If FIFA Players Gave Press Conferences, They Would Go Something Like This...

Tom Webb@@tomwebby92UK Staff WriterSeptember 12, 2015

Warning: this video contains NSFW language.

Ever wanted to vent your disappointment after a particularly crushing game of FIFA? Or explain to everyone that your defeat had nothing to do with your own skill and everything to do with other factors? Yep, we've all been there.

Well, the team at The Greenfield Post have done just that, staging a hilarious press conference that sums up how it feels to lose a game of FIFA.

The parody has it all, from sticky fingers to foreign consoles and distracting partners.

With FIFA 16 due for release at the end of September, there will surely be many more iffy/totally legitimate excuses such as these just waiting to be shared.

[Facebook: The Greenfield Post]