BlockO Asks, You Answer: Is Terrelle Pryor Afraid to Run?

HD Handshoe - BlockONation.com@BlockONationAnalyst ISeptember 28, 2009

Sure, sometimes he runs, and he makes a lot of big plays when doing so.

But then there are other times, more often than not recently, when it seems that Terrelle just doesn't want to run—almost as if he is afraid to get hit.

If so, he needs to go the the school of taking hits, Craig Krenzel-style. If Krenzel had the athleticism of Pryor, he would have been one of the greatest QBs in college football.

How many times did we see Krenzel sacrifice his body for a pass, run, or score. That guy took some of the worst hits in OSU football history.

Pryor needs to play with this same attitude and heart. He also needs to make his on-the-field decisions much faster, instead of dancing around with happy feet, before eventually getting sacked.

We've all seen him stiff-arm defenders to the ground, so, why doesn't TP run more?

Is he afraid of taking a hit?

Or does he want to become an NFL-prototype pocket passing QB, who refuses to run until it's too late?

Now, please post a comment, or comments, and let me know why you think TP is so hesitant to run, or why sometimes, he doesn't run at all.

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