Massive Alligator Strolls Through Florida Golf Course

Laura Depta@lauradeptaFeatured ColumnistMay 31, 2016

Charles Helms of Sarasota, Florida, was just trying to enjoy a nice little round of golf when a terrifying reptile appeared. 

An alligator strolling across a golf course would be terrifying enough, but the one Helms spotted at Buffalo Creek Golf Course in Palmetto, Florida, was absolutely enormous. 

Helms told Laura Harris and Matt Borek of ABC Action News, "I was stunned and silent," and, "I didn't know if we were being punked or something."

Nope, no punking. Helms managed to catch some video of the very real creature and estimated its length at around 15 feet. 

Update from Thursday, June 2

Because nobody can get enough of it, a second video of this massive gator has surfaced (h/t Golf.com) (warning: video contains NSFW language):

--End of Update--

[h/t the Guardian]


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