Devin Gardner Willing to Compete for Michigan Wolverines

The WolverineCorrespondent IAugust 31, 2009

Inkster star Devin Gardner is solid Blue, regardless of the competition at the quarterback position for Michigan.

"I’m going to have to compete regardless," Gardner said. "If he does well that just makes for more competition."

Gardner understands competition at the highest levels, having participated in the prestigious Elite 11 Camp this summer.

“I like the competition," Gardner said. "If you go to a Nike camp or something else, another camp, there's some guys who aren’t that good so you don’t test your skills. There, everybody’s good. Even the mistakes people made, they’re still the top quarterbacks in the country so there’s no slacking out there. I think I did pretty good."

Photo courtesy of http://mgofootball.com


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