Bills Fans Continue Destroying Tailgate Equipment with Finishing Moves

Dan Carson@@DrCarson73Trending Lead WriterOctober 12, 2015

You know what's a nice thing? A good, reliable folding table.

You can use them for picnics, charity drives, beer pong...maybe even a potato salad bar, if you're fancy.

Or you can just throw people through them. There's always that option—which is the only option, if you're a Buffalo Bills fan.

Because destruction is the fate of all furniture and equipment Buffalo fans bring to tailgate. Their folding table isn't a table. It is a prop in the 14-hour SummerSlam event Bills fans call "game day." They might rest some cups on it, but that's only for splash effect when the inevitable Zubaz-clad buttocks come crashing through it.

This is just the cost of doing business for Buffalo fans. They set the precedent early this season that they would try very hard to break everything at every tailgate with WWE finishing moves.

At first, they had trouble dialing in the distance, but they appear to have figured it out.

For The Win's Nick Schwartz spotted video of a Bills fan throwing a friend wearing a Marcell Dareus jersey through a table. It happened for no other reason than that the table was there.

If you've been keeping abreast of Bills fan-tivities this season, you'll remember the RKO table-battering that went down in September. I don't know how anyone walked away from it:

That being said, this most recent table-smashing is one of the more tame, successful moments seen at a Buffalo tailgate.

It was more on-target than this RKO attempt:

Jimmy Rowley @RowleyJimmy

Can't beat bills fans. Unreal. http://t.co/8KaxcYSnGo

And it didn't end in anyone taking a dizzy-bat header into an automobile:

So all said, pretty nice outing for Buffalo.

Dan is on Twitter. The world's safest fallout shelter is lined with four feet of solid Bills fans.

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