Atlanta Falcons Advertise Low Concession Prices by Sending $2 Bills to Fans

Vanessa de Beaumont@@vanessadebeauContributor IJune 14, 2016
Darren Rovell @darrenrovell

Falcons send reminder on low food cost in new stadium, @juliojones_11 has my first hot dog https://t.co/VAIJzg9JyJ https://t.co/p6uey8HjIs

Come the opening of Mercedes-Benz Stadium, the Atlanta Falcons will serve up some seriously affordable game-day fare at the lowest prices in major team sports.

Better still? Thanks to wide receiver Julio Jones (and others in the organization), many of the offered items, including a hot dog, popcorn or bottled water, just might be free.

Fans inclined to secure 2017 season tickets recently received direct mail from their favorite squad containing a $2 bill and a reminder regarding the meal choices available to them at that cost.

Options outside of the new stadium? There are likely significantly fewer.

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