Ravens Kicker Justin Tucker Nails Matthew McConaughey Impression in Local TV Ad

Dan Carson@@DrCarson73Trending Lead WriterAugust 17, 2015


Justin Tucker has given us many gifts, from ooh killin' em to on-field fantasy owner shout-outs, but he may have just now offered up the rarest sports thing of all: the actually good local television advertisement.

Now, this is not to be confused with all-timers like Jonathan Ogden's Gebco rubdown or Timofey Mozgov's tryst with his favorite daytime bartender.

Those are separate local television spots existing in an entirely different bracket from Tucker's ad, which resides in the realm of well-executed advertisements that won't make you reflexively scratch your tongue.

That is to say, Tucker's ad is pretty all right!

The Baltimore Ravens kicker does a serviceable Matthew McConaughey impression while spoofing the actor's weird 2014 Lincoln commercials. I don't know anything about Carbiz, but I do know I would watch more of Tucker rolling an invisible booger as he waxes on socially indefensible habits.

I mean, it beats True Detective Season 2.

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