Dream Casting 'Space Jam 2' with Current Sports Stars

Nick Dimengo@@itsnickdimengoFeatured ColumnistJuly 16, 2015

Dream Casting 'Space Jam 2' with Current Sports Stars

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    When the first Space Jam movie came out in 1996, the man who headlined the cast was none other than Michael Jordan, arguably the greatest hoops player ever.

    While the movie received mixed reviews, one thing became clear—sports fans fell in love with the flick, developing somewhat of a cult following as time went on.

    And with rumors floating around for the past year that there will be a sequel to the original, fans have been anticipating updates as to whom will be starring in it. Even Los Angeles Lakers shooting guard Nick Young offered his thoughts a couple weeks ago.

    So, who deserves to get the nod and earn a spot in the cast? I put my casting director hat on and list the dream cast for Space Jam 2, using current sports stars.

Kevin James as Stan Podolak

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    Charles Sykes/Associated Press

    Original Cast: Wayne Knight AKA Newman from Seinfeld

    OK, so maybe I'm typecasting a bit here, but if the Space Jam 2 creators want to stick with a bigger guy who also happens to be hilarious—who else but Kevin James fits that bill?

    Besides a slew of movies that James has starred in that have done well at the box office, he also happens to be a big-time sports fan, making it easier for him to take the role as Stan Podolak, the publicist who is expected to keep people from bothering Michael Jordan.

    As long as James isn't asked to actually participate in any sports scenes, he should be OK—he's proved in the past that he's not be too nimble in action.

LeBron James Jr. in Young Michael Jordan's Role

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    Original Cast: Eric Gordon

    For so many reasons having LeBron James Jr. playing the part of a young Michael Jordan in the Space Jam sequel makes so much sense.

    First off, Bronny is the son of the most dominant basketball player on the planet right now, showing similar skills to his dad during his AAU games and boggling the minds of opponents with his ridiculous handles and passing ability.

    Second, well, come on, the kid is already well-known on the hoops circuit and is actually getting offers from some colleges—and he's only 10 years old! With that much pub already, why not add a film credit to his still growing resume?

    Lastly, I say the director incorporates this role a little bit more into Space Jam 2, making this youngster play some sort of savior for the Tune Squad somehow. Don't you agree? What else could be cooler than that for the younger James.

Bill Murray as Bill Murray

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    Eric Charbonneau/Associated Press

    Original Cast: Bill Murray

    Wait, what? Yep, you're reading that correctly. I'm actually casting actor Bill Murray to return as himself in Space Jam 2 to help the Tune Squad take on the Monstars.

    Really, who else but Murray should play this role? I mean, one could make the argument that someone younger and still relevant like Woody Harrelson could fill in nicely, but even then, the former White Men Can't Jump star doesn't do the role justice.

    Arguably one of the coolest cats around, Murray should be given the first, second and third choice to return to action in this sequel—and then offered a pay raise until he says yes.

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson as Mister Swackhammer

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    Original Cast: Danny DeVito's Voice

    If there's one thing that comes to mind when thinking about former wrestler and current action star Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, it's being mega-tough.

    From his finger being completely disoriented the other day to him being one badass dude, who would make a better Monstars coach than this guy?

    Every head coach is always talking about how his team takes on the identity of its leader, and there isn't a more powerful, scary or intimidating man than Mr. Johnson here. Really, if you saw him walking toward you, would you do anything but wilt?

    Let's get this guy to sign up!

Monstars: Russell Westbrook as Blanko

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    Zacharie Scheurer/Associated Press

    Original Cast: Shawn Bradley

    Sure, the original Space Jam had former poster boy Shawn Bradley as Blanko, but if I wanted to get a tall, white guy who was best-known for being dunked on, I would have chosen someone like Timofey Mozgov.

    Instead, I chose the colorful and passionate Russell Westbrook, who, in a way, plays with the reckless abandonment one would assume a Monstar does, laying it all on the line for his Oklahoma City Thunder teammates each night.

    Rather than add another big man to the Monstar roster, why not switch it up and have Westbrook be the heart and soul of the squad, dropping buckets himself or setting up his mates—which he proved in the NBA regular season by winning the scoring title and finishing fourth in assists.

Monstars: Nate Robinson as Nawt

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    Kelvin Kuo/Associated Press

    Original Cast: Muggsy Bogues

    The only three-time winner of the NBA's Slam Dunk Contest, Nate Robinson has some serious moves when it comes to playing basketball.

    Although he's generously listed at 5'9", Robinson hasn't been stopped from having a successful career and being capable of playing with the big boys who typically occupy the paint.

    Unafraid to show his personality no matter where he goes, Robinson would be one of the best choices out there if Space Jam 2 is looking for a pint-sized baller, like the original Mugssy Bogues, to fill the role of Nawt. With the movie character's name eerily similar to his own, it seems like destiny if you ask me.

Monstars: Blake Griffin as Bupkus

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    Original Cast: Larry Johnson

    One of the most insane athletes currently in the NBA, Blake Griffin in Space Jam 2 is an absolute must for the casting team.

    A superstar who has become the face of numerous brands thanks to his humor and charm, Griffin would do well snagging the role of Bupkus, played by former NBA All-Star Larry Johnson in the original.

    With a similar skill set to Grandmama—both players have a mean streak on the floor yet are able to show charisma while off of it—making Griffin Bupkus is a no-brainer if you ask me.

    Plus, it'd be pretty rad to see Griffin posterize some of the Tune Squad with his nasty dunks, wouldn't it?

Monstars: Anthony Davis as Bang

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    Original Cast: Patrick Ewing

    The youngest Monstar of the bunch, New Orleans Pelicans superstar Anthony Davis is the ideal choice to take over the role formerly held down by Patrick Ewing.

    In addition to being an absolute freak himself—I mean, he can seriously do it all, even though he's a big man physically—The Eyebrow is actually built like a monster, it seems, with broad shoulders and a deep voice that would intimidate any of the players on the Tune Squad.

    As the next big superstar in the NBA, getting Davis to commit to a starring role would be wise.

Monstars: Paul Pierce as Pound

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    Nick Wass/Associated Press

    Original Cast: Charles Barkley

    There is a spoiler alert with this photo considering I haven't yet mentioned who my choice is for the starring role. (Hint: He plays for the Cleveland Cavaliers and has won four NBA MVP Awards).

    Without giving it away completely and with so much great history between them in real life, who else but one of that person's most bitter rivals should battle him in Space Jam 2?

    For that reason, I think the role of Pound should go to Paul Pierce, who, though older, is still one of the most clutch and devastating players in the league, hitting ridiculous shots in crunch time and having a burning desire to win another title.

    Plus, Pierce just inked a deal with the Los Angeles Clippers, so traveling to and from a movie set just got that much simpler.

Tune Squad: LeBron James in Michael Jordan's Role

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    Phil Long/Associated Press

    OK guys, now I know I'm not the only person who saw this one coming, right? After all, casting LeBron James as the main superstar in Space Jam 2 makes so much sense that it's not even funny.

    In addition to the four-time NBA MVP admitting that the original film was one of his favorite growing up—mainly because Bron wanted to be so much like Michael Jordan himself—there hasn't been a baller on the planet who has captivated the global scene like James has since MJ left the league.

    After playing a supporting role in this summer's comedy Trainwreck, it's time for James to snag a starring role and reprise the player-coach position for the Tune Squad.