Barcelona Allegedly Charge €54 for a Baby to Attend Match at the Camp Nou

Tom Webb@@tomwebby92UK Staff WriterAugust 26, 2015

Getty Images

As if they don't have enough money already, Barcelona are now allegedly charging babies to attend matches at the Camp Nou.

Roso Castellsagues was reportedly charged €54 so her baby could join her for the second leg of the Spanish Super Cup at the Camp Nou.

Castellsagues wrote to newspaper El Periodico de Catalunya, per Marca, telling how she had bought six tickets for the match online, turning up with five friends and her baby, only for the infant to be denied entry because it did not have a ticket.

Instead, Barcelona said she should pay €54 for a seat in another part of the ground, despite the obvious fact the 10-month-old would end up sitting on the mother's lap, leaving the paid-for seat unattended.

[h/t Marca]