The Angels Are in the Wrong...Wait, What?

Ryan FliederContributor ISeptember 18, 2009


This story caught my eye... I'm sure all you baseball fans out there have been made aware of the controversy a few nights back in Fenway between the Red Sox and the Angels regarding a Red Sox bottom of the ninth comeback. Personally I think the umps missed some calls, but that's gonna happen. Trust me, watch a few Mariners games and you'll see a lot of these other teams really have no reason to complain. (Thank you, Tracer!)

Again, bad calls are going to be made. It happens in all sports...and at this point in the season where the Angels have virtually locked up the AL West and the Red Sox have virtually locked up the AL Wild Card, it really doesn't mean anything.

But take a look at that article. The Angels have some very justified reasons to complain, and the umpires are getting an investigation going against Los Angeles? They blew several calls late in the game that the Red Sox eventually won, and now they're trying to make the Angels look like some demons who verbally tortured the "poow wittle umpiowes?"

You've gotta be kidding me. It makes absolute sense for MLB to investigate the claims that the Angels made that umps are afraid to make big calls in places like Fenway. Especially when several other people have commented in agreement with Fuentes' claims! If anything, the MLB needs to investigate their umpires!

Let's knock this half-assed cover-up. It's insane that they're trying to smear the Angels so that the refs don't look so bad for blowing a game.


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