Cleveland Browns Fans: Stop Pushing Your Panic Button

Daniel WolfSenior Writer ISeptember 14, 2009

Why is it that Cleveland Browns fans love to hate their team so much?

I remember back in August after the first preseason game against the Green Bay Packers and everyone was hating on the Browns for a terrible loss, but it was crazy how fast it seemed that every Browns fan turned on their team.

I will blame it on passion, but is your passion really in seeing your Browns team improve? Or is it too focused on the past problems and negativity?

Remember that it is easier to look at the negative, because there has been so much in the past decade, and that sticks in your mind for a longer time, but the positive is where every Browns fan's focus should be.

Stop being so negative and let the season take its natural course; because you cannot control the depth chart, you cannot call the plays, and you cannot put on pads and a helmet to go out on the field and change the outcome of the game either.

You can only sit back with a beverage and some chips and watch the game either on television, computer, or live at the stadium every week.

The Browns are rebuilding, but the negativity from the fans does not help the rebuilding process because so many readers can be easily influenced by what is written here on Bleacher Report.

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Can we just stick to positive Browns articles and comments?

If there is one thing that can get us through a possible long and tough season ahead, it is positivity.

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