Olympic Cyclist Manages to Toast Slice of Bread Using Just the Power of His Legs

Sean Fay@@Sean_FayUK Staff WriterJune 4, 2015


We are exhausted just watching this video—exhausted and kind of craving a slice of toast. 

Olympic track cyclist Robert Forstemann took on the challenge of powering a 700-watt toaster using just the power generated by his cycling. It looked like tough work. 

As noted in the description of the video: 

The challenge was set up to show how much energy we humans consume compared to what we can generate. This is a graduation project from the Stockholm Academy of Dramatic Arts filmed in Stockholm, Sweden.

The finishing examples estimate how many Roberts that would be needed to power either a petrol car consuming 6,5l/100km for one hour, or a one-hour Boeing 737-800 flight.

All we know is a regular slice of bread will have to do for breakfast if the power is out in the morning.

We also kind of want to see 43,000 Forstemanns try to power an aeroplane.

[YouTube: The Toaster Challenge]

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