Troy Tulowitzki Trade Leads to Awkward Moment for 'Jeopardy!' Viewers

Kyle Newport@@KyleNewportFeatured ColumnistJuly 30, 2015

via @_drewcampbell
Drew Campbell @_drewcampbell

Even @Jeopardy (July 29) didn't see the #Tulowitzki trade coming. Keep 'em on their toes @BlueJays cc: @Sid_Seixeiro http://t.co/FPVDtwSwxA

To say the recent trade of Troy Tulowitzki was stunning would be an understatement.

It was so shocking, not even Jeopardy! saw it coming.

The Colorado Rockies caught the entire baseball world off guard by trading Tulowitzki to the Toronto Blue Jays on Tuesday. The star shortstop's name had been in trade rumors for the past year or so, but there hadn't been anything substantial reported recently until the trade actually went down.

As a result, Wednesday's episode of Jeopardy! had a bit of an awkward moment for viewers when a clue about Tulowitzki being on a team with "mile high hopes" popped up.

Jeopardy! episodes are taped long before they're aired, so there is no way Alex Trebek or anyone involved with the show could have known that a trade would happen. Trebek, who is from Canada, can at least just laugh it off knowing that Tulowitzki now plays for Toronto.



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