: 10)

20 of 30

    RHP Reynaldo Lopez
    RHP Reynaldo LopezGregory Fisher-USA TODAY Sports

    Top 10 Prospects

    NameAgeBornCurrent LevelETATier
    1. RHP Lucas Giolito 22imgMLB20161
    2. OF Victor Robles19imgA+20181
    3. RHP Reynaldo Lopez22imgMLB20161
    4. RHP Erick Fedde 23imgAA20181
    5. OF Juan Soto17imgA-20212
    6. 3B Carter Kieboom 19imgROK20202
    7. RHP Dane Dunning21imgA-20192
    8. OF Andrew Stevenson22imgAA20182
    9. RHP Austin Voth 24imgAAA20172
    10. 3B Sheldon Neuse 21imgA-20192


    Farm System Update

    Despite Trea Turner exiting the rankings, the Washington Nationals drop only one spot to No. 11, as they still have four Tier 1 prospects and a budding star in 17-year-old outfielder Juan Soto.

    Soto, who signed for a $1.5 million bonus as the No. 25 prospect of the international free agent class, per, hit .368/.420/.553 with 22 extra-base hits in 207 plate appearances in his U.S. debut. That was enough to earn him a brief six-game promotion to Low-A, where he went 9-for-21 with three doubles against significantly older competition.

    Calling him the next Victor Robles would be jumping the gun at this point, but it looks like the Nationals have another good one on their hands.

    Lucas Giolito and Reynaldo Lopez will both carry their prospect eligibility into next season, and Erick Fedde could join them in Washington in the not-too-distant future, giving the team three legitimate top-100 arms to join Robles as Tier 1 headliners.


    MiLB Player of the Year: 1B Jose Marmolejos-Diaz, A+/AA (Age: 23)



    MiLB Pitcher of the Year: RHP Erick Fedde, A+/AA (Age: 23)


10. Cincinnati Reds (Previous: 11)

21 of 30

    RHP Robert Stephenson
    RHP Robert StephensonCharles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

    Top 10 Prospects

    NameAgeBornCurrent LevelETATier
    1. LHP Amir Garrett24imgAAA20171
    2. 3B Nick Senzel 21imgA20181
    3. OF Jesse Winker23imgAAA20171
    4. RHP Robert Stephenson23imgMLB20161
    5. RHP Vladimir Gutierrez20img-20192
    6. OF Taylor Trammell 19imgROK20202
    7. RHP Tyler Mahle 21imgAA20182
    8. SS Alfredo Rodriguez22imgROK20182
    9. C Tyler Stephenson19imgA20202
    10. OF Aristides Aquino22imgA+20182


    Farm System Update

    The Cincinnati Reds made perhaps the most significant prospect addition of any team in baseball since we last updated these rankings following the trade deadline, signing Cuban right-hander Vladimir Gutierrez for a $4.75 million bonus.

    The 20-year-old has a fastball-curveball combination that is already plus-plus, and some scouts viewed him as a better prospect than Yadier Alvarez, who inked a $16 million bonus with the Los Angeles Dodgers last summer, per

    Former St. John's basketball player Amir Garrett continued his upward trajectory this season. He's taken off since turning his full attention to baseball, and he could challenge for a rotation spot on a crowded Reds staff next year.

    It was somewhat surprising to see Jesse Winker spend the entirety of 2016 in the minors, but he still profiles as an everyday left fielder with a plus hit tool and some gap power.

    Look for 22-year-old Aristides Aquino to shoot up prospect lists after a breakout season at the High-A level.


    MiLB Player of the Year: OF Aristides Aquino, A+ (Age: 22)



    MiLB Pitcher of the Year: LHP Amir Garrett, AA/AAA (Age: 24)


9. Colorado Rockies (Previous: 9)

22 of 30

    OF Raimel Tapia
    OF Raimel TapiaIsaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

    Top 10 Prospects

    NameAgeBornCurrent LevelETATier
    1. SS Brendan Rodgers20imgA20181
    2. RHP Jeff Hoffman23imgMLB20161
    3. RHP Riley Pint19imgROK20201
    4. OF Raimel Tapia 22imgMLB20161
    5. RHP German Marquez21imgMLB20162
    6. LHP Kyle Freeland23imgAAA20172
    7. 3B Ryan McMahon21imgAA20172
    8. C Tom Murphy25imgMLB20162
    9. RHP Peter Lambert19imgA20182
    10. RHP Antonio Senzatela 21imgAA20172


    Farm System Update

    While David Dahl has graduated from the prospect ranks, the Colorado Rockies hold strong in the No. 9 spot in these rankings.

    Jeff Hoffman, Raimel Tapia, German Marquez and Tom Murphy all joined Dahl in the majors when rosters expanded in September, and aside from Marquez, the other three could all challenge for a spot on the Opening Day roster next season.

    Murphy looks like the front-runner to replace Nick Hundley behind the plate. Tapia would have an opening if the team finally pulls the trigger on trading Carlos Gonzalez or Charlie Blackmon, and Hoffman could join Jonathan Gray, Chad Betts and Tyler Chatwood in a steadily improving rotation.

    Make no mistake, though, Brendan Rodgers is still the premier talent in this organization.

    The 20-year-old spent the season in Single-A, hitting .281/.342/.480 with 31 doubles, 19 home runs and 73 RBI as he tries to live up to being the No. 3 overall pick in the 2015 draft.


    MiLB Player of the Year: 1B Brian Mundell, A (Age: 22)



    MiLB Pitcher of the Year: RHP German Marquez, AA/AAA (Age: 21)


8. Los Angeles Dodgers (Previous: 6)

23 of 30

    RHP Jose De Leon
    RHP Jose De LeonBrad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

    Top 10 Prospects

    NameAgeBornCurrent LevelETATier
    1. RHP Jose De Leon23imgMLB20161
    2. 1B/OF Cody Bellinger 21imgAAA20171
    3. OF Alex Verdugo 20imgAA20181
    4. 2B Willie Calhoun21imgAA20171
    5. RHP Yadier Alvarez20imgA20192
    6. OF Yusniel Diaz 19imgA+20202
    7. SS Gavin Lux 18imgROK20202
    8. RHP Jordan Sheffield21imgA20182
    9. C Will Smith21imgA+20192
    10. IF Omar Estevez 18imgA20202


    Farm System Update

    As deep as their farm system is, the Los Angeles Dodgers were bound to drop a few spots with arguably the top pitching prospect in baseball— left-hander Julio Uriasexceeding the 50-inning limit and no longer qualifying as a prospect.

    Top prospect honors now go to right-hander Jose De Leon, who recently joined Urias in the MLB rotation after being promoted at the beginning of month. His combination of stuff, command and mound presence makes him one of the game's top prospects in his own right and a strong candidate for a rotation spot in 2017.

    Cody Bellinger and Alex Verdugo represent the next wave of top-tier bats coming through the ranks, while high-priced international signings Yadier Alvarez (59.1 IP, 2.12 ERA, 81 K) and Yusniel Diaz (.741 OPS, 23 XBH) have both impressed in their first extended action stateside.

    Breakout prospect honors go to Willie Calhoun, who turned heads with an impressive pro debut after going in the fourth round of the last year's draft and has continued to rake while climbing the ladder to Double-A.


    MiLB Player of the Year: 1B/3B Edwin Rios, A/A+/AA (Age: 22)



    MiLB Pitcher of the Year: RHP Brock Stewart, A+/AA/AAA (Age: 24)


7. Pittsburgh Pirates (Previous: 8)

24 of 30

    1B Josh Bell
    1B Josh BellCharles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

    Top 10 Prospects

    NameAgeBornCurrent LevelETATier
    1. RHP Tyler Glasnow 23imgMLB20161
    2. OF Austin Meadows21imgAAA20171
    3. 1B Josh Bell24imgMLB20161
    4. SS Kevin Newman23imgAA20181
    5. SP Mitch Keller20imgA+20181
    6. 3B Ke'Bryan Hayes19imgA20202
    7. 3B Will Craig21imgA-20192
    8. SS Cole Tucker20imgA+20192
    9. RHP Yeudy Garcia23imgA+20182
    10. RHP Clay Holmes23imgAA20172


    Farm System Update

    The Pittsburgh Pirates graduated Jameson Taillon and Chad Kuhl off of this list since the last update, but bumping Kevin Newman and Mitch Keller up to Tier 1 status actually moves them up a spot in the rankings.

    The No. 19 pick in the 2015 draft, Newman hit .320/.389/.426 while playing smooth defense at shortstop to advance to Double-A in his first full season in the organization.

    As for Keller, a forearm strain limited him to just 19.2 innings last season after going in the second round of the 2014 draft. Back healthy, he's been nothing short of dominant between Single-A and High-A, posting a 2.35 ERA with 138 strikeouts in 130.1 innings and a .212 opponent's batting average.

    Tyler Glasnow and Josh Bell have both gotten a taste of MLB action this season and should jump off of this list early in the 2017 campaign with a good chance of cracking the Opening Day roster. For now, their presence provides the farm system with a significant boost in the rankings.


    MiLB Player of the Year: SS Kevin Newman, A+/AA (Age: 23)



    MiLB Pitcher of the Year: RHP Mitch Keller, A/A+ (Age: 20)


6. Houston Astros (Previous: 3)

25 of 30

    RHP David Paulino
    RHP David PaulinoDavid Maxwell/Getty Images

    Top 10 Prospects

    NameAgeBornCurrent LevelETATier
    1. RHP Francis Martes 20imgAA20171
    2. OF Kyle Tucker19imgA+20191
    3. RHP David Paulino 22imgMLB20161
    4. RHP Forrest Whitley18imgROK20201
    5. RHP Joe Musgrove 23imgMLB20161
    6. OF Derek Fisher23imgAAA20172
    7. RHP Albert Abreu20imgA+20192
    8. OF Daz Cameron19imgA-20192
    9. RHP Franklin Perez18imgA20202
    10. OF Teoscar Hernandez23imgMLB20162


    Farm System Update

    The Houston Astros slip three spots, due to uber-prospect Alex Bregman and to a lesser extent A.J. Reed no longer qualifying as prospects.

    That leaves right-hander Francis Martes as the marquee name in the system, and he has continued to impress since coming to the organization as an unknown throw-in to the Jarred Cosart deal in 2014.

    Kyle Tucker (.285 BA, .798 OPS, 41 XBH) has jumped ahead of 2015 draft class partner Daz Cameron (.212 BA, .608 OPS, 10 XBH), though it's not out of line to say that Cameron still has the higher ceiling if everything falls into place.

    Right-hander Franklin Perez and outfielder Teoscar Hernandez have been the biggest climbers within the organization, and Hernandez has actually reached the majors after going undrafted despite being exposed to the Rule 5 draft last offseason.


    MiLB Player of the Year: SS Alex Bregman, AA/AAA (Age: 22)



    MiLB Pitcher of the Year: RHP James Hoyt, AAA (Age: 29)


5. Philadelphia Phillies (Previous: 7)

26 of 30

    RHP Jake Thompson
    RHP Jake ThompsonMike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports

    Top 10 Prospects

    NameAgeBornCurrent LevelETATier
    1. SS J.P. Crawford21imgAAA20171
    2. OF Mickey Moniak 18imgROK20201
    3. RHP Jake Thompson22imgMLB20161
    4. C Jorge Alfaro 23imgMLB20161
    5. OF Nick Williams23imgAAA20171
    6. OF Cornelius Randolph19imgA20202
    7. OF Dylan Cozens22imgAA20172
    8. RHP Franklyn Kilome 21imgA20192
    9. OF Roman Quinn23imgMLB20162
    10. 1B Rhys Hoskins 23imgAA20182


    Farm System Update

    The decision to hold off on promoting top prospects J.P. Crawford and Nick Williams at all this season and waiting until September to promote Jorge Alfaro and Roman Quinn means that the Philadelphia Phillies farm system will return essentially intact heading into 2017.

    There's a chance that right-hander Jake Thompson could surpass the 50-inning mark before season's end, as his start on Wednesday brought him to 44.2 on the year. However, including his MiLB work, he's already tallied a career-high 174.1 innings on the year, so shutting him down is a possibility.

    At any rate, the stars of the Phillies farm system this year were two largely unknown names heading into the year in Dylan Cozens and Rhys Hoskins.

    Cozens led the minors in home runs (40) and RBI (125), while Hoskins ranked second in home runs (38) and third in RBI (116). Both players have a good deal of swing-and-miss to their game and are limited athletically, but those numbers are tough to ignore.


    MiLB Player of the Year: OF Dylan Cozens, AA (Age: 22)



    MiLB Pitcher of the Year: RHP Ben Lively, AA/AAA (Age: 24)


4. Boston Red Sox (Previous: 5)

27 of 30

    3B Yoan Moncada
    3B Yoan MoncadaJake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

    Top 10 Prospects

    NameAgeBornCurrent LevelETATier
    1. IF Yoan Moncada 21imgMLB20161
    2. OF Andrew Benintendi 22imgMLB20161
    3. 3B Rafael Devers 19imgA+20181
    4. RHP Michael Kopech 20imgA+20181
    5. LHP Jason Groome 18imgA-20201
    6. OF Luis Alexander Basabe 20imgA+20202
    7. SS Mauricio Dubon 22imgAA20182
    8. 1B Sam Travis23imgAAA20172
    9. RHP Roniel Raudes 18imgA20192
    10. 1B Josh Ockimey 20imgA20182


    Farm System Update

    With no significant players exiting the prospect ranks since the last update, the Boston Red Sox move up to No. 4, but they still don't quite have the overall prospect depth of the three teams ranked ahead of them.

    Now that Alex Bregman and Julio Urias have exhausted their prospect status, a strong case can be made for Yoan Moncada being the No. 1 prospect in all of baseball heading into the 2017 season.

    He's off to a slow start since being promoted to the majors, going 4-for-19 with 12 strikeouts, but he has all the tools to be a bona fide superstar in the not-too-distant future.

    The new names for many people here will be right-hander Roniel Raudes (113.1 IP, 3.65 ERA, 104 K) and first baseman Josh Ockimey (.792 OPS, 25 2B, 18 HR, 62 RBI).

    Both players spent a full season in Single-A at the age of 20 and more than held their own. Raudes has a solid three-pitch mix with plenty of room for further development, while Ockimey might have the most raw power in the system outside of Moncada and Rafael Devers.


    MiLB Player of the Year: IF Yoan Moncada, A+/AA (Age: 21)



    MiLB Pitcher of the Year: RHP Roniel Raudes, A (Age: 18)


3. Milwaukee Brewers (Previous: 2)

28 of 30

    LHP Josh Hader
    LHP Josh HaderGary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

    Top 10 Prospects

    NameAgeBornCurrent LevelETATier
    1. CF Lewis Brinson 22imgAAA20171
    2. LHP Josh Hader 22imgAAA20161
    3. OF Corey Ray21imgA20181
    4. RHP Phil Bickford 21imgA+20181
    5. RHP Luis Ortiz20imgAA20181
    6. OF Brett Phillips22imgAA20171
    7. IF Isan Diaz 20imgA20182
    8. OF Trent Clark19imgA20192
    9. SS Gilbert Lara18imgROK20192
    10. RHP Brandon Woodruff 23imgAA20172


    Farm System Update

    The Milwaukee Brewers already had a vastly improved farm system entering the 2015 season, and shipping out Jonathan Lucroy, Jeremy Jeffress and Will Smith at the deadline pushed them into the top tier.

    They added Lewis Brinson, Luis Ortiz, Phil Bickford and Ryan Cordell to the farm system ahead of the Aug. 1 deadline, giving the team three more Tier 1 prospects and a new headliner in Brinson, who has all the tools to be a standout everyday center fielder.

    First-round pick Corey Ray has also impressed since going No. 5 overall in June, tallying 20 extra-base hits and 10 stolen bases in 60 games while being pushed to the Single-A level.

    The unknown name here for most people will be Brandon Woodruff, who was arguably the most out-of-nowhere standout pitching prospect of the year. The 23-year-old led the minors with 173 strikeouts and saw his stuff improve across the board. He now looks like a future middle-of-the-rotation starter at the very least.

    Graduating No. 1 prospect Orlando Arcia bumps the Brewers down a spot, but they still belong in the conversation for the league's best farm system.


    MiLB Player of the Year: IF Isan Diaz, A (Age: 20)



    MiLB Pitcher of the Year: RHP Brandon Woodruff, A+/AA (Age: 23)


2. Atlanta Braves (Previous: 4)

29 of 30

    SS Dansby Swanson
    SS Dansby SwansonBrett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

    Top 10 Prospects

    NameAgeBornCurrent LevelETATier
    1. SS Dansby Swanson22imgMLB20161
    2. SS Ozzie Albies 19imgAA20171
    3. LHP Sean Newcomb 23imgAA20171
    4. RHP Ian Anderson18imgROK20201
    5. LHP Kolby Allard19imgA20201
    6. RHP Mike Soroka 19imgA20191
    7. SS Kevin Maitan 16img-20212
    8. LHP Joey Wentz 18imgROK20202
    9. LHP Max Fried22imgA20182
    10. RHP Touki Toussaint 20imgA20192


    Farm System Update

    Dansby Swanson won't hold onto his prospect status long in 2017, as all signs point to him breaking camp as the Atlanta Braves everyday shortstop thanks to a .300/.348/.413 line over 80 at-bats with the big club so far this season.

    Behind Swanson and speedy middle infielder Ozzie Albies, who could also reach the majors in 2017, the Braves system is loaded with high-ceiling pitching prospects.

    Mike Soroka worked 143 innings of 3.02 ERA ball as a 19-year-old in Single-A to back up his selection at No. 28 overall in the 2015 draft, while Max Fried has returned from Tommy John surgery to post a 3.93 ERA with 112 strikeouts in 103 innings alongside him in Single-A.

    Ian Anderson, Joey Wentz and Kyle Muller have all pitched well after being scooped up in this year's draft, while shortstop Kevin Maitan will be watched closely next season after signing for a $4.25 million bonus as the No. 1 international prospect in this year's class, per


    MiLB Player of the Year: IF Ozzie Albies, AA/AAA (Age: 19)



    MiLB Pitcher of the Year: RHP Patrick Weigel, A/AA (Age: 22)


1. New York Yankees (Previous: 1)

30 of 30

    OF Aaron Judge
    OF Aaron JudgeJoe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

    Top 10 Prospects

    NameAgeBornCurrent LevelETATier
    1. OF Clint Frazier22imgAAA20171
    2. SS Jorge Mateo21imgA+20181
    3. SS Gleyber Torres19imgA+20181
    4. OF Aaron Judge24imgMLB20161
    5. OF Blake Rutherford19imgROK20201
    6. LHP Justus Sheffield20imgAA20181
    7. RHP Chance Adams22imgAA20171
    8. 3B Miguel Andujar 21imgAA20182
    9. RHP Domingo Acevedo22imgA+20192
    10. RHP James Kaprielian 22imgA+20182


    Farm System Update

    Gary Sanchez has taken the MLB by storm and no longer qualifies as a prospect for the New York Yankees, but they still hold onto the No. 1 spot in these rankings.

    The emergence of Chance Adams helped keep them at the top, as he was bumped to Tier 1 after a dominant showing between High-A and Double-A.

    The 22-year-old went 13-1 with a 2.33 ERA and 144 strikeouts in 127.1 innings, holding opposing hitters to an MiLB-best .169 average. His fastball velocity improved, the bite on his slider increased, and his changeup emerged as a legitimate third offering.

    Aaron Judge will likely come off the board here relatively early in the 2017 season, assuming he claims the starting right field job, but the rest of the system's top prospects are still at least one year away.

    That should keep the Yankees in the No. 1 seat for the foreseeable future as they build toward something big in the Bronx.


    MiLB Player of the Year: 1B Tyler Austin, AA/AAA (Age: 25)



    MiLB Pitcher of the Year: RHP Chance Adams, A+/AA (Age: 22)



    All stats courtesy of, unless otherwise noted.


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