Jed Mildon Lands 1st Quadruple Backflip on BMX Bike, Is a Crazy Person

Dan Carson@@DrCarson73Trending Lead WriterJuly 13, 2015


After months of dry runs on the airbag, pro rider and Nitro Circus affiliate Jed Mildon landed the world's first quadruple BMX backflip at Travis Pastrana's home compound in Davidsonville, Maryland.

Four years in the planning, the jump ended a race between Mildon and fellow rider James Foster to see who could land the trick first. 

Mildon completed the four flips after months of ramp tweaking and failed attempts.

Foster wasn't as lucky in his pursuit of the quad, falling prey to injury after some nasty failed jumps. The two had worked together to solve the mysteries of the trick, but Foster was ultimately forced to sit on the sideline as Mildon achieved their goal.

Just how dangerous is the quad flip? Foster spoke to Transworld.net's Jeff Zielinski about the painful process of trying to beat his friend to the punch on the quad.

"My first try I drifted to the side a little and missed the landing because the first landing was not what it needed to be," Foster said. "...I broke two ribs on the second try, and went back six weeks later to try it again, and ended up breaking two more ribs on my first attempt back."

In all, Foster said he broke just about all his ribs trying to land the trick: 

Ten broken ribs and a separated shoulder. I broke five ribs on tour with Nitro in Australia right before we were supposed to go back out to Travis’, and re-broke another when I came up short on the airbag landing when I was only 70-80% healed from that injury.

So in case you were thinking about doing anything resembling a BMX backflip, just know that your ribcage quickly becomes forfeit. 

Leave the quad flip to the professional crazy people. It's their job.

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