Ten Top Tens After Week Three Of College Football

Mitch Wilson@sportschatplaceSenior Writer ISeptember 20, 2009

SEATTLE - SEPTEMBER 19:  Offensive guard Morgan Rosborough #70 of the Washington Huskies celebrates as time expires against the USC Trojans on September 19, 2009 at Husky Stadium in Seattle, Washington. The Huskies defeated the Trojans 16-13. (Photo by Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images)

Top Ten Teams

1. Florida-Got it done, that's all that matters.

2. Alabama-Looking better every week.

3. Texas-I'm not convinced they should be this high.

4. Boise State-Can you say BCS mess?

5. TCU-Played a cupcake.

6. Ole Miss-The SEC will sort itself out.

7. LSU-A third SEC West team.

8. Penn State-Best team in the worst conference.

9. Miami-Best team in the second best conference.

10. Cal-If it comes down to Kevin Riley having to win a game for them just give them an "L" now.

Ten Best Games

1. Washington 16, USC 13-Not too surprising, just fits the Trojan's trend.

2. Virginia Tech 16, Nebraska 15-One of the best finishes you will ever see.

3. Washington State 30, SMU 27 (OT)-This was just plain silly.

4. Oregon 31, Utah 24-And the longest winning streak ends.

5. Notre Dame 33, Michigan State 30-A see-saw battle.

6. Georgia 52, Arkansas 41-What is going on here?

7. Syracuse 37, Northwestern 34-The ol' game winning field goal.

8. Southern Miss 37, Virginia 34- Big time comeback.

9. MTSU 32, Maryland 31-It's official, MTSU has the Terps number.

10. Cal 35, Minnesota 21-Was close most of the way.

Top Ten Performers For Week Three

1. Jahvid Best-Ok, I'll say it: he may be the BEST.

2. Joe Cox-Matthew who?

3. Landry Jones-Does being the replacement mean you get the stats as well?

4. Jacory Harris-They don't call it quarterback U for nothing.

5. Jake Locker-Maybe he does make that big of a difference.

6. Tim Tebow-He looked like a one man band.

7. Ryan Mathews-Would have had 1,000 yards in a game if the endzone didn't keep getting in the way.

8. Andre Dixon-Maybe they won't miss Donald Brown too much.

9. Emmanuel Sanders-18 Catches.

10. Jeremy Avery-17 yards per carry.

Ten Myths and Pretenders Exposed

1. The ACC stinks-Beat two highly ranked out of conference opponents in one week.

2. The Big East stinks-Wonder what that makes Oregon State?

3. Florida is unbeatable-More than a few teams saw what it takes and it's running between the tackles.

4. BYU is going to the BCS-Yeah right.

5. Greg Paulus can't play QB-Yes he can and he can win games too.

6. The Big Ten is the second best conference-They aren't even third best.

7. Oregon is done-No they aren't.

8. The SEC is all about defense-I saw some pretty big scores yesterday.

9. Tyrrod Taylor can't throw-He can when it counts.

10. Colorado is the worst team-The win makes them just one of the worst.

Ten Random Observations

1. Jimmy Clausen can't throw anything but a fade- Sad but true.

2. Someone thinks football fans will buy anything-The Miracle Meatball?

3. Some people think the big news Internet sites are down-Way too many game recap articles.

4. The preseason rankings are already out the window-The current ones are even still sort of silly.

5. The whole "we beat them and they beat you" argument would be a big circle already-I never thought that one was a legit one anyway.

6. Someone wanted a "fashionable" Snuggie- I didn't know there was a public demand.

7. The refs don't seem so bad this year- Maybe it's just me.

8. There are more ugly uniforms than ever-What's up Gophers?

9. Miami and Florida State are still the fastest teams-And it isn't even close behind them.

10. Last year's clock rules changes haven't changed the game much-I was thinking at the time they were a disaster.

Ten Teams Who Have Improved The Most

1. Miami-Might not be all the way back but look very good.

2. Auburn-Didn't see this coming

3. Washington-I thought they would be a bowl team.

4. Michigan-Could win the Big Ten.

5. Clemson-Horribly under rated.

6. SMU-Lost yesterday but they are much better than they were.

7. Syracuse-Got into the win column and playing decent football.

8. South Carolina-Much better offense than a year ago.

9. UCLA-They're competitive.

10. Arkansas-Petrino will have them in gear soon enough.

The Ten Worst Teams

1. Ball State-Horrible.

2. Western Kentucky-Still stink.

3. Miami (OH)-Not even fun to watch.

4. Rice-What a difference a year makes.

5. Eastern Michigan-This list wouldn't be the same without at least one directional Michigan team.

6. New Mexico-They may need a newer Mexico.

7. San Jose State-No offense whatsoever.

8. Wyoming-Lost to Colorado, pretty much says it all.

9. Temple-They weren't this bad last year.

10. Michigan State-Not just an underachiever anymore. Now they outright stink as well.

Ten Memories From Week Three

1. Eric Berry's effort-He left it all on the field.

2. Ndamakong Suh's dominance-In a word, unbelievable.

3. Jake Locker's Grittiness-He didn't care who was supposed to win.

4. Jacory Harris' leadership-Beyond his years.

5. Tim Tebow's enthusiasm-Is every play for the National Title?

6. Tyrrod Taylor's calmness-Looked like he was in no rush at all to get the ball out.

7. Jahvid Best's flash and dash-If you blinked you missed it.

8. Mardy Gilyard's determination-He wasn't going to lose.

9. Ryan Mathew's breakaway speed-It was something to see.

10. A.J. Green's athleticism-It's something special.

Top Ten Games For Next Week

1. Miami at Virginia Tech-And just like that the ACC is all the rage.

2. California at Oregon-Will go a long way in the Pac-10 pecking order.

3. Mississippi at South Carolina-First real test for the Rebels.

4. TCU at Clemson- Just sounds interesting.

5. Iowa at Penn State-I think Lion fans have been waiting for this one.

6. Texas Tech at Houston-We may see 100 points.

7. South Florida at Florida State-If USF wants to be one of the big boys in the state, they'll have to beat one of the big boys in the state.

8. Arkansas at Alabama-Should be a decent game.

9. Southern Miss at Kansas-A lot of athletes on the field usually makes for a good game.

10. Illinois at Ohio State-A win in the Shoe could make the Illini's season.

Ten Games For Next Week They Should Cancel

1. Buffalo at Temple-The insomnia cure.

2. Washington State at USC-Someone may be a little angry after this past weekend.

3. Grambling State at Oklahoma State-Anyone want to pay for tickets to watch this?

4.Ball State at Auburn-Unwatchable unless you have friends who are 4th string for the Tigers who you want to see play some late in the game.

5. Sam Houston State at Tulsa-I didn't even know Sam Houston had a state named after him.

6. McNeese State at Tulane-During the offseason I always think I'd watch just about any game. On second thought maybe not.

7. Hofstra at Western Michigan-I just don't see the point.

8. Maine at Syracuse-Why bother?

9. Minnesota at Northwestern-And people wonder why the Big Ten has a reputation of being boring.

10. Northwestern State at Baylor-Next time Big 12 fans try and say their teams don't schedule softer than anyone else be sure to bring up this one.

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