Craig Ehlo: Michael Jordan's Most Famous Victim and the Lowest Point of His Life

B/R StudiosFeatured ColumnistMay 27, 2015

The game was as good as over, and Craig Ehlo would be the hero. Only three seconds remained, and the Cleveland Cavaliers would win Game 5 and advance to the second round of the 1989 playoffs. But Ehlo had to guard Chicago Bulls superstar Michael Jordan. What would unfold in those seconds would be one of the most clutch moments in Jordan's illustrious career and one of the lowest points for Ehlo and the Cavaliers. 

Ehlo's career ended almost a decade later, but his greatest challenges were still ahead of him, including drug addiction and an arrest stemming from a bizarre incident in which he set his clothes on fire in his driveway. 

Is Ehlo defined by "The Shot"? Was it the low point of his life? Where is Jordan's most famous victim now? Watch the video and find out.