38-Year-Old Vince Carter Shows He Still Has Hops at P3 Sports Science Institute

Kyle Newport@@KyleNewportFeatured ColumnistSeptember 30, 2015
P3 @P3sportscience

At the age of 38, Vince Carter (@mrvincecarter15) can still ... http://t.co/eqXrhyrJie

Up against Father Time, it appears as though 38-year-old Vince Carter is holding his own in the battle.

Carter was as entertaining of a player to watch as there was during the peak years of Vinsanity. Age has changed his NBA role in recent seasons, but that doesn't mean his athleticism is gone.

The 6'6" Memphis Grizzlies swingman recently had a chance to show off his jumping ability at the P3 Sports Science Institute in Santa Barbara, California. Even after 17 seasons of professional basketball, Vinsanity still has some hops.