Anthony Davis Has an Adorable Pet Monkey Named 'Meek'

Thomas Duffy@@TJDhoopsFeatured ColumnistJuly 11, 2015


On Saturday, Bleacher Report’s Ric Bucher came to Twitter bearing good news: New Orleans Pelicans superstar Anthony Davis owns a pet monkey.

His name is Meek, and Meek is adorable.

The Brow posted a picture of the marmoset—which typically weigh under a pound as adults—on his Instagram account June 13 but didn’t indicate that it was his pet:

Ric Bucher @RicBucher

Anthony Davis' marmoset. Yes, AD has a pet marmoset & someone to carry it. Yes, that's a tiny diaper. #145milatwork http://t.co/a7oEcc8zKf

According to Bucher, Davis also has someone to carry Meek around. For folks wondering why AD decided this was a good idea, here’s a simple explanation:

Five years, $145 million.

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