Former FIFA VP Jack Warner Uses Article from the Onion to Criticise USA

Sean Fay@@Sean_FayUK Staff WriterMay 31, 2015


Jack Warner, the former vice-president of FIFA, was among those arrested last week for his part in the scandal that rocked world football. 

As the BBC's Rajini Vaidyanathan noted, the Trinidad official "is facing extradition to the US after his arrest on corruption charges."

Therefore, it is no surprise that he is not the biggest fan of the United States at the moment. 

His disdain led him to post a rambling, eight-minute-long video on his Facebook page (which he later deleted), in which he suggested America's corruption clampdown was motivated by its desire to host the World Cup.

To illustrate his point, he whipped out an article from the American media just after the five-minute mark in the video below.

Rob Harris @RobHarris

Jack Warner accuses US of "double standards" showing headline that US wants WorldCup THIS yr. An @TheOnion headline: http://t.co/lan7gib7U5

The only problem was the article came from the Onion, a satirical news website.

The article, titled "FIFA Frantically Announces 2015 Summer World Cup in United States," was published Wednesday afternoon.

The article contains nuggets such as "At press time, the U.S. national team was leading defending champions Germany in the World Cup’s opening match after being awarded 12 penalties in the game's first three minutes."

After being arrested last week, Warner was taken to a hospital complaining of exhaustion, but he was seen dancing at a rally soon after, as Ed Aarons of the Guardian noted (h/t New FIFA Now): 

New FIFA Now @newfifanow

Jack Warner seen dancing in the streets - literally - after being released from hospital with exhaustion http://t.co/stHmOqofPU

He also compared himself to Gandhi and Nelson Mandela in a speech to supporters. 

[Facebook: Jack Warner, h/t @RobHarris]


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