Student Performs 'Stone Cold Stunner' on Friend During Graduation

Arman Walia@ArmanWalia Featured ColumnistJune 3, 2015


Graduating high school is a pretty big moment in a young person's life. Multiple years of hard work and dedication to enter the next step: college. It's really a special moment, and two Southwest Miami High school students wanted to make it count, in their own way.

The two students went full WWE while walking across the stage and produced one of the most legendary wrestling moves of all time:

The "Stone Cold Stunner."

After receiving his diploma, one kid whipped out a WWE belt and raised it in the air. Then, his friend came out of nowhere, kicked him in the stomach and performed the epic move.

After the stunner, the kid picked up the belt and walked around, hoisting it high in the air. The school didn't seem too happy, but his classmates sure did.  

What a way to go out. 

[Yo, h/t Bro Bible]


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