Braves Unveil Wild Ballpark Food for 2016 Season, Introduce 'Burgerizza'

Kyle Newport@@KyleNewportFeatured ColumnistMarch 22, 2016
Top Team in NL Reddit @BravesReddit

Welcome to your new #Braves signature meals. https://t.co/rn8vrqkGcv

The Atlanta Braves are rebuilding, but even if the team doesn't contend this upcoming season, it will be giving fans reasons to come out to the ballpark.

Most notably, the concession stands.

The Braves recently unveiled some of the food they will be offering fans at Turner Field in 2016, and you might need to go get some blood work done after seeing the photos.

Just look at the "Burgerizza" and try not to think about what kind of impact it would have on your health:

Top Team in NL Reddit @BravesReddit

There is your picture of the full burgerizza https://t.co/C2OqvPsKa3

Top Team in NL Reddit @BravesReddit

Burgerizza. A burger between two pizzas. https://t.co/uUymZMbvHq

Obviously, an item like that won't be cheap. ESPN's Darren Rovell reported that the price of the Burgerizza will be north of 20 bucks:

Darren Rovell @darrenrovell

Cost on the true pizza burger selling at @Braves games will be $26 https://t.co/fPcWDdfT3d

But wait, there's more:

Top Team in NL Reddit @BravesReddit

Fritos or Doritos topped with chili and cheese. https://t.co/evzqJtrvTe

Top Team in NL Reddit @BravesReddit

T.E.D "the everything dog" https://t.co/8hN5LNxhgP

FOX Sports South @FOXSportsSouth

Say hello to T.E.D. (The Everything Dog). Part of your new @Braves dining experience. https://t.co/psggppPi4s

FOX Sports South @FOXSportsSouth

The Punisher. Rib meat slathered in Monster energy drink-infused BBQ sauce. @Braves https://t.co/Yz1xH18P7x

FOX Sports South @FOXSportsSouth

The Tater Tot Chop. Includes Coca-Cola-infused ketchup. Taste tester called it "freaking awesome." @Braves https://t.co/BRIG0TFTBt

This upcoming season will be the final campaign the Braves will play at Turner Field. Based on the concessions being served, the ballpark will be going out with a bang.

[Braves Reddit, Fox Sports South]


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