College Football Week One: More Questions Than Answers

Joseph CiracoCorrespondent ISeptember 7, 2009

  • Did anyone think Notre Dame against Michigan this week might be relevant or even interesting?  We all knew that ND had two fantastic receivers but when did the offensive line learn to run block?  When did the Michigan defensive players decide to start playing hard again?  Did I miss the return of Lloyd Carr?
  • The second tier teams in the Big 12 are better than expected.  Missouri crushed a poor Illinois team while Nebraska showed a lot more athleticism in drubbing FAU.  Let's not forget about Kansas and that stellar offense and improved defense.
  • Even before Sam Bradford got hurt, where was the Sooner offense?  We all know they replaced 80 percent of that offensive line and were without the best TE in college football but...that first half was mediocre.  Oregon looked nothing like the team that we saw last year.  Again, they returned only one offensive lineman but eight points?
  • Ohio St. is in "serious" trouble against USC.  If the game was being played at USC, the Buckeyes would lose by 20.  Since it's not, expect USC to win by 10. 
  • Al Groh might not make it that far into this season if Virginia plays another game like they did Saturday.  Losing to William & Mary is bad enough but seven turnovers?
  • LSU didn't look very impressive in beating Washington and Georgia barely played after the first quarter against Oklahoma St.  Is the SEC over-hyped or what?
  • Lane Kiffin is cluless and arrogant.  I guess Tennessee ran up the score and yards from scrimmage because he knows Florida is going to do the same to his team in a few weeks.  Nothing like offsetting the stats, right?
  • Dan Hawkins might be following Al Groh to the unemployment line if he can't get his team to wake up after that horrendous first half against Colorado St.  His defense allowed over 250 yards in the first half.

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