NFL Sued by Former Players over Painkiller Usage: Latest Details, Comments

Mike Chiari@mikechiariFeatured ColumnistMay 21, 2015

AP Images

The NFL has been on the receiving end of numerous lawsuits from former players in recent years, and yet another surfaced Thursday on the basis that all 32 NFL teams allegedly pushed the use of painkillers on their players.

According to the Associated Press, 13 plaintiffs are listed among those who filed the lawsuit, including Dallas Cowboys Hall of Fame cornerback Mel Renfro. The former players are accusing NFL teams of advising them to use painkillers in an effort to get them back on the field.

Per the AP, the alleged culprits include many high-profile coaches, including Hall of Famer and former Miami Dolphins head man Don Shula:


Former players sue #NFL teams, allege conspiracy to push painkillers http://t.co/fsG3bIbiog #nflpa http://t.co/tAGRGx4YHC

The plaintiffs' attorney, Steve Silverman, claims the lawsuit is a result of NFL teams knowingly conspiring to keep players off the injured list through the use of painkillers.

"This lawsuit alleges intentional activity by the teams, not negligence," Silverman said. "It's another part of a unified effort to provide health care and compensation to the thousands of former players who have been permanently injured or died as a result of playing professional football."

The NFL has weathered several storms—most notably lawsuits related to head injuries—and it will once again be on the defensive provided this lawsuit gets off the ground.

There is no question that the league has taken steps to protect its players like never before, but the NFL simply can't seem to shake accusations of past transgressions.

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