Arizona Coyotes Fan Dresses Down Glendale Mayor at City Council Meeting

Dan Carson@@DrCarson73Trending Lead WriterJune 11, 2015


The city of Glendale, Arizona, and the Arizona Coyotes are currently armoring up for a legal battle.

The issue at hand is the team's arena lease—a $225 million, 15-year agreement between the town and the franchise struck in 2013. The deal had its detractors, among them Glendale mayor Jerry Weiers, who was publicly ridden into the ground Wednesday night by a fan fed up with the local government's attempts to cut ties with the franchise.

Ronda Pearson, a Coyotes season ticket holder, took the floor at a special city council meeting in Glendale and ripped the mayor up, down and sideways over his selective support of the team.

Uproxx's Pete Blackburn dug up video of the monologue. Standing before the city council and a group of Coyotes fans, Pearson went 100 percent HAM-town on Weiers, ripping the mayor for accepting freebies from the team but doing nothing in return.

A transcript of Pearson's remarks:

Mainly this is directed at you, Mayor Weiers. I'm curious, because I go to all Coyotes games because I've been a season-ticket holder for several years now—full season, not a half season, not a partial season, full season. I've seen you at games, so many games...sporting a jersey that looks just like this one with "Mayor" on the back and the number one on the back. How much did you pay for your jersey? How much did you pay for your tickets for those games? Because I know I paid a hell of a lot more than you did.

I support this team. You don't. You don't show up to games and pay for your tickets. None of you [the city council] do. Why were you at the Super Bowl? Because you didn't buy a ticket. Someone gave you tickets. What happened to all the events that comes with the Super Bowl? The NFL moved them to Scottsdale because of you. ... I hauled butt to get here so I can speak my mind, because I support this team. It's you that doesn't support any sport in this city. Not football and certainly not hockey.

What you're doing is childish, it's pathetic and it's just disrespectful to the citizens who voted you in office and for all of us that spent so much time and energy supporting this team when you never did.

That metallic thud you heard just now was a metaphorical mic drop reverberating from Glendale. Pearson even ended it with a walk-off raised fist:

Despite Pearson's efforts, the council went ahead and voted 5-2 to dissolve its contract with the Coyotes. According to ESPN.com, the team is already putting together a $200 million lawsuit against the city in response.

As for Weiers, he concluded the meeting by magnanimously telling upset fans that their feeble minds couldn't possibly grasp the issue at hand.

"We've all taken a beating tonight here, and I think it's all unjust because most of the fans don't understand the complexity of this issue," Weiers said. "The complexity of this issue is the fact that you don't have all the information. When you have more information, I think you will have a better understanding."

Any timeline on that information being made public?

If so, Pearson and local taxpayers might've wanted a gander at it, you know, before the city voted to be sued for hundreds of millions of dollars.

Just sayin'.

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