Fumbles and Interceptions: Which One Is Jake Delhomme Better At?

Aaron LiebmanAnalyst ISeptember 14, 2009

Hoping to justify his new contract and shake off his horrible performance of six turnovers in last season's playoff game, Carolina quarterback Jake Delhomme played like we were watching a rerun of last January’s game.

Not only did he throw interceptions, he threw the ball right to the Philadelphia defense. Not only did he fumble, but the ball seemingly jumped behind him right to the goal line, but not quite touching the end zone.

After leading his team on an opening drive, clock consuming touchdown, Delhomme was embarrassed more than Jeff Van Gundy at Michael Jordan's Hall-of-Fame induction.

It wasn’t just making mistakes; it was the way he made them. It seemed as if he transcended the act of the turnover, and turned it into an art form.

Delhomme finished the game with four interceptions and a lost fumble, before being taken out of the game. He only threw for 73 yards.

Now, Carolina must make some tough decisions. 

It seems as though Delhomme's best days are behind him, but with the money they just spent on him, either way they seem to lose.

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No one will trade with them and inherit his contract. If they cut him, they don't get a single thing in return. And if they keep playing him, the losses will mount and the fan base will grow weary.

Obviously, the Player of the Week must be Drew Brees. And obviously, the Flop of the Week must be Jake Delhomme. 

But instead of giving out a Least Valuable Player of the Week award, I’d like to go the Don Imus route, and name Jake Delhomme my Nappy-Headed-Ho of the Week.