The Best Dunks from the 2014/'15 NBA Season

August 2, 2015

The Best Dunks from the 2014/'15 NBA Season

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    Mark J. Terrill/Associated Press

    When Marvin the Martian heard about the earth-shattering technology in Blake Griffin's new kicks, he challenged the NBA star to a dunk contest

    Now the seemingly amiable character has made it clearhe's coming not only for Blake, but for all of us on planet Earth.

    Luckily for Griffin (and for the rest of us, of course), Blake will be wearing his soon-to-be-released Super.Fly 4 sneakers so he can get a little more air to throw down. The shoes will be released to the public August 5. That is, as long as Griffin beats Marvin.

    Need a sturdy heel to balance Blake's insane agility? The Super.Fly 4s have it.

    Need a breathable mesh to maximize comfort? It's there, too.

    Griffin should be able to beat Marvin, especially in his new kicks. Until then, let's comfort ourselves with some of the best dunks from this past season, just to remind everyone that humans are way better at dunking than miniature Martians. 

10. Eric Bledsoe Skies for the Putback

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    When we talk about the most athletic point guards in the league, what are the first names mentioned? Russell Westbrook, John Wall and probably Eric Bledsoe, right?

    Here, Bled shows off not just his insane leaping abilities but also his incredible rebounding skills from the point guard position. You get 'em, E.

9. K.J. Goes off the Backboard

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    Three bonus points for creativity here.

    K.J. McDaniels made a name for himself during the first half of the season with the Philadelphia 76ers swatting shots and making high-flying plays like this one. But it's not just the dunk that's impressive here. It's also the presence of mind to toss the ball off the backboard and finish strong.

8. Lance Flushes Larry Sanders

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    Well, this is a healthy way to start off the season with a new team.

    Yes, this Lance Stephenson dunk came on opening night, and it seems like each guy involved (Stephenson, who did the dunking, and Larry Sanders, who got dunked on) saw his season go in an unfavorable fashion. Still, opening night is a time for dreams, and Stephenson must've gotten the Charlotte Hornets fanbase pretty pumped with this one.

7. Russell Westbrook's Putback over O.J. Mayo

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    We mentioned that Bledsoe is one of the three most athletic point guards in the league. Well, no one has the physical gifts of Russell Westbrook in terms of speed, power and jumping. No one.

    Like Bledsoe, he shows off why he isn't just an athletic specimen but is also capable of more than scoring, when he throws down this sick putback. Apologies go out to O.J. Mayo.

6. Gary Harris' Mom Misses Her Son's Dunk

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    The look on Harris' mom's face after her son finishes one of the dunks of the season is classic. She's so disappointed she happened to miss her kid annihilate someone else on the court.

    Luckily for her, though, replays exist. I'm sure she's seen this video more times than she can count since the slam actually happened. 

5. James Ennis Lets Go on Rasual Butler

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    Rasual Butler, welcome (back) to the NBA.

    This one came early in the season, when Butler was new to the Washington Wizards and Ennis—a second-year forward on the Miami Heat—was just starting to get some burn for the first time in his career. He apparently didn't want to let that go to waste.

4. Reggie Jackson Finishes Brook Lopez

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    Westbrook isn't the only member of the Oklahoma City Thunder who can dunk on guys. Reggie Jackson is—or was, before he was traded to the Pistons—in that club, too.

    Here, he goes to the rim only to find Brook Lopez, who doesn't exactly do the best job of deterring him.

3. The Future Dunks on the Future

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    Andrew Wiggins spent much of an end-of-season game trying to slam on the future of the Utah Jazz's defense, Rudy Gobert. 

    Eventually, he was successful. But don't worry, Gobert got his revenge in with a sick block on Wiggins later in the contest.

2. DeMarcus Cousins Goes Coast-to-Coast

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    Few centers can get a rebound at one end, go coast-to-coast and then dunk on someone. Actually, maybe it's not that "few" can. Maybe only one can.

    DeMarcus Cousins is one of a kind. No matter what you think of him, we're all in agreement he's at worst a top-10 talent in the league. Just watch and marvel over what he can do.

1. Blake Griffin Ruins Aron Baynes

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    Let's be real—the man who is trying to save humanity from ill-willed interstellar life has to be first on the list.

    When you watch Griffin dunk on Aron Baynes once, then twice, then thrice in a postseason game, just remember one thing: Baynes got $20 million from the Detroit Pistons this offseason. Just imagine how much Marvin could end up earning if he loses out to Griffin, considering how much more marketable he is than the Aussie.