NBA 2K16: Breaking Down Best New Features for This Year's Game

Brian Mazique@@UniqueMaziqueCorrespondent IIIAugust 31, 2015

image provided by 2K Sports

When trying to determine the best new features in NBA 2K16, the task is difficult. Once again, 2K Sports has launched a virtual grocery list of new additions to ignite the anticipation of their ever-growing fanbase. 

In less than a month, we'll all have access to the newest version of the now-iconic virtual hoops series. Here are the three best new features revealed to this date:

Team Customization and 2K Pro-Am

image provided by 2K Sports

When it comes to the sports video game universe, 2K Sports just might be the undisputed king of customization. Last year, NBA 2K15 introduced Face Scanning, MyLeague and MyGM roster editing, 150 create-a-player slots and more.

This year, customization has been taken to another level. 

One of the features I'd been missing in the MyTeam and Ultimate Team modes was the ability to create a logo, stadium and uniform for my team. MLB: The Show has allowed this level of customization in Diamond Dynasty for years, but NBA 2K and the EA Sports lineup were lagging behind in this regard.

Well, now EA Sports games are in that boat alone. The options we'd been yearning for are shown off in the video below that highlights the customization in 2K Pro-Am.

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Fans of the old crew mode are getting the same concept and more with 2K Pro Am, full team customization and leaderboard support, as up to five gamers can team up with their branded squads to test their mettle against the community.

There was a time when the now-defunct NCAA Football series from EA Sports allowed gamers the option to upload logos. The system was called Team Builder, and it was great. NBA 2K has borrowed that concept and built on every aspect of team customization to bring its fans one of the best features I've seen in sports video games this year.

What's even better is that this tool will be accessible in other modes of the game. 

That's right. In MyGM, you can relocate your team—with league approval—and use the same creation tool to create a new identity for your squad. What's more, if you move the franchise to another state, the game will automatically realign the divisions. 

In MyLeague, you can relocate all 30 teams if you want, and you don't need league approval in the sandbox mode. This is a hardcore customization fans dream.


The customization doesn't end with the teams. It trickles down to the creation of your individual MyPlayers. Finally, 2K Sports has upgraded their tattoo game.

In NBA 2K16, you'll be able to choose from 1,500 designs that you can scale, rotate and layer to make an almost endless array of virtual body art. It's demonstrated in the video included in the tweet above from NBA 2K.

It would have been nice if the game allowed you to upload images that could be made into tattoos, but there's no doubt this feature is leagues ahead of what has been offered in years past. 

Colleges in MyCareer

Ever since college sports games were taken away from us, a good number of fans have been longing for the return of the collegiate element in games.

While there are no public plans for 2K Sports to revive its College Hoops 2K series, NBA 2K16 might be set to deliver the next best thing. In one of the latest trailers, there's a segment at the end of the video that features a MyPlayer making an announcement about a college choice.

It's part of the #BeTheStory campaign that centers around the journey of your MyPlayer in the MyCareer mode. The trailer is intentionally vague, but it obviously adds intrigue.

This news is music to the ears of fans who want to see college sports return to video games in some manner. Hopefully, this proves to be just a stepping stone toward an all-out return to the virtual campus in 2K Sports and other publishers of sports video games.

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