Tino Asprilla Claims Man in T-Rex Costume Teaching Horse to Play Football Is Him

Joe Gallagher@joesgallagherFeatured ColumnistFebruary 19, 2016
Faustino Asprilla @TinoasprillaH

Enseñándole a mi caballo Firulai a jugad futbol. https://t.co/OBN1trmzm0

Here's a sentence you didn't expect to read today.

Ex-Newcastle United forward Faustino Asprilla took to Twitter to claim the person filmed in a dinosaur costume teaching a horse to play football is, in fact, him.

The Colombian insisted he is the Tyrannosaurus rex imposter who has gone viral and that the extremely talented horse is his very own Firulai.

You might well ask "why?" However, Asprilla didn't seem too keen to address that question.

Faustino Asprilla @TinoasprillaH

Teaching my horse how to play soccer. https://t.co/N4IMyG0GF5

But it appears the 46-year-old may have fooled the Internet because extended footage soon surfaced on Facebook:

So while not quite the football headline of the year, let's all at least enjoy the talents of this horse regardless.

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