Internet Roasts Reported Pics of James Harden's Signature Adidas Shoe

Thomas Duffy@@TJDhoopsFeatured ColumnistAugust 24, 2016
Brandon Borders @Brandon_Borders

Please stop making fun of the Harden shoe. It looks like its already been roasted enough https://t.co/Kxc2SbLtef

Remember when the internet ripped Stephen Curry's Curry 2 Low Under Armour shoe?

James Harden was next.

On Tuesday, citing images apparently leaked by SneakersSpy, Sneaker Watch's John McFarlan previewed what appears to be the Houston Rockets star's Triple Black colorway of his first signature shoe, which will reportedly debut in December.

Let the roast begin in 3...2...1...

Will Thompson @thrillis4

That Harden shoe is infinitely worse than the Curry shoe

Dan Carson @TheDoctorCarson

Did I miss something or are we really not going to flambé James Harden’s new shoe? https://t.co/gidEfLRHUe

C.Jolie Axelrod @itsCJolie

James Harden has better personal style than that for those to be his signature Adidas shoe 😂

Childish Justino @JayAshon

If that's James Harden shoe idk if I can be a fan anymore

Tyler Conway @jtylerconway

When did James Harden sign a shoe deal with Carhartt https://t.co/lqsbPR5LW8

Alec Neimand @lgforkman

are these harden shoes real? They straight look like the cheapest shoe on the back to school rack at payless

Joon Lee @iamjoonlee

James Harden’s new shoe, perfect for wabbit hunting. https://t.co/QuDKSnUppC

jordan @jordodale

Finally Harden makes a basketball shoe for me, a waiter at Chili's. https://t.co/Etw6Ihl0bQ

Jason Jason @JasonJason333

James Harden new signature shoe looks like it was inspired by a Dickens novel. https://t.co/8ONBkwAq4o

Sure, it's not the best photo in the world, and it probably doesn't do the design justice:

Mark P. @mrpazoo

...I think that photo doesn't do James Harden's shoe justice. I'll wait to judge them when they are on the court.

Mitch Vomhof @mitchvomhof

That Harden shoe better look *waaaaaaaaay* better at a different angle otherwise I’m probably done with Adidas’ basketball designs

But still, the overwhelming reaction has been an emphatic thumbs-down.



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