Mike Rizzo and Sabermetrics

Steven BielCorrespondent IAugust 31, 2009
It's another piece of the puzzle. I always err toward my own two eyes rather than a computation, but as we've seen with our great young staff, the guys that grind it out with me every day 24-7, is that we do utilize all facets of scouting and player information.
For the last decade, baseball has had a debate between those baseball lifers with an eye for the game -- like Rizzo's dad and Boras -- and the younger, polished, generally more educated "Moneyball" types.

"I'm a hybrid," says Rizzo, who then does his ode-to-Sabermetrics riff about the value of knowing Value Over Replacement Player and WHIP. "My dad still doesn't buy it. But there's a place for it. Why not use all the tools?"

Then Mike Rizzo puts his hand over his mouth like he's about to tell you a secret. Remember, this is a man who thinks that it's nothing to drive the extra 200 miles, or figure out a 21-year-old's personality, then bet his team's future on it.

"Besides," he whispers, "it's not that tough."


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