12 Social Media Sports Creepers

Laura Depta@lauradeptaFeatured ColumnistJuly 20, 2015

12 Social Media Sports Creepers

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    David J. Phillip/Associated Press

    Cardale Jones hit on Ronda Rousey via Twitter, but it really wasn't that bad, at least not compared to sports' other social media creepers. 

    What makes someone a creeper? There's no specific definition—it's really more of a feeling someone evokes with his or her actions. For instance, asking another man's girlfriend to go to Wingstop with you on Twitter equals "creeper." 

    For the sake of clarification, the following 12 sports figures shouldn't necessarily be defined or labeled permanently as creepers. Rather, there is just evidence of one or more instances of creepage—big difference. 

    Either way, here they are. Some are only low-level offenders, and others...well, others are J.R. Smith. 

Honorable Mention: Brent Musburger

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    Brent Musberger did not creep AJ McCarron's then-girlfriend, now-wife Katherine Webb on social media, so he gets an honorable mention.

    He did, however, creep her hard on live television, during the 2013 BCS National Championship Game broadcast. According to Cindy Boren of the Washington Post, Musburger said, "You quarterbacks, you get all the good-looking women. What a beautiful woman."

    Stay classy, Musburger.

Nick Young

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    Nick Young apparently creeped on Iggy Azalea via social media, which is how the two originally started dating. That's according to Juliet Paylor of the Daily Mail, who reported that Young dubbed the rapper his #WCW (woman crush Wednesday).

    That said, he couldn't have been all that creepy, since the two are now engaged

    Creep level: Low

Andre Drummond

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    Darron Cummings/Associated Press

    The Nick Young situation is reminiscent of that one time Andre Drummond initiated a courtship with actress Jennette McCurdy on Twitter.

    Basically, he made it a standing tradition to #WCW her, a tradition that finally resulted in a courtship. Said courtship fizzled out pretty quickly, however, unlike the true-love story of Iggy and Swaggy.

    Creep level: Low

Cardale Jones

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    You know Cardale Jones as the hero of the College Football Playoff National Championship Game—the third-string Ohio State quarterback who led the Buckeyes to a title. 

    Now you can also think of him as a low-level social media creeper.

    Jones recently attempted to gain the affections of UFC juggernaut Ronda Rousey, tweeting, "Is it weird that I have a crush on @RondaRousey and scared of her at the same time."

    Rousey later called Jones' tweet "complimentary" in a video for Fox Sports

    Creep level: Low

Jadeveon Clowney and Pablo Sandoval

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    Jon Barash/Associated Press

    Both Jadeveon Clowney and Pablo Sandoval (and probably others; definitely J.R. Smith) have gotten caught creeping on social media during games.

    In and of itself, this offense is not so much creepy as it's just inappropriate conduct for a professional athlete. That said, both Clowney and Sandoval were caught liking selfies of attractive ladies, which elevates this to a low creeper level. 

    Creep level: Low

Joel Embiid

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    Joel Embiid is a social media creeper in a funny way. He started off by asking out a married Kim Kardashian and later moved on to Rihanna. 

    RiRi has been the object of his virtual affection ever since. He has asked her out, Photoshopped her into images and wished her a happy birthday. It's all been pretty harmless, though, and Rihanna herself even followed him and favorited one of his Tweets. 

    Creep level: Low-Medium

Troy Aikman

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    Jordan Strauss/Associated Press

    In 2013, NFL Hall of Famer Troy Aikman reportedly attempted to woo actress Mari Morrow via direct message on Twitter. The only problem was, Aikman apparently didn't understand how to properly DM (or how to spell Morrow's name, for that matter).

    This was creepy, for sure, but it was mostly just embarrassing for Aikman. 

    Creep level: Medium

Barry Bonds

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    Willie Mays is Barry Bonds' godfather—that much is common knowledge among sports folk.

    What remains unclear is why Bonds would post an Instagram selfie of himself next to a sleeping Mays. 

    Creep level: Medium

Darnell Dockett

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    RICK SCUTERI/Associated Press

    Brent Musburger wasn't the only one who noticed Katherine Webb at the 2013 national championship game. NFL defensive tackle Darnell Dockett attempted to direct-message the beauty on Twitter.

    But, oops—he accidentally pulled an Aikman.

    Dockett publicly tweeted at her, giving her a phone number and suggesting they go to Wingstop. Swoon.  

    Creep level: Medium-High

Michael Del Zotto

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    Laurence Kesterson/Associated Press

    In November, adult film star Lisa Ann put NHL defenseman Michael Del Zotto on blast for allegedly attempting to solicit her help in setting up dates. 

    Full disclosure: It appears Ann's annoyance stemmed from the abundance of texts she received from Del Zotto (as opposed to tweets), but we'll include it here anyway since she expressed her irritation on social media. 

    Ann tweeted, "Yes, @MichaelDelZotto the STUD NHL player... For some reason he thinks I am a dating service and will arrange dates for him." 

    Creep level: High

Mario Balotelli

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    Scott Heppell/Associated Press

    What would you do if Mario Balotelli creeped on your girlfriend on Instagram?

    Screen shot the conversation and post it to social media…obviously.   

    That's exactly what one boyfriend from Iceland did when Balotelli put the virtual moves on his 19-year-old girlfriend. 

    Creep level: High  

Jose Canseco

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    Reeling from a breakup with his fiance in 2014, former MLB slugger Jose Canseco took to Twitter to find a replacement.

    He chose a married Shania Twain as his first target. Canseco tweeted, "@ShaniaTwain want to get married we were supposed to meet when I played for the blue Jays in 1998." 

    That is only low-to-medium creepy, but what launched Canseco into high gear was the shirtless photo he followed up with. Oh, and also, his Instagram feed doesn't exactly give off a creep-free vibe with this photo of a dog emerging from his pants. 

    Creep level: High

J.R. Smith

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    J.R. Smith is sort of like the OG of social media creepers.

    Way back in February 2013, Barry Petchesky of Deadspin reported that Smith engaged in a suggestive (and NSFWTwitter conversation with a high school senior. At one point, he asked her, "You trying to get the pipe?" He later posted this photo to explain his choice of words. 

    Creep level: High