Nothing to Watch Between Sundays

Michael DonatoContributor ISeptember 15, 2009

Today is why football will never touch baseball as far as greatest sport goes. Football has it’s moments...on Sundays. Today there is nothing on again until Sunday. That’s too many days without a game being played for me to really get into it.

I don’t watch amateur sports, so college football gives me no respite. Even that’s not until Saturday. There is only so much midweek analysis I can take, sooner or later I just want to see more action. There is preseason hockey, but that’s not overly exciting, the Islanders aren’t on tonight, and Taveras has the flu anyway.

It’s no wonder television starts around this time. As most baseball teams are just finishing off the schedule fans like me are mentally switching gears to other things. I’ll have MLB playoffs to watch in October many nights, but in terms of devoting myself to a sports team and getting excited, football just isn’t played often enough for me. It’s no more exciting than happy hour drinks on Friday night; great for a couple of hours, but a momentary distraction.


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