Golfer Uses Hammer Club, Hose Pipe Club and Longest Driver for Trick Shots

Kyle Newport@@KyleNewportFeatured ColumnistJune 23, 2015

via GoPro

There have been golf trick-shot videos done in the past, but there are probably very few that are as creative as golfer Karsten Maas' latest video.

Many trick-shot videos involve complicated shots and/or teamwork. That's not the case here. Maas is essentially just taking tee shots—with a twist.

The golfer isn't using the typical golf club. Instead, he is using a hammer club, a hose pipe club and a world-record driver. The only thing he is missing is a hockey stick putter, like Happy Gilmore.

Thanks to GoPro cameras, Maas is able to give the audience a few different views of the shots.

[GoPro, h/t Next Impulse Sports]


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