Troy Polamalu, Meet the Madden Curse

Jarrett CarterAnalyst ISeptember 11, 2009

Every year, some ultra-competitive, non-superstitious athlete signs up to be on the cover of the Madden NFL football video game.

Every year, an unfortunate happenstance befalls that athlete.

This year, it just happens to work out for the Ravens’ benefit, as Troy Polamalu went down in last night’s season opener with what is now being called an MCL sprain.

Pittsburgh Steelers All-Pro safety Troy Polamalu sprained the medial collateral ligament in his left knee late in the first half of their 13-10 overtime victory against Tennessee on Thursday night. Coach Mike Tomlin said the injury usually sidelines a player from three to six weeks.

I feel bad for Polamalu because he’s a tremendous player, has funny commercials, and seems pretty likeable. But you can’t root for the Ravens and not take heart in the Steeler’s losing one of their best players, even if just for a few weeks. Polamalu out of the lineup could mean a win or a loss that could be the difference in if the Ravens with the AFC North.

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